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When It Comes To Independence Some People Are Really Obsessed.  

After seven weeks of campaigning it’s finally here election day 2017. Depending on who you are talking to this election has been about Brexit , A Fairer Britain , and Nicola Sturgeon’s Obsession With independence. It’s also been about the Environment, a Second European Union Referendum, and Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with independence. 

Other topics for discussion have included the Dementia Tax Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘dealings’ I prefer to call them peace negotiations,  with the IRA, and Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with independence. Have you detected a theme yet ? I think I have and it’s this according to the unionist parties and their friends in the press Nicola Sturgeon has an obsession with independence. 

Reality however paints a slightly different picture. Far from Nicola Sturgeon having an obsession with independence it is in fact the unionists who are obsessed by the right of the Scotland to at any time determine our future god knows they’ve mentioned it often enough In every campaign leaflet in every party political broadcast and in every televised news bulletin the burning question at least according to the interviewer wasn’t Theresa May’s refusal to take part in debates or Jeremy Corbyn’s suitability for the job of Prime Minister , it was yes you’ve guessed it Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with independence

 This to me is nothing of short of propaganda of the type that Josef Goebbels would have proud to call his own. It was the same all through the recent council election campaign when unionists of all political hues pleaded for votes on the grounds it send a message to Nicola Sturgeon that Scotland didn’t want what they referred to as another divisive independence referendum even local councils have absolutely no power to stop such a referendum from ever taking place should the Scottish parliament decide to hold one. Still one mustn’t let the truth get in the way of the unionists plan to bring Scotland to heel. 

This constant drip feeding to the most gullible and misinformed section of the public is bound to have had an impact on how they were persuaded to vote. Fortunately I am too well educated to fall for this toxic nonsense but many other people particularly in the older demographic are not so lucky and will tend to take these comments as if they were handed to them on tablets of stone. You see some people really are obsessed with independence and guess what there not in the SNP 

Till next time. 

Gayle X


Tartan Sheep 

Hey Readers Though primarily about the speeches made by Sadiq Khan and  Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party’s Scottish conference, this poem could be about the attitude of any British Government Minister or potential  candidate for that job  in my lifetime. 

Whether Labour or Tory it makes no difference to me, the attitude these people have to Scotland  is at best insulting and at worst a damnable disgrace and before you ask does that include the Scottish ones, let me tell you it most certainly does.  Indeed, I suggest that it is even more relevant to them than it is to Jeremy Corbyn, as all Corbyn did by not chastening the mayor of London for his ill informed remarks about the SNP was give me the opportunity to write it. 

Trust me that was like giving Henrik Larsson an open goal and like Henrik I wasn’t going to miss. I have given this poem the title Tartan Sheep as that is how the Labour Party treated their Scottish vote for years and before the rise of the SNP it was how the Tory Party treated the entire Scottish electorate. I have a funny feeling that this will not be an easy read for pro unionist friends with the possible exception of the Liberal Democrats but if you voted yes in the last independence referendum or have moved across to that view since I think you’ll  a much more enjoyable read. 

Tartan Sheep 

This is the voice of your colonial master 

I’m visiting you to pretend I care 

and to tell you that those who love their country 

would never seek to divide it

we are a united kingdom and that is how it will stay 

I won’t let little things 

like pretending to be a socialist 
get in the way of patronising you 

for the red white and blue 

look  I came up all the way from Westminster

to give you this lecture 

this makes me a very important person 

in the United Kingdom

which I will fight to make sure you are kept in 

whether you like it or not 

after all your only Scots 

so don’t get ideas above your station 

which by the way 

is wherever Westminster tells you it should be 

listen to me you don’t need the SNP 

you are tartan sheep who need to come my pen

otherwise I’ll never make number 10 

and become prime minister 

I mean you don’t want to be branded racists or fascists  

why would you vote nationalist 

when you can have me 

and my friends to tell you 

what to do

we know what’s best for your little land 

what part of that do you not understand ?

