The View From The Living Room Window

Hey everyone A new poem the view from the living room window It is written to celebrate May day whilst reminding us to be on our guard against the politics of hate & the poison of intolerance.

The View From The Living Room Window

The international fascist
has a plan to save the world
yes he will save the human race
from the shame the disgrace
it will bring on itself
if it doesn’t listen to his vision
accept his terms & conditions
on the way we live our lives
first he’ll call it advice
but if we disagree he’ll say
I’m warning you
I’m not the type to be messed around
he can be found in any number of lands
speaking in a language the voters understand
all too clearly
is it really Jews & gays
who cause every problem
known to mankind
I think it is not
this guy boasts of having friends
In high places
aye right more like places
with high fences
come to your senses
tell him & his pals to take
a hitch hikers guide to somewhere else
man mind thy self is not the way forward
to a better civilisation
it is the curse of all nations
he & his mob believe in mob rule
& violence
but the workers of the world
will not be bullied in to silence
we will forge a golden chain
in which Chilean miners
Indian call centre workers
& Brazilian coffee growers
will be given the same respect
as Polish security guards
& Scottish equality trainers
each should be paid for their labours
allowed to grow & develop
in a climate not of empire & fear
but of a genuine respect
there is no elect just people
the same as any others
regardless of colour creed or orientation
they & they alone are the wealth
not only of their nation
but of the world
the world he rules from his living room only occasionally goose stepping in to the kitchen
in his quest for food to fill his stomach
as his soul lies empty
near the mirror he cracked
whilst shaving & whistling Rule Britannia

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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