Yesterday When I Was Young

Hey everyone As it was my birthday yesterday I thought I would post a poem which will either bring back memories or be a social history lesson depending on the age of the reader. Its title is Yesterday When I Was Young. Well I may be 51 now but it only seems like yesterday since I was the dippy teenager who loved the music of Donny Osmond & The Bay City Rollers & was addicted to The Waltons & Little House On The Prairie, had crushes on Bjorn Borg & Jimmy Connors which I why even now I watch Wimbledon & loved reading Jackie every week, Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday When I Was Young

The Jackie Girl now wears dresses
from Karen Millen
work clothes from Dorothy Perkins
she is stylish, sophisticated, a women of class
she remembers, what it was like
to be 12 or 13
with a head full of dreams
17, angry, moody little madam
she doesn’t go on about it though
keeps secrets in scrapbooks
thoughts in hand written diaries
in the days before e-mails & texts
when if you missed a programme
a programme on the telly
you were told you’d catch up later
there weren’t 23 omnibuses a week
on a hundred different channels
reading cosmopolitan was considered
the only option for a generation
whose mothers were reared on woman’s own
Fish & Chips was the Friday Night staple
with a Saturday morning fry to fill your bellies
not the healthiest of options
but early mid seventies Scotland
preferred taste to alleged better diet
we were girls, hormones running riot
Tim Stevens & the Bay City Rollers
were Scottish icons
though your Gran would insist
Andy Stewart was better
not being old enough to remember
the White Heather Club we couldn’t agree
we felt free to say what we thought
In the days when coloured television
brought luxury in to our lives
long before the digital age of DVD’s
were features of the average house
when the Glasgow fair meant putting up with your dad
for two whole weeks
give me peace from bad jokes
which would now be labelled politically incorrect
personally I would say crap
if something wasn’t funny or to my liking
I craved excitement back in the day
when friends lived in the same street
you could fall out five times & still be pals
before nightfall
It was just the way it was
or at least the way it seemed
before reality killed off dreams
& you entered in to the big bad world
of work,men,&mortgages
many things have changed since then though sometimes I take comfort
in remembering
the days before bills & boredom
became part of my routine
when Donny was the teenage dream
& girls read Jackie magazine
yesterday when I was young

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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