Union Jacks & Jubilees

Hey everyone. A poem which gives my thoughts on all this forced attempt at constructing a British Identity. Inspired by my good friend and Cumnock’s finest poet Jim Monaghan. Whatever you do don’t judge a poem by the title.

Union Jacks And Jubilees

It’s not 1977 punk died long ago
that was the year of the jubilee
the original one you know
now Lizzie and Phil liked it silver
does that mean they only had ice
me I liked the strawberry one
It really was cheap at the price

An ice cold drink on a long hot day
to quench a teenage thirst
it came in many flavours
the orange and lime went first
Its amazing how football can influence choice
In city divided by hate
but we carried on and put up with it all
Till the bells welcomed 78

We got on with our lives
as pragmatic Scots do
So now when the media roar
and union jacks take over the shops
we remember we’ve seen it before
It had no lasting impact then
there was no hope nor glory
It barely rates a paragraph
when writing Scotland story

Now once more they try this trick in the name of so-called unity
they wave the their silly little flags Its union jacks and jubilees
we’ll let them have just one last day
then look to Scotland’s skies
we’ll honour heroes of our land
and raise the Saltaire high

In the names of Wallace and of Bruce
of Connolly and MacLean
the day has come to make a pledge
to end the years of shame
Its time to for us make a stand
to get up off our knees
to say goodbye to the union jack
and to Westminster made Jubilees

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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