Street Songs

In this poem I look at the life of one of my earliest traditional music influences the late great Matt McGinn  I’ve titled it Street Songs, I hope you enjoy the read 

You sang the street songs
that were part of my childhood
singing of jeely pieces, snowballs, and red yo-yo’s
Scotland knows of their stories
because of the tales you told
wrapping words in the boldest red you could find
your vision of Glasgow was
of a dear green place where nobody was left behind
and these songs were Clydeside gifts
not only to lift our spirits but be preserved
for generations yet to be born
let alone coorie doon in their beds

You wrote the street songs of my teens
when I had dreams and principals
I still hold
from the days when I thought I was invincible
before I met men like the foreman O’Rourke
and believed I could change the world
these were songs which told of the struggle for equality
and socialist reformers fighting wars against poverty
not for you the ball and chain
or being part of a capitalist system
in which no-one had a May Day worth celebrating

You wrote the songs which mapped both my city and my life
Jeanie , the one you wrote for your wife
still moves me to tears whether I hear it
in the darkness of night or the clear blue sky of the morning
yours was a life cut short
too short for a man of your gifts
now as ghosts from Dundee haunt Glasgow single ends
your blood red heart rests near the river
a fitting tribute to the man who wrote the street songs
that sang Glasgow and brought it to life with your words

© Gayle Smith 2022

Lilac Lada

I wrote this poem 20 years ago and just came across it the other day. I hadn’t seen it in years and wondered about its place in my folio. Then I heard a socialist complaining about Keir Starmer and I realised it’s as relevant now as it was when Blair was a Labour Prime Minister, which only goes to show that the more things change the more they stay the same. At least they do in UK politics . Scotland, I’m glad to say has changed for the better. It’s titled Lilac Lada for reasons I think you’ll understand. I hope you enjoy the read.

Lilac Lada

My yuppie neighbour bought a car it only cost five grand
he thinks that it’s a bargain which I just don’t understand
he didn’t buy a silver ghost or a crimson mini metro
and as for big black cadilics he says there far too retro

He didn’t even think about a lemon
Ford Capri
A shiny red Mercedes was not his cup of tea
A sky blue BMW was voted far too Tory
It’s musical doorbells always played
A land of hope and glory

A bright pink Porsche so wasn’t his style he claimed it’s far too flash
A plain beige jeep would signify he didn’t have any class
He wasn’t quite Mondeo Man especially in Green
But my neighbours Lilac Lada

Yes he bought a lilac lada and and it does stand out a mile
it sends the world a message that he has no sense of style
but like the emporer’s birthday suit my neighbour thinks his car
is perfect for a bloke like him
he’s his party’s rising star.

He truly thinks that he’s top man and his car makes him unique
though it drives his friends to road rage and they lose their powers of speech
but he proclaims he’s made his choice to praise New Labour’s Britain
Because lilac is the colour which promotes his leader’s vision

He proudly claimed I’m Tony’s boy New Labour through and through
So I bought a lada to express my chosen point of view
you see my father’s working class he hates the bistro kids
and if you mention wine bars he’ll really flip his lid

So I believe this compromise will help to save the day
I’ll soon have dad converted and he’ll see things Tony’s way
well socialism’s in the past
It’s a dinosaurs convention
And I’m New Labour’s candidate
to fight the next election

Congratulations I replied they’ve made a first class choice
But I’ll probably vote for a party with a much more Scottish voice
the Teflon Tories aren’t my type there really rather bland
they don’t have any policies there just a one man band

Well think about the personal vote I’ll see you right he said.

though your rooms are painted Saltire blue and mine are pinkish red
I will I lied but I think you’ll lose you really must try harder
And you’ll never win any support for your cause till you ditch that lilac lada

© Gayle Smith 2001

Scarecrows Clowns And A Land Beyond Parody.

