Too Many Everests

Hey everyone A poem about the uncaring attitudes of corporate Britain in the years since Thatcher destroyed society and promoted the idea of ruthless capitalism where workers are driven like slaves in the pursuit of individual gain though managers attempt to mask this ruthless ideology as teamwork.

This of course fools nobody except those managers who promote it. The rest of us see the emperor for what he is, this is not capitalism in its new suit this is capitalism in its birthday suit and the naked truth of this uncaring animal lies exposed for what it really is as it fills workplaces not with team spirit but with a bitter harvest of division where everyone is out for themselves and stress bullying and the I’m alright jack culture is accepted by society where the quest for perfection leads to emotional break down’s brought about by the relentless fanaticism to reach unachievable targets. I have titled the it Too Many Everests and hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Too Many Everests

We’ve got to climb our everest
If we want to reach the top
ceaseless and relentless
we don’t time to stop
we must obtain perfection
to reach the ultimate goal
we have to keep going no matter what
we must be in control

we have to run when we hear the gun
that signals the start of the race
for if we don’t we’ll be left behind
and finish in second place
and second isn’t good enough
we’re programmed to be winners
I heard these words on induction day
in a speech to the company beginners

then I spoke up and said aloud
what many others were thinking
this crazy obsession with being the best
is the reason society’s sinking
its time to put health before profit and loss
or you’ll soon reach the end of the line
unachievable targets can never be met
there are too many everests too climb
@ Gayle Smith 2013

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