Thatcher’s Children

Hey everyone A poem putting the Thatcher years in to context and I hope showing why I have always believed Independence isn’t just desirable its actually necessary. We have different political traditions from our neighbours and we can only fully express our traditions in an independent Scotland just as England must also be allowed its freedom. Even in death she still divides us and in this case statistics don’t lie. In an opinion poll for the Guardian 55% of English people believed that Thatcher made the right decisions for Britain compared to only 23% in Scotland. Maybe this goes a long way to explaining why she won three elections in Britain with English voters mandates yet at no time did she ever gain a majority mandate in Scotland. I have titled the poem Thatcher’s Children I hope you find it a thought provoking read.

Thatcher’s Children

The 1980’s brought about a dis united kingdom
this was the decade we were told that we were Thatcher’s children
our blessed mother Margaret claimed
that we were on a mission
to rid this green and pleasant land of the beast of socialism
for socialism spelled control it also spelled dependency
and anyone who preached its word should burn for all eternity
the working class she told the world were the Labour Party’s puppies but she believed she’d change our ways and turn us into yuppies

Though Scottish voters didn’t desire the changes Maggie planned
she claimed that we were gullible and didn’t understand
that her way was the only way and had to be obeyed
and she’d remind us who was boss no matter what we said
she viewed us as her colony to do with as she pleased
because we voted Labour we didn’t vote SNP
so we should stop our moaning we’d no right to complain
that England had decided to vote Tory once again

Because she held the chains of power and claimed that all was well
the devil danced a victory jig in true blue Tory hell
as in their safest seat of all where the fires were always blazing
Auld Nick was proud his allies stood against the Scottish nation
without the help of that lost tribe his union would be lost
but they just washed their hands of us
five million knew the cost
we didn’t deserve a better fate
or so the traitors claimed
though we believed the day would come when we’d be free again

The seeds had started to be sown and when the poll tax came
the Scottish Labour leadership should have hung their heads in shame
they threw out all the radicals who dared to take a stand
and smugly said vote Labour whilst sitting on their hands
but people power produced the flower of Thatcher’s resignation
as she walked out of Downing Street
it was an inspiration
to those who wanted better things and an end to this despair
but what did the Labour Party do?
It elected Tony Blair

And when he won in 97 I travelled back in time
18 years to when I was at school in 1979
the content of his victory speech
was Thatcher’s pride and joy a bland new era ushered in
by Maggie’s golden boy
no longer just Labour his party was new
with no stains from the past
with a caring conservative socialist view of a Britain built to last
where everyone is a stakeholder each voter had a say
on the road to a new Jerusalem and the dawn of a brand new day

He said he’d change society with a gradual revolution
allowed us to take the road to reform but stopped at devolution
the union jack is his only flag but he didn’t understand
freedom wasn’t his gift to give it comes from god’s right hand
and finally when the great day dawns
and our land is free at last
we’ll build a better nation by learning from our past
we know our victory will be won we will achieve our mission
because our people never believed
that Scots were Thatcher’s children

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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