The Vampire

Hey everyone. At the end of another halloween weekend It’s time to post a poem on the dangers of vampires or as I call it Westminster rule. I’ve called it the vampire I hope you find it scary and a thought provoking read.

The Vampire

Sucking the blood of life
draining the energy from human flesh
the vampire swoops swiftly before going in for the kill
preying on those it considers to easy targets
it only comes out after dark
this the shark of skies
bleeding its chosen victims dry
taking all they posses
this creature of the night catches the unsuspecting off guard
knowing when to make its move
precise timing helps it gain maximum effect
the results can be devastating and not just in horror movies
these are creatures who don’t watch alone they hunt in pairs leaving their lair
only when it’s safe to be seen
they only venture when the night sky turns
the harshest shade of black
attacking in the dead of night
watching our movement
they wait for us to surrender to their power
but Scotland’s darkest hour will soon be gone
as a new dawn is greeted by a clear blue sky
we will be wondering why
we let the vampire drink from our cup of kindness for so long
on all hallows eve we remember to be vigilant but we need to remember take care every day
we cannot delay our escape from the vampires in our midst
they are near enough to be damage us
yet far enough away to be perceived as only a distant threat these poisonous souls drink oil as well as blood
we have to banish the Westminster set
before they bleed our land try
we dare not dismiss them lightly
they could if unchecked destroy us for good
the consequences of their reign could be frightening
but this horror story has not yet been written
we have to the chance to leave this not so great Britain
if we wake up and stop pretending
we can have a happy ending
by forcing the vampires to flee
and let the bell toll for the end of colony
as we walk in the light to independence

@ Gayle Smith 2008

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