The Pragmatists

Hey everyone I post a poem from 2010 which explains why when asked to vote in my country’s Independence referendum I will have no hesitation in voting Yes.

My reason is a simple one namely that independence is the normal state of affairs for a country and to be brutal about it dependency is a natural state only for children until they are sufficiently developed to become adults.

Therefore I see the union as an insult too my and my country’s intelligence. Now some people will say that we are better together because we have a greater influence in the world. These people are career politicians and believe not in a cause but only in the salary and associated benefits with which the union provides them. They will say we are dreamers to even think about what they refer to as breaking away that we could never make it on our own.

Trust me the ‘we’ they refer to reveals more about themselves than it does about Scotland, it is not those who fight for change who are the dreamers it those who oppose it. This is why I have called the poem The Pragmatists I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

The Pragmatists

Robert Burns called them a parcel of rogues in a nation
those who supported the union of Scotland and England
to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain
but were they the pragmatists of their time?
conditions were different in the 18th century
It may have been a combination of economics and religion which led to this uneasy marriage
with neither partner being totally committed Scotland was never the North British colony her London master desired still, she sat by the fire playing her part in the union
breeding sons and sending them out to war
teaching them imperial values
telling them the sun would never set on what their proud parents had built
revolutions and political uprisings were for other less fortunate lands
but mother nature and father time understand
that circumstances change
nothing stays the same it is not the natural way today a it is new generation
far removed from their 18th ancestors
who want a different vision
not of Britain but of Scotland
as a nation though proud of its history
looks beyond the past
focusing on the future to a new day
the long adjournment is over
we have a parliament
though not yet with the full powers it needs
to deliver for our people
some are scornful
claiming we are rogues
Informing us we are subsidised
we could not survive
cast adrift from the United Kingdom
these are not the voices of ordinary Scots
but those who have political careers in England
or to be more precise
the Westminster village money alone makes them proud to be British
they are trapped by the vain illusion of power
but as Scotland’s culture flowers as never before
the once contented wife will soon enough open the door
and her sons and daughters will follow her path to a better land
we know we are not the rogues
we understand
we are touched by the hand of history
we are the pragmatists
of our time

@ Gayle Smith 2010

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