What Happened To Our Dreams?

Hey everyone This my first attempt at a monologue I write as a feisty feminine fifty something female I have written it as a look back on the story so far and titled it What Happened To Our Dreams? I hope you enjoy the read.

What Happened To Our Dreams?

I’ve been thinking
reflecting you could say
about the life I’ve had
and it’s fair to say
I’ve had my share
of dramas dreams and disappointments
life is not plain sailing
we all have periods of turbulence
when our calm is disturbed by events
not big massive things just enough to shake us
out of our rut of contentment
armchair revolutionaries never did change anything
well not anything worth changing
the strange thing is
we tend to attend protest marches
only when we’re young
before settling down to life in suburbia or the schemes
we never ask the question
what happened to our dreams
where did they go?
did they die when we got our first pay rise or promotion
did we give up and settle for days of disappointments
with only the odd drama
to spice up our lives
I never wanted to be one of those Hollywood Wives
though my pals did like reading about them
and watching the series on TV
as for me I’ve never worried
just got on with it
you know life
It’s been good
for the most part
had my heart broken by a couple of charming chancers
but don’t we all
I mean cinderella
must have kissed frogs at a fair few balls
before she got lucky with that prince
you know the night she lost her shoe
the things we’ll do
to land the one
well sometimes a girl realises she can have more fun with Mr Right than a hundred Mr Maybe’s
that’s when we start planning wedding babies the perfect life
the dream we secretly know
won’t come true
but it gets us through the day
I have to say though
I’ve had my share of dramas dreams and disappointments
but now yes now in my fifth decade
I have made myself a promise
yes a promise
that far from being behind me
my best days have yet to come.

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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