I repeat why vote nationalist 

when you can have me 

now I don’t know but to me at least 

the answer was clear 

I prefer the politics of hope 

to those of fearing others

and I don’t like being patronised 

by those who believe 

they can place limits on what I am capable of achieving 

I believe in myself and in abilities 

to get things done 

and will never settle for poverty 

I don’t want to be an outpost 

a distant colony only visited for votes 

when those who claim to be our masters 

think there is something in it for them 

the only number 10 I want to know about is a bus 

trust me this union disgusts me  

with it’s titles, gongs , and privilege

  used as bait to trap the gullible 

 as far as I’m concerned 

the Labour and Conservative parties

are and have always been

 two checks of the same backside 

how can you have pride in a land 

whose head of state is an unelected monarch

who knows nothing of the real world 

this is not something I can be proud of

if anything it makes me feel shame 

I want Scotland to be an independent  nation 

for egalitarian reasons 

you see I’m not dividing my country 

I’m reclaiming it 

the Britain the unionists talk about 

doesn’t exist 

it is no more than a colonial myth 

their establishment have rammed down our throats 
to suit their Westminster agenda 

with the no surrender brigade 

used as Britannia’s little helpers 

with orange flutes and Nazi salutes 

encouraged by unionists 

in the name of being better together

we saw their behaviour in George Square 

yet these are the people who claim to care

and have the nerve to say 

 that no-one who loves their country 

would seek to divide it 

but the problem with that argument

which the flat earth society 

refuse to see 

is that the united kingdom 

is a not a country it is a union of nations 

so you cannot divide what doesn’t exist 

meanwhile Westminster like a modern day Oliver Twist 

begs Scotland saying please 

can we have some more of your assests 

well if you don’t give us what we want 

we’ll call you racists and fascists 

only this time their threats fall on deaf ears

as nobody wants to listen 

we have our own ambitions and priorities 

and at the dawn of a new democracy 

our voice is getting stronger 

we are tartan sheep no longer 

we are moving on to build 

a better country 

the journey is already underway 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 

The Clothes Of An Honest Man 

Hey Readers On what would have been his 90th Birthday I post a poem I’ve spent the whole day working on in loving memory of my father John James Smith. I would have liked to post it earlier but I had to get it just right before sharing it. My dad was an engineering inspector and would have expected no less. I am however pleased to say that I have finally completed it to my satisfaction and it will be posted on time. I have given it the title The Clothes Of An Honest Man. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Clothes Of An Honest Man

