Working For Scotland

Hey everyone. Its another poem for Shettleston Writers on May Day memories. This one is about the events of this year’s May Day when a brilliant afternoon in the Calton sunshine with Councillor Alison Thewliss who was seeking re-election
as SNP councillor for the area which I am glad to say she got

Working For Scotland

I was working for Scotland
on international workers day
delivering the real news
the news the tabloids never print
& the BBC won’t dare to say
to the people of the Calton
I walked streets I knew
when I worked as a equality trainer
I savoured the sunshine
as I campaigned in support of a friend

It was a small team to start with
just Alison & me
eventually we became a group of three
as our party’s other local candidate
came to our assistance
resistance was futile
we had papers to deliver
& it would be done
our suntan was not a priority
fighting poverty & improving quality of life
were the issues we were focusing on

As we went through the garden homes
faster than I would ever have thought
proud Scots were met
with smiles of recognition
Alison liked by all generations mums
grannies, children on bikes
taking the fight to the locals
but never taking them for granted

Though some were less than enchanted
with politicians of any hue
many seemed to view Alison with affection
Would this help in her re-election
I think probably
democracy can be funny that way
people like well kent faces they can trust

After the dust had settled
& the votes were counted
I was very proud to hear
the people of the Calton had spoken
& the streets of McGinn & Maxton
would have someone who believes action speaks louder than manifesto promises
that honestly is the best policy
& the only way to deal with real problems

Calton had done it again
chosen a fighter to represent them
someone who will walk in all weathers in support of local campaigns
who will be there in difficult days
support her people through sunshine & storms
& make me proud I made the choice to work with her for Scotland

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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