The Last Cup Of Coffee

Hey everyone. I can’t believe its been three weeks since Christmas but now with the festive season over for another year, I thought I would reflect on a personal Christmas tradition and how the simple act of having one cup of coffee reminds me of what I should focus on rather than what I sometimes get caught up in. This poem shows why Christianity is and will always be more important than consumerism.
I have called it The Last Cup Of Coffee. I hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

The Last Cup Of Coffee

It’s the morning after twelfth night
I make my last cup of coffee
before switching mugs
a ritual I perform
on this day every year
as somehow it notes a change
to society back to reality
after the festive season
comes to its sad but necessary end
I cannot pretend the world is not
the cruellest of places
gradually happiness drains from faces
to be replaced by stress and fear
good cheer disappears from the world
as my cup of kindness is put back on the shelf
the mind thy self philosophy takes
route again
the thorne in the side of humanity
the fragility of the human condition
the weak left vulnerable to those who prey upon them
in a world to cold to care
I choose to pray rather than despair
as I take a final sip from my last cup of coffee
from a cup I won’t drink from
till that moment in November
when on hearing my first Christmas song
in the name of corporate profits
and Santa suits
the world forgets a manger
and I am allowed to be happy again

@ Gayle Smith 2014

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