Born at the time of depression 

he was the fifth of nine children 

eight of whom survived to adult years

In reflective moments my dad wept tears for Alexander 

the wee brother who died 

in infancy 

a quiet man who kept his dignity 

he never showed emotions

in front of others 

I was the exception to his rule 

he encouraged me to do well at school 

and knew my rebellious streak 

was his gift to his youngest child 

he couldn’t deny the reality 

even if he wanted to try 

too many others knew the truth 

with proof from his younger days 

used as evidence to convict him 

the man who lost his religion

but never his team

 green  and white till the day he died

though the faith of his fathers lapsed 

when a priest threw a book at him 

for forgetting his catacisim 

in class 

never again did my dad go to mass 

and when he was told  

he couldn’t marry outside the church 

he told the priest what he thought 

a proud pragmatic Scot 

he often went fishing 

though he seldom caught a fish 

as for his politics he had a very clear vision 

of a better nation 

 which he claimed much to my mother’s annoyance 

could only come with independence

like most unionists I knew growing up 

 she avoided poltical debate 

having what my dad called  Mrs Bouquet syndrome 

and I  knew what he meant 

she was content to leave the world to it’s fate 

claiming it was just the way it was 

I got more sense out of Santa Claus 

than I got from my mum 

too many friends of her family 

 banged on the empty drums 

of a lost cause 

and could never forgive her 

for marrying a catholic 

even if he did raise his children 

in the faith these people walked for 

but seldom if ever practiced 

and to those who thought 

that the wee man should know his place 

I answer that he did 

and it was way beyond 

anywhere they could ever reach 

this was a man who never gave up on me 

when I was ill and doctors claimed  

I wouldn’t see my first birthday

he told them  I would come through  

because I was a fighter 

on my graduation day 

he knew the truth of his prediction 

my honours gained by the hard work and commitment

which were the hallmark of a skilled engineer 

who rose to the rank of inspector 

in the job he held for 30 years

till Thatcher closed the gates 

in the name of electoral geography 

and votes in marginal seats in the midlands

in this united kingdom

which he said was united only in name 

whilst the so-called workers party 

did union jack to help others 

I have long since discovered the truth of the words 

he spoke in anger on that fair Friday night 

when he said Labour had always  played the Westminster game 

and must be viewed with suspicion 

in everything they do 

they would he said

 always put the red and white 

before the blue  

 they were the  secret enemy

 whose mask would eventually slip 

his daughter I now attend the kirk 

though this socialist republican Scot 

is an internationalist to the core 

my father never wore a sash 

preferring the clothes of an honest man 

Maggie and Arthur can be proud of their son 

the  boy from the scheme 

who was equally at home in the countryside

may have been a rebel 

but during his time among us 

he taught me the values I keep to this day 

fair play,  honesty, and being the best you can be 

whilst doing your best to help  others 

were the marks of the man 

the quiet rebel  

I am proud to call dad 

@ Gayle Smith 2017 

Dear  United Kingdom

Hey Readers

This poem is written partly in sorrow and partly in anger at the United Kingdom’s attitude to Scotland in the post referendum period.

In the run up to the vote when the unionists were begging us to stay with them we were promised that should we vote to remain in the UK we would see Scotland treated with greater respect than ever before for staying in the family of nations. Now I don’t know why but I didn’t believe this statement at the time and at the risk of being smug time has proven me to be right. You see I knew this promise would last only until the voters counted and then we would see the British establishment turn on Scotland with the kind of feral vindictiveness you usually only associate with wild animals.

I could sense the beginnings of this hysteria in 2012 when we had both Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympic Games and some of us had to endure our favourite food being wrapped up in the Union Jack. Honestly it was so bad I found this absolutely cringeworthy. Even the X-factor got in on the act and named one of their boy bands Union J and for those who thought this would die down after the referendum it hasn’t in fact if anything its actually got worse as the Westminster establishment try a botched attempt at cultural brainwashing in to this One Britain One Nation British nationalism. I say botched attempt as one only needs to look at the rise in support for the Scottish National Party during this period to see this strategy hasn’t quite worked as well as those who believe themselves to be our imperial masters thought it would.

In fact to be honest it is getting ever so slightly ridiculous now and I have recently seen that there is a company who are trying to sell British Haggis when no such product has ever or indeed will ever exist. Not only that it was widely reported, that Tesco have now put the butchers apron (aka union jack ) on Scottish Strawberries because certain loudmouths in the shire counties couldn’t cope with seeing the Scottish flag on Scottish produce. To me this shows Tesco in a very bad light as I believe they should have just told these idiot’s to get over themselves because you can be gaurenteed that if we had made the same complaint about an English product we would and quite rightly in my view have been racist.

Fortunately, however we don’t go down that route but the inequality of treatment in this so-called union of equals has started to get on my nerves and that’s why I’ve written this poem in the form of a letter entitled Dear United Kingdom to warn the British establishment that sneering at or attempting to bully Scotland will not be tolrrated and to remind them once for all that they had to beg us to stay so bearing that in mind I think it’s time they showed Scotland a bit more respect as failure to do so could have consequences for the unity of the United Kingdom.

Do I think they’ll learn that arrogance doesn’t pay , to be honest no I don’t and their failure to do so can and will only hasten the demise of this unequal union. Anyway, that’s my rant over so I hope you enjoy the read.

