Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Weegie? A One Man Show By Robin Cairns

Hey everyone. I have to say that in my humble opinion there is no better way to spend a Saturday than enjoying top class comedy. Well I’m a cultured kinda girl you know.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to do exactly that at the Britannia Panoptican Theatre where I was entertained by the one man tour de force that is Robin Cairns in the premiere of his latest show Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Weegie?

After his previous successes with Severe Malcolm the Byers Road Hard Man, who moved to Edinburgh to become Morningside Malcolm & also Sawny Bean Humane Cuisine, expectations were high & trust me I wasn’t disappointed.

A high energy performer, Robin Cairns entertains on many levels. He is an award winning poet who is a weel kent face around the Scottish & British poetry scenes which Is where I first met him. He is also a talented musician who has a great sense of the theatrical & brilliant comic wit.

In his latest show he narrates the story of the events leading up to the wedding of Malcolm’s daughter Jennifer including his first meeting with his future son in-law Brian.

During the show he offers Malcolm’s opinions on everything giving candid observations on topics from dark secrets to social snobbery. From Sex to drink, the bible, the Edinburgh Trams, weddings, & a poem which tackled that lethal combination of nature neds & nudity.

With help from a totally believable cast of characters from Malcolm’s middle class wife Kate to his decidedly rougher pals from his Glasgow youth Big Urkie his wife Leanne. Robin Cairns takes us on a journey not just through lives of Malcolm McDullyin & his friends but also though the geographies of richly contrasting mindsets. Malcolm the secret Glasweigan who tries at all costs to hide his working class roots, Kate very much the middle class Edinburgh woman & daughter who if truth be told lies somewhere in between
& a wee man from Pilton who does just about everything.

This is a complex show which provides the audience with lots of laughs & also plenty to think about. There were brilliant one liners throughout & by the end of a thoroughly entertaining afternoon my sides were soar from laughing. This show will be performed in August at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe you would be fools to miss an excellent hour of thought provoking comedy .

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X

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