Wonderful Darling

Hey everyone Since I’m getting fringe withdrawal symptoms I thought I would post my latest poem. It’s dedicated to drama queens and luvvies everywhere. The title is Wonderful Darling I hope you enjoy the read.

Wonderful Darling

You were wonderful darling
Well I would I lie to you?
yes little white ones
I’ve told a few
especially concerning
your taste in guys
well, your last one
ate far too many pies
and because of his healthy eating plan
made you addicted to chips
the result was catastrophic for your wardrobe
talk about high maintenance
I mean it didn’t take financial sages
to work out that it cost
90 per cent of your wages
but I feel guilty
because this constant spending and pretending
was easier than dieting the truth is that it was really surprising
when you finally found the bottle to dump him
though god knows
you took your time
your break up was good for your writing
some of the stuff was really exciting
though possibly it did invite trouble
but I couldn’t say
burst your bubble
I mean what kind of friend would do that?
why did I lie?
to protect your feelings
of course you are awake
you are not dreaming
yes I am being honest tonight
you shone on that stage
like a brilliant star
me, going too far
no, I don’t do disarming honestly,
you really were
wonderful darling

@Gayle Smith 2013

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