Santa’s Christmas Message To The People Of Scotland.

Hey Readers

On day 5 of Blogmas I discovered that Santa has a very important message for the people of Scotland. I found this on the Scottish Memes and Banter to whom I give acknowledgment as creators of this art.

I think the message contained in this photograph is one that the people of Scotland have a right to see as it is a direct message from Santa for those who don’t believe in him.

As Santa points out in his carefully crafted critique no adult can complain about their children believing in him when there are some so-called  grown up’s who are so gullible they believe in something a lot more dangerous

This belief puts Scotland at risk from Trident, and leaves a resource rich nation vulnerable to exclusion, poverty and xenophobia whilst our wealth is plundered to suit to the needs of the few in a parliament which is remote from both Scotland and reality. So what is the name of this danger to our country, our culture, and our civilisation which has made Santa so worried for us he has written us a  letter of concern ? I think at least some of us know the answer.

It’s called Westminster Rule


Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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