Dear United Kingdom 

Dear United Kingdom
I write this letter
because you said we were better together
but it seems you need lessons
in history and manners
as your attitude to Scotland
leaves a lot to be desired
you seem to think we need to be lectured
rather than inspired to stay with you
in your arrogance you reject
any view that contradicts your imperial agenda
or refuses to surrender to Westminster’s will
You do this by attempting to place limits
on our aspirations
you need reminding
we are a nation
not a region
and this straight talking Glaswegian
has had enough
you don’t like it
that I answer you back
tough but that’s the way it is
Scotland holds the aces
so you play ball
or we wipe the smiles
form your smug sanctimonious faces
once and for all
and by doing so
we will liberate others
our comrades
our sisters and brothers
in England, Wales, and Ireland
we will not be silenced
by your union jackanory
your land of dope and Tory
only works on those who are prepared to let it
as for me forget it
your united kingdom died
a long time ago
as soon as I learned of the
of the genocide which masqueraded as famine
and heard of the blood on the snow
in the coldest month of a highland winter
what happened to Scotland and Ireland
taught me we will never be
better together
as four different traditions
will only blend into one
if the other three are erased
from history
and force fed a multi national cultural dominance
there is no such thing as British haggis
despite what Anglo normative narrative tries to suggest
this British is best
let’s bring back the empire
and the cricket test
is not the way to build a nation
it may be ego masturbation
for certain politicians and their cronies
you know the ones who made Tories
out of the Labour Party
and gladly went along with their every wish
to secure Scotland for the union
except it’s had the opposite effect
and driven a wedge between the people’s party
and those they are supposed to represent
Scotland is no longer content
to see union jack pillows
in every TV soap
or have this fake identity
rammed down our throats
on programs on just about
every subject you could name
yet somehow we get the blame
if we speak out against this indoctrination
as I said we are a nation
not a region
and remember you had to beg us to stay with you
keep the blue in the union jack
I voted yes it was never my flag
your country can never be mine
nor if they are honest
can it belong to any of the nations trapped in this union of elites
we are four nations not one
so Dear United Kingdom
as the sun sets on the last remnants of your empire
I have to ask why
you failed to inspire us
to mould a common identity and instead embarked on a relentless quest
to force us to accept
a Westminster centric view
where nothing else matters but you
this is not way to impress
your union jack dress always did look tatty and ill fitting
Mrs middle aged blue rinse Britain
can no longer pretend to be young
though flutes and drums will play your songs
this is country where I don’t belong
Dear United Kingdom
you never did style
forced smiles and stiff upper lips
were more your scene
like an aging drama queen
who can’t escape her past
you still think you are
star attraction on the casting couch
and can’t understand
why no one else wants to know
I learned of your cruelty in songs about Glencoe and Athenry
my ancestors where forced to emigrate or die
yet still you refuse to apologise
for the clearance of our lands
you have to understand
you need lessons in history and manners
but near death I suspect
you are too old and embittered to learn
and as you yearn for the certainties of yesterday
I look forward to the challenges of tomorrow
in a country which is ready to  embrace the future
and deal with whatever it brings

@ Gayle Smith 2016

Scotland Said Yes To The Civilised World By Rejecting The Brexit Club

Hey Readers

As dawn breaks I can and will declare that the United Kingdom if not quite officially dead has certainly reached a point where the family have been called and told to prepare for the worst. 

Yes I know that may sound slightly dramatic but as Britain votes for Brexit I and many others will be looking for an exit. However, the exit I want isn’t from Europe it’s from the United Kingdom which is now
more divided than ever after the most catastrophic decision ever made in the history of this mythical nation.

You see I have never bought in to the loyal and unionist fairytale of a united kingdom far less a great Britain and to me this result makes a mockery of the better together campaign to keep Scotland in the UK during our independence referendum as all through that referendum we heard this ongoing chant from the unionists that if we left the United Kingdom we wouldn’t be allowed to become a member as an independent nation.

This of course was nonsense, there tactic was to terrorise the gullible in to believing that they were somehow in danger of being kicked out the EU because David Cameron said so. This morning this cruel trick lies exposed for what it was and better together has been exposed as the fraud some of us always knew it to be.

Nonetheless as democrats we in the yes campaign accepted however reluctantly the result of independence referendum though we still reserve the right to campaign for the constitutional chance we sought and the restoration of Scotland’s place as an independent sovereign nation with the powers rights and responsibilities that comes with it.

Indeed many of us who voted yes in the independence referendum were amongst the most enthusiastic supporters of Scotland remaining in Europe and actively campaigned to achieve the outcome we wanted but what we wanted was far removed from what we got

No matter how uncomfortable it may be we have to face the fact that rampant British nationalism has triumphed in England and Wales where the voters were in my opinion duped by a lethal combination of ambitious right wing Conservatives such as would be Prime Minister in waiting Boris Johnson and his allies such as Education Secretary Michael Gove and former the voice of kindness at the Department of Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith.
and the even more extreme views of Nigel Farage and UKIP who with their toxic brand of politics managed to turn what should have been a referendum on our membership of the European Union into nothing more than a vote on immigration.