I swear to God there are very few things or should I say people that irritate me more than the idiot who currently occupies 10 Downing Street. Though admittedly some of his cabinet ministers could give a close run for his money. Yes that’s right I mean the man who would give clowns a bad name and could seriously do with some grooming lessons from Wurzel Gummidge , I refer of course to that walking disaster that is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom otherwise known as Alexander , Boris Dr Peffel, Johnson.

Honestly I think this rather strange species of what is called a traditional British Conservative, which is in case anyone is in any doubt a mixture of privilege and stupidity must be moonlighting as a comeadian. I say this only due to the fact that he is certainly better at cracking the jokes than he is at running what he calls the country. Unless you think that by running the country he means he’s running it in to the ground.

By his referee to the country I take it he means the United Kingdom which he has somewhat bizarrely claimed to be one country. He makes this claim despite the fact that the very name of it suggests otherwise, as does the fact he and his wee pals in the Tory reserve teams aka The Labour Party and The Liberal Democrats keep prattling on about a precious union they have to save. I wish they wouldn’t do this as by repeating this narrative to the point of tedium they are alarming Gordon Brown so much that he has to get out of his coffin to frighten as many people as possible with daft slogans which no longer work on anyone with a fully functioning brain.

As for Johnson’s latest PR stunt he has claimed that the United Kingdom has existed for a thousand years when anyone with an ounce of sense who has ever read a history book knows it has only existed since 1707 which is just over 300 years. Well 314 years if you want as I do, to be completely accurate with regard to mainland Britain and 220 years if you want to add some sort of Irish context to it. Either way I think you’ll agree these dates come to nowhere near to a thousand years. Now I don’t know what subjects Boris excelled in at his highly privileged school, few if any would be my assessment but one thing I do know is that neither history nor maths would be counted among their number. Though Scarecrows And Clowns just might be

Despite this however, Johnson and his brand of right wing populist jingoistic British Nationalism remains as popular in enough places in England to guarantee a significant victory in any UK General Election if it was held tomorrow. Now to anyone who is even remotely sane and I would like to hope I count myself and my friends among this demographic this is a truly frightening prospect. We have a man who is supposed to be leading the UK whose nose must be ten times the size of Pinnocho’s with the amount of blatant mistruths he spews out under the guise of parliamentary privilege.

Of course what makes this nightmare scenario even worse is the rather startling if uncomfortable truth that there are so many gullibles who are actually prepared to believe him and his class based propaganda without even daring to think once let alone twice just in case it scares them absolutely witless, we truly are living in a land beyond parody.

To prove my point I ask you to imagine if you will someone who is a bizzare hybrid between Pinnocho and Wurzel Gummidge but without the redeeming features of either. If you have successfully imagined such a creature I present to you the creation of the United Kingdom media. His name is Boris Johnson and he lives in a land beyond parody. This if unlike me you believe in the United Kingdom is your Prime Minister and no I don’t feel sorry for you. After all you had the chance to do better than this in 2014 and you wished to stay in the United Kingdom. You should have been more careful what you wished for. I’m sure you can hear the rest of the world laughing and I know it must mortify you to know they are laughing at you rather than with you. But like it or not that is exactly what they’re doing.

Till next time

Gayle. X

A Few Observations On Recent Events

As I’m sure you may have noticed there has been a distinct lack of content on this blog since the beginning of this month and in the last couple of weeks in particular. There are good reasons for this and one of them is of course my gentle and sensitive nature as I didn’t want to gloat at the embarrassment of certain pro UK forces of colonial darkness. Though lets be honest I had very good reason to do so should I be so inclined. That said I decided instead to take a more light hearted look at the goings on of the last wee while and offer a few observations on recent events. I start as you may have expected with politics and the recent Scottish election

At the beginning of this month the party of which I am a member were elected to serve for a fourth term of office and govern our country until 2026. This was a truly remarkable achievement especially as it was achieved by making gains from both Labour and the Tories. Make no mistake this was a brilliant night for Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP as they were returned to power to serve the people of Scotland with a record number of seats won in the constituency 62 out of 73 and a record number of votes cast for the party.

