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Envious Eyes 

On the morning after Catalonia declares her independence from Spain I declare my support for independent state of Catalonia and Catalan people in taking this step and as I do so part of me is wishing it was Scotland. It is for that reason I have written this poem and titled it Envious Eyes I hope you enjoy the read. Envious Eyes 

As a new nation declares its right to exist 

I look on with envious eyes 

proud of Catalonia as it takes its first steps 

yet this Glasgweigan wishes it was Scotland 

and is certain it will be in our time 

for the moment however I am proud of our comrades

as they move forward to a better day

having decided that their story could no longer be told in Spanish

it had to be authentically Catalonian 

meanwhile Madrid attempts to bring in draconian laws

to stop the tide of history 

losing any sense of dignity it may have had

as Franco’s heirs live on at least in their minds 

and those who want to bring Dickensian times to Scotland

in the name of a United Kingdom 

which is the one of the most unequal  socieies in the democratic world 

where the poor go hungry so the rich can be fed 

and disabled people are being  financially bled

and are told by some unelected lord

they aren’t even worth the minimum wage 

as Catalonia takes centre stage 

I recall how bravely they fought

feel ashamed of pro union Scots 

so gullible they sing of saving a  monarch

who will out live many of them 

and are too deluded to see 

that short term gain comes with a long term loss

and I will shed no tears when it arrives at their door 

they will have only themselves to blame

as they worship false gods dressed in ermine

whose true uniform is sackcloath and ashes

so as Catalonia prepares for the first day of a new future 

I look with optimism of a Scotland free from class ridden snobbery

where poverty and inequality will be things of the past 

and dreams and ambitions realised 

so as I say Viva Catalonia I must admit 

though I look at you proudly

I do so with envious eyes 

 © Gayle Smith 2017


Storm Of Sorrow

On the day of the Catalan Independence Referendum the Spainish state is tainted as Prime Minister Rajoy tries to deny reality and employs both sabotage and brute force to stop people exercising their democratic right to vote. These tactics are an insult to democracy and reminiscent of Franco’s fascist dictatorship As I watched the scenes unravel on my phone I was sickened to see pictures of people covered in blood and yet the UK government statement talked only of Spain and how valuable an ally they are to the UK without giving so much as a moment  to consider the victims of these unprovoked attacks. Having csmpaigned for Scotland’s independence in 2014 I remember the support we received from our Catalan comrades and outraged at their treatment I wrote this poem in support of both Catalonia and their right to exercise their democratic mandate. Ive given it the title Storm Of Sorrow I hope you enjoy the read

Storm Of Sorrow

Carnage in Catalan streets

citizens shot down by riot police.

as people go to exercise their right to vote

on seeing images of bloodsoaked protesters

British politicians gloat on social networks

unable to continue their glee

before removing their offensive tweets.

this will teach the SNP they claim

on the day democracy is less important than blame

and Franco’s heirs flaunt their hate

they should be ashamed to side with Spain

but they do

the red white and blue is bloodstained again

as democracy weeps it whispers the truth

with tears used as punctuation

you can judge a nation’s leaders

by the company they keep

and people who lecture others on internationalism

fall silent in the storm of sorrow

© Gayle Smith 2017

Tonight I Wear A Mini Skirt

Hey Readers Last week the milatent pro rape artist Roosh V who believes that rape in a private property should be made legal  cancelled his plan to host via Video link gatherings in both Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as a number of other cities throughout the world.

This decision was made after he claimed to have received more death threats from Glasgow than any other city in the world and branded my home city a crime resettlement zone. Now I hate to inform him, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Glasgow is not some crime ridden hovel, it is however a place we value our women and girls and believe that that the only places you can take a woman in this city is the cinema or maybe to a bar or a nightclub and only with her permission.

Glaswegians and Scots in general are a friendly people but push us too far as this guy attempted to do and you may find out to your cost that when we do anger nothing can save you from our wrath. In both my city and my country there are lines you don’t cross and this smart ass decided to cross them. One can only conclude that taking this in account it is perhaps no great surprise that Police Scotland feared for the safety of the people of our country if these demonstrations were allowed to go ahead.  You see, like myself Police Scotland realise that in our great country women are and should be valued as equal citizens who should be allowed to wear what we like without the threat of any form of intimidation from men and rape is rape no matter where it occurs. There is no return of kings and for this clown and his followers to promote such an idea is nothing short of scandalous.
These men are in my opinion no more than barbarian criminals who are desperate to get their vile sexual gratification by what ever means they must and that is why these demonstrations had to be stopped. 

In stopping these gatherings Scotland has shown the world what we will or will not accept and whether he knows or not Roosh V has inspired a mid fifty something trans woman to look out her mini skirt and wear it with pride. You see my message to Roosh V and his followers couldn’t be clearer no woman should ever be raped and it doesn’t matter where. Rape is Rape and Rape is a criminal offence there can be no excuses for this most disgusting form of power crazed sexism.  It is with this anger burning in my heart that I decided to write a poem on this most controversial of topics I’ve titled it Tonight I Wear A Mini Skirt I hope you find it challenging and thought provoking read. 

Tonight I Wear A Mini Skirt

When some over inflated chancer who boasts of being a milatent pro rape artist
attempts to host a gathering in your city’s main square
and other cities throughout the world
encouraging the rape of women and  girls
you have no choice but to raise your voice in anger
this is not my usual way
so when I do have something to say
I will say it loudly, proudly, and clearly 
no man comes near me
unless its at my request
I will never settle for anything less than the best
second place means second prize
and that is something I don’t do.
I have to take more risks than most will ever know
just to be myself
so when some ego maniac with an over inflated sense of self
dares to claim that rape on private property should be legal
I will call him evil.
when he boasts of the return of kings
I will say beast when you speak of such things
you will never be welcome in my city or my nation.
or any place on earth which puts the rights of women and girls
ahead of  those who dance with the devil for their dark deluded despicable desires
and though I do not approve of death threats
if you received more from Glasgow
than any other city in the world
they had the appropriate effect.
you see we  respect women in this dear green place.
think you are a crime against humanity
what you peach is a combination of misogyny and insanity
the only places you can take a woman are to a club or a bar
if she wants to kiss you underneath the stars
she’ll let you know
yes you do need permission
before daring to make further advances
anything else is a step too far
and will never be accepted
we deserve to be respected
in the name of gender equality
which is why in the name of femocracy
tonight I wear a mini skirt.

@ Gayle Smith  2016