These views were given credibility by a fanatical right wing press and media who cannot get over the fact that Westminster no longer has an empire to rule over and yearned to return to the 1850’s yes I did say the 1850’s when everyone was British knew their place and bowed the knee to their so-called social betters. What Westminster doesn’t realise is that in Scotland at least we have a get out clause from this madness which has already produced its first causality with the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron and that get out clause is

You see whether the professional unionists like it or not 2014 wasn’t the end of the debate on Scotland it was only the beginning and these people think otherwise they are way more deluded than I ever thought possible. This however does not surprise me as ever since the morning of their victory in the last referendum which was only achieved through last minute promises they had no intention of keeping they have consistently implemented bully boy tactics and told those of us who voted yes to shut up and get back in our box. I regret to inform this has as much chance of success as Albion Rovers winning the champions league in any other setting than play station or a Des Dillon novel (Note quick plug for Des Dillon novel The Return Of The Busby Babes )

Anyway, nice idea as they might believe it to be Scotland is not going back to sleep and we are now in a much stronger position to campaign for the independence our country needs after this horrible referendum result. The result achieved by the leave campaign was based on primary factor and that was the demonising of those considered to be other. These are the people who don’t fit in to what the Brexiters traditional view of British identity. Unfortunately for those of us who voted remain this view which is an insular narrow minded view primarily but not exclusively based on race will now be how Britishness is viewed on the continent and beyond. This is a result which shamed Britain and exposed the shallow distrust of Brexiters towards those who don’t fit their agenda as being a highly significant factor in their victory.

It is my view and that of many others that this toxic legacy will make it much tougher for the professional unionist political class who were and remain Better Together to fight against independence than they were two years ago as one of their key arguments for this outdated union was based on the now shambolic proposal that if we didn’t do as we were told and vote to stay in the UK then we wouldn’t be allowed membership of the European Union.

This was an oft quoted argument which certainly seemed to resonate with the less well read I don’t do politics kind of voter as they tended believe what they are told by the BBC Daily Mail and unionist Westminster politicians as if they were quoting directly from the bible. To say this disturbs me would be putting it mildly. Well let’s be honest reading the Daily Mail is bad enough but to believe it is written on tablets of stone would be the actions of the demented and deluded.

Unfortunately many of the more gullible members of society appear to be taken in by this line and this was certainly the case at the time of the last referendum when the unionist establishment in which the vast majority of the press and media were a key part seemed to regard the European Union as their own private members club. I make this claim because I know how much it suited British establishment to act in this way until the vote secured Scotland for the union.

After the result of our referendum was declared in favour of the union, It was at least if you believed David Cameron and Better Together spokesman in Scotland Alastair Darling the end of the independence debate and the morning of the 19th of September was supposed to be a return to business as usual and we Jocks as the Westminster set refer to us were supposed to get back in our boxes and be nice colonial children speaking only when we were spoken to with nanny Britain’s permission.
That however is not how it turned out as a newly awakened Scotland had found our voice and we were in no mood to give it up.

In the first serious electoral test in post referendum the unionist political classes suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the SNP which was now led by Salmond’s deputy leader Nicola Sturgeon as the party smashed through what some its supporters had always believed to be the Westminster glass ceiling winning 56 of the 59 Scottish constituency seats and in doing so ending the political careers of some big name Labour MP’s such as Jim Murphy Douglas Alexander, and Ian Davidson.

A smart political operator Nicola Sturgeon had served a long apprenticeship under her former boss and was more than ready to take over the leader of both her party and her country. Impressive in TV debates Sturgeon captured the mood of the nation and gave supporters of independence belief that we not only had a future but our best days were yet to come.

As opposition parties crumbled in the weight of the SNP avalanche they desperately tried to convince themselves that this phase would soon pass and the return to normality they had been promised
This however has been and remains a million light years away from the political reality that is Scotland in 2016. As if to demonstrate this fact the SNP won a third successive victory in Scottish parliamentary election. Though the party fell two seats short of a second successive overall majority the fact that they won an increased number of constituency seats up from 53 in 2011 to 59 in recent election should not be lost on our opponents.

In fact if I’m being brutality honest the only thing that stopped a second successive
majority was the quite ludicrous
D’ hont electoral system which was so badly skewed that it gave the SNP only four extra seats whilst giving The Conservatives twenty four and the Labour Party twenty one. This resulted in painting an entirely false picture of how Scotland voted and giving the unionist parties a far greater sense of self importance than they actually deserve.

The refusal of the unionist parties to acknowledge that Scotland is not a one party state as they so often like to claim does them and their cause no good whatsoever and gives the impression that they are being childish and petulant and therefore unfit to hold office. I think that someone needs to tell them that there is a genuine and very real difference between what is really a one party state and what better together claim it is. The fact none of the unionist parties in Scotland are currently fit for purpose is not the fault of the SNP no matter how much the more fanatical amongst their number would like it to be. This is just the spin of the immature child who wants everything his own way and cries like a baby when it. doesn’t go to plan.

