The Voice Of Number 10

Hey everyone. A poem on the Thatcher legacy and how it shaped my personal politics. I have titled it The Voice of Number 10 because that voice will be echoed in the words of every British Prime Minister until the day Britain ceases to exist. I know some people might find this hard to swallow but her echoes can be heard in the speeches of Blair and Cameron and even in the words of Ed Milliband whose one nation idea no more than Tory rhetoric from a time before I was born. I hope find it an interesting read.

The Voice Of Number 10

It was grim in the Thatcher years hopes and dreams replaced by fears
communities trampled into dust
a total betrayal of the nation’s trust
when she took over we had a Britain
maybe not the one she’d like
her hired hit man the Chingford skinhead
told us all to get on your bike

You’ll have to move to find employment
there are plenty of jobs but there’s none near you
the country fast was moving right ward
wearing the cruellest shade of blue
relentlessly she marched us onwards
in the name of the personal glory determined she would crush the unions
cold and callous the toxic tory

The voice of number 10 had spoken
industries now were a thing of the past
towns and cities lay in ruins
as former workers felt the blast
of full on heat from the Thatcher furnace
the frozen north could go to hell
becalmed and sedated by prosperity
in the South of England all was well

Shipyard steel and factory workers
all lost out and communities died
this was the picture of a British sahara industrially desertified
Britain battered, bruised, bewildered
wondered when this hell would end
her reward another victory
still the voice of number 10

In the end I made my mind up
never to follow paths of blame
I walked on to my own conviction to fight for fairness, steak a claim
to a free and independent Scotland
without a voice from number 10
let Thatcher’s legacy be to a gift to our people
of No Tory Governments Ever Again.

@ Gayle Smith 2013


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