War Of Words

Hey everyone. I have to say I have been very concerned recently at the unjustified attacks on a couple of friends who are both independence supporters but have more in common with the Labour Party than they do with the SNP. The fact that these attacks have come from other supporters of independence is something I find very annoying.

I am also becoming very angry at the naked tribalism displayed by some members of both the Yes and No campaigns who seem to be more concerned with petty political points scoring than providing informed debate for the people of Scotland to make our decision on how we will vote in the Independence referendum. Though most of the pettiness is coming from the unionists I do recognise that my campaign is not without sin. I have written this poem War Of Words to address this very serious concern. I hope you find it a challenging and thought provoking read.

War Of Words

Two sides debate
without agreeing to differ
this is not clever
though it gives the press something to report
leaders accusing the ‘other’
of distorting the facts
neither admit
there are or could be
shades of gray or even beige
both sides want to claim centre stage
the moral high ground
meanwhile the only sounds I’m hearing
are bluff and buster
as the war of words
sows seeds of bitterness
which can only lead to hate
the truth lies slaughtered
the causality of this lack of debate
as the conflict increases
the gap grows wider
the cuts get deeper
in the heat of battle
and some wonder why trust in politicians
is at an all time

@Gayle Smith 2013

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