The Girl In The Mini Skirt

Hey everyone. It’s time for a poem on the stereotypes which are often given unfairly to teenage girls because of their fashion choices.

As it says in the gospel of Matthew Judge least ye be Judged and I know I’m certainly in no position to judge anyone because as the poem points out the girl who wears the mini skirt to the dancing on Saturday night could be that same girl who serves the teas and coffees in the hall after church on Sunday morning. I’ve called the poem the Girl in the Mini Skirt I hope you enjoy the read.

The Girl In The Mini Skirt

See that girl in the mini skirt
the one with the cherry red lips
who went to the dancing on Saturday night
to shake her Beyonce like hips
you know the girl you always say should hang her head in shame
she goes to church each Sunday and Jesus knows her name

@ Gayle Smith 2013


2 thoughts on “The Girl In The Mini Skirt

    • Hey Charlene This poem was written to tackle stereotypes as too many people wrongly believe that girls who go clubbing don’t go to church and of course you and I both know that those who hold these outdated views couldn’t be more wrong. Well, let’s be honest , I’m in my mid fifties and I still go to the dancing whenever the chance comes up. Somehow I don’t think you’ll be surprised at this news.

      Lots Of Love Always
      Gayle XXX

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