When Amber Changes Colour

Hey everyone A poem about the difficulties of living with a friend with depression. Its title is When Amber Changes Colour.

When Amber Changes Colour

Going home I reach the scene
of broken dreams & shattered minds
Tears of rain turn to rage
then pain sorrow & sadness
I hear the cries
wonder when the madness will end
Its like a traffic jam
as a friend lies in the hell of a selfish world
A world with no place for the weak
Let alone the kind
where cruelty rules OK
& those scared to say this is wrong
are forced to conform fit in
be like the rest of us
or what they think rest of us are like
but I’m not like that
my flat is my refuge from this cold society
though sometimes it feels like
I’m stuck in the worst of all nightmares
with no way out
the silent screams give way
to louder shouts
of someone who wants to be loved
& does not realise she is cherished more than she thinks
drowning in despair & drink
her tomorrows are fading into yesterdays
at alarming speed
the amber light is flashing
I fear she’ll see red
when the light changes colour
to green
I hope I can stop her in time
before she reaches the end of the road sooner much sooner than she should

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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