Team Player

Hey everyone. A birthday poem for a cracking left winger. He may not be a millionaire footballer but Chris Stephens is a man I’m proud to call a friend. A lifelong Thistle fan just like another good friend of mine the late great Hughie Healy, Chris like Hughie knows the value of teamwork.

This can be illustrated in all areas of his life whether that team is the trade union movement in which he works as a Unison shop steward to improve the lives of others. The SNP in which as a party member he fights for a better and fairer Scotland or his beloved Thistle where he watches his football team give him dreams and nightmares in equal measure. Chris Stephens is a team player so I have given the poem title Team Player it was only right. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the read.

Team Player

A man of principle
he believes in fairness
freedom and inclusion
he seeks local solutions
to global problems
an independent Scotland
a means to an end
the road to a better tomorrow
with no signposts marked blame
for yesterday and the past
it is not his way
to play the game
a talented left winger
a team player
he wears the jersey
with passion and pride
this boy from the Clyde
is a fighter who knows
winning matters
but the way you win matters more
life is not just the final score
how you achieved the result
does count
did you play with honesty
give your all for the team
chase the dream
whilst others appeared for the money
only wanting big league
glamour games
the glory and the fame
on the big stage
bread and butter issues
not deemed important enough
for their efforts
If you did you have a place
in his line up
this is a man who knows
you have to combine
skill and hard work
never shirk from the task in hand
understand you can’t win
every game
don’t do blame
but learn from your mistakes
move on
remembering as you do
to play the game
and at all times
to play for the team

@ Gayle Smith 2013

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