The World Is My Favourite Place

Hey everyone. As a geographer you do tend to be an internationalist in your outlook on life. Perhaps that’s why I struggled to write a poem on my favourite place in Scotland when there was a competition on the topic a couple of years ago. Anyway I have now decided to address the subject in my own unique way and have written a poem titled The World Is My Favourite Place. Well it solves any argument as to where to select for the best place in Scotland by simply saying all of it and whilst we are it lets give support to all other countries as well. I hope you enjoy the read.

The World Is My Favourite Place

Where is it. Where is my favourite place?

I wonder where could it be is it Arran
with its picture postcard views
Its rugged landscapes and beautiful hues
the place many claim to be Scotland in miniature

What about Glasgow at weekends
on trend and buzzing with life
the down to earth schemes
filled with characters and life
where Westminster cut deeper than any knife

Is It Troon Salcoats or Largs places of childhood trips to the coast and fish and chips at Nardini’s
where it rained when you went to the beach

Maybe it’s St Andrews where coastline and culture collide in a montage of memories
for poets and princesses

It could be Bannockburn where Bruce fought for our nation
or Arbroath where the declaration of independence was signed

I love the mile in the capital city
surrounded by parliament and castle and tourists
she is Edinburgh the kirk going lass
who wants to party but doesn’t quite know
where to get started

It may be the park in the east of my city
not paradise the other one
the one where poets and musicians meet to enjoy good times

This is a place where we will raise our voices in rhyme
we will sing of our stories and our songs
then listen with respect as the others do the same

I have no favourite place
just my culture and my dreams
a girl from schemes
I call all the world
my home

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

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