Under The Carpet

Hey everyone. As we get ready start the a two week festival which will be Glasgoes Poetic I present a poem from my back catalogue. Written in 2008. Under The Carpet deals with those issues which some amongst the chattering classes wish would go away and some of our more insular little Scotlanders and yes they do exist would probably say see that kind of thing that’s somebody else’s problem it will never happen here.

This is I say a very dangerous road to go down because what happens in another country today could happen in our country and though I am a supporter of Independence I am also internationalist so what happens in other lands does concern me and it was that internationalism which meant I had to write this poem about the way people are treated in some countries. I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Under The Carpet

Under the carpet
hidden from sight
death squads stalk
the streets of fear
by those who call them queer
Colombia, streets swept clean
the story’s the same
this is a nightmare
It isn’t a dream
the sky is dark
with shades of crimson
the night covers us like a blanket though daylight will expose the truth
swept so conveniently
under the carpet

@ Gayle Smith 2008

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