The Champagne Socialist

Hey everyone. A poem on the only creature so despicable it takes pleasure in sucking the blood of its own flesh. the members who sustain it. I refer to those who infest the Labour Party for the sake of a career in politics because they known the Conservatives are unelectable in Scotland.

You can make up your own mind which individuals I may be getting at. God knows you have plenty of choice, but i will give you a slight clue by saying they like the term new far too much for a real socialist’s liking. I’ve called the poem they Champagne Socialist I hope you enjoy the read.

The Champagne Socialist

The Champagne Socialist
likes to tell us all
we have a place at the table
but when we question the menu
we are told to mind our manners
be grateful
we were invited to the people’s party

We are people we belong here
just as much as you
we have dreams and aspirations
yes they say but you received
second class invitations
we are one nation when it suits us

Don’t make a fuss tuck in to your black puddings
whilst we discuss the unemployed
as we feast on prawn cocktails
and strawberries covered with chocolate
and dipped in vinegar

we may be sinister
but we’re the best hope you’ve got
in this land of have’s and have not’s
we will make sure we have
your misguided loyalty

Yes, we will support royalty
and the maintenance of the status quo
It has served us well
your starving freezing and on the road to hell
look I’m here to enjoy the evening
its all about the top table guests
now don’t be a pest sit down and enjoy your black pudding

What in god’s name are you doing
you can’t walk out
do you really believe you can survive without us
I’ve told you don’t make a fuss
look I don’t give a damn about poverty or equality
you can’t leave I forbid it
I forbid it do you hear

I think I’ve made my feelings clear
I want to feast on fine dining
not talk of silver linings
its unrealistic I am not altruistic
nor will i ever be
don’t you know the world revolves around me

You wait,
you’ll see you can’t leave
you can’t complain
If you walk who pays for my champagne
after all I need you
I really do
to fund my weapons of mass deception

I must win I have to win
this election
then I can do what I will
but I need you I really do
I mean someone has to pay the bill.

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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