With the main two branches of the combined unionist party both having new leaders that’s Douglas Ross for the Tories and Anas Sarwar for the Labour Party much was expected of them by a fanatical unionist establishment slavering over their every word no matter how inane that word might actually be. The voters however were nowhere near as gullible as the unionists were hoping they would be as the SNP left them trailing in their wake yet again just as they had done with their predecessors in 2011, and 2016. Well even a change of puppet master couldn’t convince anyone bar the most severely deluded or in this case Willie Rennie that his two fellow unionist puppet masters could ever be real boys or potential candidates for the job of First Minister of Scotland or that Murdo Fraser could ever hope to win a constituency seat in our parliament.

Mercifully the recent election also saw the end of two powerful Scottish political myths which have prevalent in our counrty for a number of years. One was that Alex Salmond was more important to the independence cause than the SNP and that his newly formed Alba Party could split the yes vote in two and the other was that George Galloway his All For Unity ever had anything other than Fedora’s and the biggest collection of crackpots ever to assemble under the union flag to offer the Scottish people

Less than a week after her victory Nicola Sturgeon was faced with the prospect of dawn raids in the heart of her Glasgow Southside /Central constituncey. This was clearly engineered by Boris and his cast of clowns to intimidate the re-elected First Minister and like most things Boris does it ended in disaster for him. This time he sent Pritti Vacent oops I meant Patel to help out with these evictions. The fact that Patel the daughter of first generation immigrants was acting as the hired enforcer against two asylum seekers who have lived and worked legally in their local community for years shows just how demented this UK government is and serves a timely reminder to me that one of the reasons I voted for independence was to get a fairer immigration system to allow our country to gain access to the skilled and talented workers we need and not an adventure playground for pompous entitled brats.

Next up we had matters of football or to put it another way the club known as Rangers. Now whilst I offer my congratulations to them on being allowed to win the league by the Lanarkshire referees association who seem only to send Stevie Wonder’s considerably less talented Caucasian siblings to referee their games, I should perhaps remind them that rioting and destroying the statues they swore to defend last summer is perhaps not the best way to win friends and influence people and no you can’t play the victim card on this one it isn’t your call to make. Oh and before I move on I think I should remind Mr Gerrard that a real invincible season means winning every domestic trophy you compete in and not just the one that suits your argument. This is why I believe St Johnstone manager Calum Davidson should be Manager of the Year as he won 2 out 3 trophies in his first full season in management rather than the 1 trophy out of 9 over three seasons that slippy managed to win in a year pre arranged for him by that well kent comedy double act known as the SFA and Mystic Meg.

Still on football I turn my attention to my own club and it is fair to say that Celtic have finally achieved what some people said was impossible and as we claimed Shergar’s old record for the longest unexplained vacancy in sporting history. In our case though it it relates not to horses but to managers and the fact that almost four months after sacking Neil Lennon we still haven’t got one. Though in saying that the manager of the Celtic Women’s team Fran Alonso seems to be doing really well as his team’s record of three wins in three games against Rangers is the kind of record we used to have against them in the men’s game not so long ago and the benchmark that the next Celtic manager should be aiming to achieve. He has also developed a system where defenders can actually defend and players can score from corner kicks.

Next there was the debacle over Eurovision and why the UK ended up yet again with Nil points. Personally i don’t think it was anything to do with any perceived unpopularity the UK might or might not have in Europe I’m more of a belief that you won’t win until you stop sending crap songs to represent you. Now I am aware that this opinion wlll be only slightly more popular at Pacific Quay than Douglas Ross is at a gypsy travelers site but it is nonetheless accurate and you ignore it at your peril. After all those who ignore the lessons of history are condemned to repeat its mistakes.

