Tears Of A Style Goddess

Hey everyone. This is a poem for the girls. However I’m sure some guys will appreciate the humour but come on girls we’ve all got a friend like this you princess pushy or little miss demanding. Unfortunately if we are honest these friends usually have not only a figure to die for & could look good in a bin bag. They also have an attitude which screams look at me, I’ve got it & I know it. So let’s be honest I know we shouldn’t think like this but its always nice when they don’t get something they want
I’ve called the poem Tears Of Style Goddess I hope you enjoy it.

Tears Of A Style Goddess

She wept when she saw that dress
and so did I
she has a figure to die for
but this was too expensive
even for her
it would have broke her bank account
and probably sent Britain’s debt soaring
she looked at it with adoring eyes
the slits would have shown off her thighs
not to mention a pair of lacey blacks
she was in not mood to leave the shop
without trying it on
reluctantly the shop assistant agreed
well the girls are always eager to please
which is why missy queen of tantrums keeps going back
you know me so well she says with a smile
the sales assistant blushes
as she goes into the changing room
tries on the dress
I hear the groans
as she suddenly screams
this is a nightmare not the dream
I anticipated
you know where you could have held it in reserve
till Monday Morning
by that time she could have a rich man
but that plan has just been scrapped
I can’t take anymore she cried
yes of course there are footprints on the wall
well its not my fault
no its never her fault
If the perfect dress is a size to small

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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One thought on “Tears Of A Style Goddess

  1. Haha! Having never been a skinny girl, the ending made me chuckle evilly. Again a very relatable poem, I think either one would be a great choice as many of your audience will relate.

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