An Angel Came To Mary Before Wise Men Saw The Stars

On Day 4 of Blogmas my post looks at decorations and the role they play in the Christmas festivities and why in our house has to be an Angel at the top of the tree.

Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved this time of year. There is something about Christmas that puts me in a good mood and gives me the feel good factor and putting the decorations up has always played a significant part in this.

Whether it be tinsel and baubles or Santa’s and stars there is always something magical about decorating your home at this time of year. For me it reminds me this is a time of goodwill towards others and it brings back memories of good times spent in good company and decorating the tree is as far as I concerned the first real sign that Christmas will soon be on its way.

As for choice between the Angel and the star to sit at the top of the tree I personally prefer the Angel as it reminds me that it was the Angel who visited Mary in the dream to let her know that she would bring a child in to the world who would be our hope for humanity and she was to give him the name Jesus.

Being a woman of faith Christmas is an important time for me. It is a time to look back on the year about to finish and forward to the one to come. It is a time to enjoy celebrations with friends and reflect on how much you value your friendships mean to you. It is a time to brighten up your home from the everyday reality we know for 11 months of year as we go about our daily routine and create a warm inclusive environment in which memories are made and all who visit feel welcome.

It is for this reason more than any other I place such importance on having an Angel at the top of the Christmas tree as it was the Angel who represented the first sign of Christ when she brought the news to Mary in her dream. The stars as we know came later.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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