Weapons & Lies

Hey everyone. This poem should have been posted on Sunday When we commemorated Remembrance Day. The purpose is of this commemoration was originally to give thanks for the truce which signalled the end of the great war of 1914 – 1918. This was supposed to be end of the war to end all wars. Unfortunately however history was to tell a different tale & the great war would become known as World War 1 as we had second one just two decades later which lasted longer than the first one & was far more savage in its brutality.

Though there have been no more World Wars as such there have been plenty of wars in all corners of the globe. These have usually taken place when some politician & their pals decide they need something they haven’t or to be more accurate haven’t got enough of & I dedicate the poem to Britain’s best known war criminal Tony Blair you’ll know why when I tell you the title is Weapons & Lies. I’ve written it in the way Blair would have spoken if & its a big if he had a single grain of honesty or if someone had given a truth drug. I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Weapons & Lies

I’ve tried to disguise using ten trillion lies
the weapons of mass deception
it had to be done one more dying son
could have cost me a winning election
because no soldiers mother would want to discover
their precious child died for nothing
I must have no truck with these turn of events
& pretend that I find them disgusting

When my friends overseas make me weak at the knees
I send a few troops to the slaughter
I sing Rule Britannia & I don’t even flinch
at the news that another son or daughter
has been ruthlessly murdered for doing their job
they get paid well enough can’t you see
but I’ll never fall victim to anyone guns
& in my world its all about me

I will send all the families a sympathy note
its the least I can do as PM
the fact that their loved ones will return
really just matters to them
Meanwhile I have to get on with this job
& I pretend to like those I despise
I will do what I do for the red white & blue
so I’ll have to use weapons & lies.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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