The Election Of Fools

Hey everyone Here’s a poem on why I believe politicians of all parties need to talk the voters more & increase local accountability. It also embraces the idea of an Independent Scotland & why this is in my opinion preferable to the danger of remaining in the United Kingdom .

Election Of Fools

Many died for the right to vote
so I believe I must
make my choice with diligence
pick someone I can trust
to fight for a better society
campaign on local issues
& not select a phoney
who’ll cry crocodile tears in their tissues

On things which are no concern
to me or to anyone else
but seem to indulge the ego’s
of the candidate themselves
Its all about giving the voters a voice
and representing them
It shouldn’t be seen as a stepping stone
on the road to number ten

But those of us who get involved
are told your all the same
& for every one of society’s wrongs
we must all share the shame
Its the risk that we run
when we’re out on the stump
an occupational hazard
we must engage with the voters more
or we’re dancing our way to disaster

Because apathy leads to the BNP
& others of their kind
they’ll cunningly disguise their lies
to pray on voters minds
as they try to convince you that you’ll be in charge
when Britannia makes the rules
but the chance will soon come
to change Scotland for good
& have no more election of fools

@Gayle Smith 2012

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