Tuesday Mince

Hey everyone. Another poem written a few years ago written about memories of my childhood/teens. It has three main themes which are Donny. Osmond, growing up in the 70’s in a socially conservative family, and the subliminal impact on the family of church, class, and traditional ways of doing things. Most importantly of all however I think what this poem shows is how my secret lust for my hero helped me to survive what I perceived as boring routine of the same set dinner on certain nights before telly and homework Looking back on it though I think this meal was not only a household staple but a personal favourite. I’ve called the poem Tuesday Mince I hope you enjoy the read.

Tuesday Mince

It was always mince on Tuesday
its just the way it was
just like Christmas always meant
a visit from Santa Claus
Sunday Post then Sunday Roast
would follow Sunday School
and we were told we’d go to hell
if we ever broke the rules

Well it was the 1970’s
and dreamy Donny Osmond
was the boyfriend that I lusted for
like many girls in Scotland
it was thoughts of him which made me smile
he was my handsome prince
and just for Donny I devoured
my plate of Tuesday mince

@ Gayle Smith 2008

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