You know it’s funny how when Scotland was ruled by The Labour Party for almost five decades 1959-2007 (48 years to be exact) and having been alive for all but two of those years I never heard this one party state nonsense even once. In fact I can say with certainty I didn’t even hear it from the Tories not even during the Thatcher years but the minute the SNP or any pro independence party look like doing well they trot it out. This to me smacks of the back in your box Jocks kind of the attitude they would be very well advised to avoid if they ever want to regain the one thing they lack more than any other and that is credibility.

This is to me at least one of the most important factors faced by any political party or campaign if it wants to be successful. Without a credible leader your party or campaign will sink without trace and that at this moment in history in Scottish politics at least all the credible politicians are with the exception of Ruth Davidson on the side of Yes.

I have to say that though I dislike her politics intensely I do admire Ruth and more than that I actually respect her. Well I have to say that following Annabel Goldie as leader of Scotland’s conservatives was never going to be easy. Annabel at least in Scottish terms was a legendary figure who had done much to begin the detoxification of the Conservative brand in Scotland and Ruth Davidson with her personable and dare I say it likeable manner has continued the work started by her predecessor.

Ruth however faces one major problem which is that for many people in Scotland which is that no matter what you may think of them personally a Tory is still a Tory and if they are the only credible voice for the union there will be areas which will be closed to them especially after this result.

You see a significant number of those who voted to stay UK in 2014 did so not because of any sense of British identity being exclusive to their way of thinking but because they viewed their Britishness like their Scottishness as part of something better and perceived it as being more inclusive and outward looking than what they viewed as the narrow nationalism of independence. Now with Britain having voted to leave Europe whilst Scotland in large numbers voted to stay with in many of those who voted no in 2014 may already be beginning to rethink that decision and vote yes in the next independence referendum when it is eventually called. Indeed it may be that this vote on Europe has finally proved the very real political differences between the politics of Scotland and the rest of the UK have highlighted the need for independence to a far greater degree than was the case in 2014 as Scotland said yes to the civilised world by rejecting the Brexit Club.

Looking back to the afternoon of the 19th of September when Alex Salmond said in his resignation speech as First Minister the dream shall never die many people may have thought that this was just a politician trying to keep the flame of independence alive on what was for many of us this blogger included the darkest day in Scotland’s recent history. It was on that day as people began to flock to the SNP in record numbers Alex Salmond was proved to be a lot more correct than many of us dared to dream .

It was however a few days later in the interview on Andrew Marr show that Alex Salmond made his most telling comment, saying that at a time when the circumstances were right we would get the chance to finish the job we started. Thanks to Brexit that chance and our independence may come sooner than a lot of people think.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

No Offence

Hey Readers On day 27 of NaPoWriMo my poem tackles the thorny issue of the Offensive Behaviour Act. I write this poem  as a SNP member and a Celtic fan who believes that if you have best interests of your party and your country then you have to speak out and say when you see mistakes being made. Should my party win the coming election I believe to use a wee bit of football speak this gives us the chance to tackle the injustice of this act by repealing as early as possible and focusing on building a Scotland of fairness for all our citizens and let Irish-Scots play our part in it by singing our songs with purpose, passion, and pride I’ve titled it No Offence I hope you enjoy the read.

No Offence

A panic reaction to a media call for action
I originally thought it may have good intentions
but as I learned more
I began to know the score
on this badly drafted legislation
which has been and is still being used
as a cloak to disguise the veneer of anti Irish racism
in a land where no such problem
should exist
Scots irrespective of religion should be made aware of the fact
we share more in common
than the artificial division
centuries of being a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
has created
rigid unionists were for centuries
conditioned to hate there closest of kin
force fed a diet of fear and loathing
of Ireland and Irish culture
meanwhile vultures pecked their way
through the ignorance of those given nothing
but exercise in July
patronised as slaves
yet only too willing to serve the imperial cause
but what angers me is that this law
was passed by a party which cries freedom
the party I will support until we drape the coffin of Westminster
with the butcher’s apron it deserves
I serve humanity’s interests
I am Scottish not British
this comes from pragmatism
not misplaced pride
I will not deny my roots
or what Donegal has brought to the Clyde
the Irish Scots want to see a better Scotland
where we no longer accept selective tolerance
where one side of the football divide
are punished for singing our songs
whilst nothing is done to stop the opposition
from proudly proclaiming their Britishness
pardon me if this sounds like bitterness
but that kind of offensive behaviour offends my dignity
in this land of devolution
hard core unionists are the cause of
not the solution to our problems
why did my party not see
you can’t break the chains
of those who don’t want to be free
and punish those who lit the red white and blue torch paper 
with intimidation and death threats
it’s time to move on to the future
and let our people sing songs
which cause no offence
to anyone but proud Scots
who’ve never been proud
of Scotland

