What Were You Thinking?

Hey everyone A poem on the those embarrassing moments that every celebrity wish they could forget. This poem was written in 2006 long before the Miley Cyrus incident let alone Lady GaGa’s publicity stunt on Sunday night’s X-Factor results show. However they do tend to make it both socially and culturally relevant It is written from the point of view of a public relations adviser who is very much a Glasgow girl and isn’t afraid too ask questions. I have titled it What Were You Thinking. I hope you enjoy the read.

What Were You Thinking?

What were you thinking why did you do it
did you really believe
that the press wouldn’t use it
what were you thinking yes it did get attention
no it wasn’t a cry
for love and affection
what were you thinking of course tongues were wagging
but why did you tell him he needs a good shagging
what were you thinking please tell me I’m dreaming
this is a nightmare
were you really that steaming
what were you thinking
your career’s in a mess he said you were past it
and he didn’t like your dress
he offended your feelings
now that I can see
but you don’t do a strip show
on national TV

@ Gayle Smith 2006

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