Tights Before Trident

Hey everyone. A poem which proves it’s the wee things which some people too often dismisses which are better for the world than strutting and swaggering about a world threatening to kill people who don’t agree with you. An anti-nuclear poem which was born at the National Collective Margaret McLaren McCabe has a lot to answer for, I have titled it Tights Before Trident and for those of you familiar with the film Legally Blonde I have taken the same approach to economics as the character Elle Woods did to law but remember Elle Woods was smarter than you thought. I hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

Tights Before Trident ( A Lesson From The Legally Blonde School Of Economic Theory)

You know what I’m like
I talk about real issues
the stuff that matters
I’m not impressed by patter
or spin
smears and scares
nobody cares
today’s banner headline
is the future fish and chip wrappers
to me the price of tights
is more important than trident
yes I thought that would stun you in to silence
and I know I’m using the legally blonde approach to economiclbut remember Elle Woods was smarter than you thought

and I’m the same
I know how to play the game
the right accessories can do wonders
for a woman’s confidence
when we look smarter we feel better about ourselves
are more likely to spend our disposal income
on going to new places
meeting new faces
and potential dancing partners
knights in shining armour
beware when a damsel comes out of distress
we or should I say I tend to spend a fortune
on dresses, tights, skirts, make up,
and lots of other accessories
and you know every time I spend on no matter what
this practical pragmatic Scot
is helping someone to get or retain employment
this is called the circle of enjoyment
as by doing so I empower others
to do what I and my friends have done
It’s far more productive
than buying a gun
It helps the money go round
rather than the world go up in a million little Brits
as weapons of mass destruction
destroy our lives whilst Westminster escapes unscathed
yes I know you may think it strange
but I think I have proven the case that when it comes to the economy
and the road to liberation and a better more inclusive democracy the price of tights is more important
than missiles we cannot afford to fire

@Gayle Smith 2014

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