The Night The Stars Refused To Dance

Hey everyone. This is my Poem for the Clutha Vaults for Glasgow, for Scotland and for everyone who has ever suffered the pain of loss especially when it was so cruel and unexpected as it was on that Friday evening I’ve called my poem The Night The Stars Refused To Dance
I hope when you read it you remember that no matter what we have said we want for Christmas we should perhaps cherish our most precious gift a bit more than we do I refer to the gift of life.

The Night The Stars Refused To Dance

It’s been a hard time
in the aftermath of events
at a well known Clydeside bar
the stars hadn’t even started dancing
to guide the revellers home
or on to the clubs
they attended on leaving the Clutha
when suddenly a helicopter crashed
through the roof
the atmosphere changed
It was a cruel night
some would lose the ultimate fight
families would grieve
a city and nation would mourn
the first I knew
was when I got a text from our Siobhan
saying I hope your not near the Clutha tonight she must have got a fright
knowing this was a path I had taken
so often in the past
to read rant rhyme laugh and cry
tears of sorrow the song of the sky
on that Friday night
regulars and passers by tried to assist
pulling people to safety without a thought for their own
others like myself sat glued to TV screens
fearing the worst that they might know someone
caught in a moment from which there was no escape
as it turned out I did
a fellow poet was lost to his family and the craft
trapped amongst the wreckage
a clydeside wordsmith
a man of west of Scotland letters sat in his usual seat
for the last time
this nightmare committed nine crimes
each one robbing a family of someone they loved
in the lead up to the christmas rush and celebrations
there will be empty chairs at tables
where others should have been seated
amongst their kin
at this the time of the gatherings
at church
a friend spoke of her relief
of seeing me in the pews
knowing I had survived
the horrors of that dark Clydeside sky
she said she had been thinking of me
on hearing the news of the disaster
hoping I was safe
I told her I was fine wrapped up at home
sitting watching comfort telly
on a very uncomfortable night
the night the stars refused to dance
and heaven wept for Glasgow

@Gayle Smith 2013


2 thoughts on “The Night The Stars Refused To Dance

  1. Hi Gayle,

    I remember meeting you at my Dad’s funeral, i looked for this a couple of times i remember you telling me about it, i just want to say thank you, i couldn’t dream up a better title The Night The Stars Refused To Dance and thank you also for being there at the funeral you were more a comfort to me than you could ever imagine,

    Much Love

    Linda xox

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