Well Heeled

Hey everyone This poem is a tongue in check poem about a Glasgow Girl’s night out. It also tackles the issues of fashion & stereotyping & challenges the reader to look at the topics covered in a slightly different way than may have been the case before The poem is called Well Heeled I hope you enjoy the read.

Well Heeled

I’d love to wear heals
red six inches high
walk along the streets
saying hi guys I’m here
look at my legs
they scream sex
but I’m not the type
neutral tights & gray skirts
are more my natural style
I still smile & flirt
flutter my eye lids
at the good looking guys
as expectation is downgraded to forlorn hope
losing your dignity is no joke
so that’s why I’m happy wearing pumps & boots
It suits me fine
even when I do get glammed up
I refuse to chance my luck
my balance is bad enough
coming out of a club
at three in the morning
my senses need warning
that I’m going to face the darkness
without the added pressure
of tottering on the brink
in a crowded city centre
as we jostle for position
in the queue
for that bag of chips
we should never buy but do
before desperately trying
to flag down a taxi
in our quest to get home
as we roam or stagger through
the streets
I know that wearing flats
is the better option
on a West of Scotland night out
at least that way I can stand
in an upright position
well the cab drivers might see me
prim & proper
they would be shocked
If they knew the facts
but I’m the girl who keeps
her dignity intact
whilst my well heeled pals
leave traces of blood red lipstick
on the pavement

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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