@ Gayle Smith 2016

Union Jacks And Union Hacks Won’t Stop Our Road To Progress

Hey Readers Unless you’ve been living on another planet in which case David Bowie was right and there really is life on mars you surely cant have failed the ramping up of anti SNP propaganda to almost hysterical levels in the mainstream press and media over the last few days. 
This comes as delegates gather in Glasgow for the last SNP conference before the Scottish election where my party will be campaigning to secure an historic third term as Scotland’s party of government. 

As opinion polls show the party on course for victory the unionists of all persuasions have stepped up their hatred to fanatical proportions but despite this they
are making no inroads in to our lead nor by the looks of it are they likely to.  One of the main reasons for this is the fact that to be a credible alternative government you must first be a credible opposition and in nine years as the  opposition the Labour And Unionist Party still hasn’t learned this very basic skill.  You see they and their friends in the  mainstream press and  media seem to think that they can ignore this basic requirement of any future government by getting on their union jack soapboxes and shouting SNP bad at every opportunity they are given and believe me they are given a lot of them as with unquestioning sycophants in the Scottish/North British establishment deem them worthy of more free rides than a pensioner with with a bus pass.

This may be shocking but the truth must be told, and the cold and inescapable truth is that the Labour Party get it easy from a so-called Scottish press in which only the Sunday Herald and the recently formed pro independence National come anywhere close to reporting the real Scotland I see every day. As for the rest of them their sales figures are crashing to the ground faster than someone jumping from a plane without a parachute.

The past few days demonstrate this fact and in doing so highlight why The Labour And Unionist Party and their Tory friends rely almost completely on the help from their friends in a pro unionist media to fabricate their scare stories as they did both in the independence referendum and far less successfully in the UK election for the Westminster parliament.

There is hardly a day goes by without these so-called journalists inventing some Anti SNP scare story but I have some devastating news for them and I don’t know how to tell them nobody listens to you anymore. You see you’ve contradicted yourselves so many times that you’ve used up all your credibility and like the emperor’s new clothes people now see you for exactly what you are and believe me it isn’t a pretty sight in fact to describe it as a shambles would be being far more generous to you than I want to be.  Well you can’t claim to the nation on the day of the Smith Report that the vow has been delivered only to say in the same paper after what they believe is a long enough time lapse to con the gullible that we are fed another story which this time says the vow must be delivered and have the gall to  blame the SNP for not delivering a vow we never made and which former Labour leader Ed Milliband claimed never existed.

Another example of this type of fairytale journalism came with  the recent attack on former First Minister Alex Salmond  when that most bitter of all unionist papers the Daily Record which is run and lest we forget this by the London based Trinity Mirror group and has a Ulster unionist political editor raided the political gutter for another project fear type to con the gullible by saying that if we had fallen for in their words Salmond’s vow and voted yes we would be poorer because the GERS figures tell us we would. So let’s have a look at the facts shall we.  The GERS report which was highlighted as a pro union device by the man who thought it up former Conservative governor general of Scotland (Yes I know the official term was Secretary Of State For Scotland)  Ian Laing who said that the reason for introducing them was to make any future devolved government look bad and in doing so weaken the case for Scottish independence. So all this proves is that you skew statistics to get any result you like.  Despite this obvious fact and that even the GERS report couldn’t quite get the doomsday scenario the unionists wanted it didn’t stop them needing more toilet breaks than is necessary for an adult  such was their desire to wet themselves over these manufactured stats

We should however be under no illusions here the real reason for this juvenile attack on our former First Minister was nothing to do with him, nor was it anything to do with independence. The real reason for this was the fact that the Daily Record which has always been one of Westminster’s most loyal stooges tried to highlight Alex Salmond who by the way the never a vow that is a failed UK Labour leader by the name of Gordon Brown was with the sole purpose of undermining Nicola Sturgeon’s position both as leader of the Scottish National Party and as First Minister of Scotland. Now I hate to break it to them but this strategy failed at the UK general election and it’s going to fail again.

