The Promise Of Summer

Hey everyone I thought I would post a poem on how being young and female can also lead to you being unfairly judged by society. The poem written in the summer of 2010 highlights the dangers of judging people on stereotypical prejudices without ever making the effort to get to know those you are judging or making any attempt to understand the social and cultural circumstances which the teenage years can and do bring. Using a mirror to reflect on my own life, I hope have given some people a wee reminder of the old biblical passage judge least you be judged. I have called the poem The Promise Of Summer I hope you find it an enjoyable and challenging read.

The Promise Of Summer.

The promise of summer
tempts me in to shorter skirts
than a woman of my age
should be wearing
but not in to salads
memories of golden days
of schoolgirl games
and high school crushes
kissing boys behind the bushes
innocence of far off days
as my mind re-winds
taking me to places
not visited for years
far removed from concerns
and fears
of mortgages and household bills
so when I see teenage girls
in shorter skirts
than they should be wearing
I think
this is their time for fun
not caring
what others think or say
one day they’ll be my age
though for now let them be themselves
their cameras will re-wind soon enough
when their daughters enjoy
the promise of summer

@ Gayle Smith 2010

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