Thoughts Of An Office Girl

Hey everyone Another poem on the topic of work and how though we may bemoan the fact on a Monday Morning we are all glad to have our job when Friday night arrives. Well without the working week how can fully value the pleasures of the weekend. I have called the poem Thoughts Of An Office Girl I hope you enjoy the read.

Thoughts Of An Office Girl

It’s cold and wet it’s been constant rain
since the minute I got out of bed
piles of clutter on my desk
It’s driving me off my head
I think I should file stuff much more than I do
my computer is painfully slow
If only the lottery numbers came up
I’d have told my boss where he could go

My inbox is crammed with a million e-mails
That’s the morning’s workload sorted out
I silently threaten to murder Bill Gates
well no-one will ever dare shout
I’m stretching and yawning
It’s only half 9
I wish I could run from this place
but each Friday at 5
I give thanks for my job as I leave with a smile on my face

@ Gayle Smith 2008

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