You see no matter what they say Kezia Dugdale is not leadership material and her childish outbursts at First Minister’s questions merely serve to underline that fact In her latest outburst Ms Dugdale tried to claim the the case for Scottish Independence is now dead thanks of course to the mythical stats from The GERS report.  It is obvious to me that Kezia lives in a fantasy world where everyone votes Labour and we live in a nice little bubble which no-one ever wants to leave this happy little land. 

The truth however is somewhat different. You see though The Labour And Unionist Party may have set up our devolved parliament to crush what they saw as rebellious Scots I quote from that hymn of hate known as God Save The Queen but reality tells a very different story.  If one takes a closer look at the bigger picture it it shows a nation which has become albeit slowly, more confident in it’s ability to take decisions and for the most part get them right. This frightens the unionists more than you will ever know. You see they are totally dependent on what I call the  Westminster cringe to keep what they see as the natives in what see as our place.  Some people call this cringe the Scottish cringe but these people are deluded this is a cringe which was born and developed in Westminster by shallow self interested subservient Brit-Scots and they alone stand accused of talking Scotland down to serve their party interests and their political careers 

Make no mistake many unionists are feral creatures who will do anything to preserve their position of privilege in Scottish society and will use every means at their disposal to do so. They will do this by whatever means they must even, if as was the case on Thursday it means the deliberate misrepresentation of the views of a city to suit there fanatical British Nationalist agenda. I cite the example of Thursday as the UK political panel debate show Question Time was broadcast from Dundee. Now for those of you who haven’t been asleep for the last two years Dundee had the highest yes vote in Scotland in the  2014 independence referendum and is represented by the SNP at all political levels. The BBC however don’t like this this fact and as we know what they don’t like they ignore or worse still misrepresent and that is exactly what they did on Thursday as they stuffed the audience with good obedient unionist toy soldiers as if to pretend that the city had been recaptured for the UK and fortress Dundee was no more. 

Thankfully I never watched the show as I was out performing some of my poems at an event which goes by the title Fail Better It goes I think without saying that my performance was a damn sight
better than the unionists in the Dundee audience. Well I have what they and the BBC don’t it’s called credibility. Well it is I think significant evidence of the BBC bias that in a city which all MP’s and MSP’s are from the SNP that two failed Labour candidates were on the programme including one nasty piece of work who compared the SNP to Hitler Youth. Now I hate to tell the unionists and their associated parcel of rogues but we are not the party  who are giving the sectarian bigots of the loyal Orange Order the chance to parade their hate  the streets of Glasgow on St Patrick’s day whilst denying those of genuine Irish descent the chance to so that is the Labour And Unionist Party  These are not cases of failing better they are cases of failing spectacularly and illustrate why the BBC are unworthy of our licence fee and the Labour And Unionist Party are unworthy of our vote

You see the BBC have form on this issue, all through the referendum they showed their bias in favour of the no campaign and their aggressive treatment of the yes campaign showed their claim of neutrality to be blatant and barefaced lie. Since the referendum they and STV/ITN have been complicate with 98 per cent of the printed press in perpetuating an SNP bad party line which borders somewhere between pathetic and shambolic.
Though they may think otherwise this does them no favours, Scotland has woken up since that dark day in September 2014 and shows no sign of going back to sleep much to the annoyance of those who favour colonial dependence for our nation.

As a proud Irish-Scot the next few days are an important celebration for our people and our community but I want to think beyond that time and to do so by travelling back 100 years to Ireland 1916. As I make this journey I think of a nation which tired of being subjected to the imposition of laws they didn’t vote for by a government they didn’t elect stood up and said enough is enough and decided they would take no more.  100 ago this Easter years despite ferocious and fanatical opposition from a hard-line opposition within in their own land and a Westminster elite which neither cared nor understood the issues facing them  a nation took decisive steps that would begin their journey to freedom. It is my belief that in the early hours of the  6th of May the no matter the dirty tricks of a grovelling unionist establishment our nation is no longer scared and Union jacks or union hacks won’t stop  our road prohandand Scotland will have taken significant steps on the same road our Celtic cousins once walked with courage, pride, and dignity.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X