Top Of The Pops & The Waltons

Hey everyone, A poem about growing up in seventies. As seen through the viewing habits of an average Glasgow family

Top of the Pops & The Waltons

Monday was the Waltons night
Tuesday was always a comedy
Wednesday was usually play for today
Thursday was all about Donny
It was top of the pops in the days of my dreams
Crackerjack started a Friday
Seventies parents had ways to make sure
none of us got too excited
Saturday night was the Dick Emery Show
we were told it was good family viewing
looking back you can clearly see stereotypes
what were the schedulers doing?
There was no X -Factor it didn’t exist
Nobody craved instant fame
Reality telly had not yet been born
It has now & that’s to our shame
Sunday nights were God’s TV
your mother wrote the script
It was songs of praise or go to church
& that my friend was it
we never had the choice you see
the facts you can’t ignore
when I was in my teenage years
we didn’t have channel 4
It never even came on stream until 1982
Its so different now with a million & one
types of programme you can view
you can watch what you missed
any time night or day
& I know that you frequently will
But have things improved or was telly better
when I was just a girl
when the Bay City Rollers were kings of the charts
& we only had limited options
on those songs of praise Sunday’s
thoughts of school made us dream
about Top of the Pops & the Waltons.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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