And finally what can we say about Boris ? Personally I won’t say anything on this occasion. I’ll leave that to Dominic Cummings, he seems to have rather a lot to say on his former boss at the moment and it’s not been very complimentary from what I’ve heard so far. I think it’s case of my enemy’s enemy is my friend at least on a temporary basis but I would caution anyone who doesn’t expect him to revert to type as soon as he has Michael Gove installed at Number 10. Well he is after all a Tory and Tories like leopards never change their spots.

Till next time

Gayle. X

It’s All About Resources. (Why Westminster Needs Scotland More Than Scotland Needs Westminster)

As this photographic collage illustrates every political party opposed to Scotland’s independence is controlled and financed from outside Scotland. This picture shows British Labour Leader Keir Starmer though it mentions all three pro UK parties. Starmer the so-called caring face of unionism showed how easily he dismisses Scotland, when during the time of lockdown he openly supported the right of his UK Prime Minister to visit our country when everyone else was under orders to stay at home

Now, why you may ask is Westminster so keen to hold on to Scotland when it repeatedly tells us how poor we are. I think this picture provides the answer

This next picture shows exactly what they want to hold on to and believe me it’s worth a lot to them.

Now you see why they are right to be concerned or even terrified that we’ll break their colonial chains.

Next we have a picture of Douglas Ross . Now I know that many of you might say who , and I for one can’t blame you but Ross is a delusional power hungry fool who seems to think that two jobs isn’t enough for him. Yes that’s right I said two jobs. You see Douglas isn’t just The Conservative Party. MP for Moray he also likes to pretend he’s a football fan and runs the line at Scottish football games usually at Ibrox where he seems to be very popular. This is probably due to the fact that he has a habit of giving controversial decisions against Celtic. Douglas is one of the staunchest unionists in politics and believes that by going around the country parroting the phrase no to another divisive independence referendum he has magically attained the credentials to replace Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister of our country. I have news for him, he hasn’t and he won’t. He seems very fond of telling the people of Scotland what we can and can’t do.

Unfortunately Douglas doesn’t quite understand that no-one is actually listening to him.

Till next time

Gayle. X

Colonial Songs

In this poem I travel back to my secondary school years and in particular what loosely passed for my music class. I honestly can’t believe how easily we were taught causal bigotry and racism by teachers who probably didn’t share those values but had to implement the syllabus they were given. I’ve given it the title Colonial Songs I hope you enjoy the read .

Colonial Songs

Music class in the mid to late seventies
taught us casual bigotry , racism . and xenophobia
othering foreigners or those considered different
these were called traditional British values
the kind espoused today by Johnson, Gove, and Rees-Mogg
who wish we’d go back in our box and let them close the lid
or at least learn the colonial songs we were taught
be obedient Brits, and Scots only on St Andrew’s Day
Burns night. or maybe for football or rugby
as long at we didn’t sing too loudly
we were reminded not to do anything proudly
the imperial masters wouldn’t like it
they don’t want us getting over excited
it could lead to us expressing pride in our national identity
that might make them as nervous as 1970’s music teachers
who were given an out of date syllabus.
as the world moved on from colonial songs
and we waited for disco and punk

© Gayle Smith 2021

Martyrs And Heroines

On this day in 1982 a remarkable woman went to her final rest. On my gran’s anniversary I’ve written this poem in memory of the woman her family and friends knew as Jess. I’ve titled it Martyrs And Heroines at the suggestion of my friend Stacey McFarlane. I think this is a fitting choice as it was my gran who taught me about these inspirational figures that she said were all too often ignore by those who would rather we never knew about them and what they did for Scottish or global society. I hope you enjoy the read.

Martyrs And Heroines

On a frosty morning
she was called by the God she constantly questioned
to accept her well earned celestial rest nine decades had come and gone
since her arrival
survival was a game learned early
as a stepmother from loyal Londonderry
was a cruel substitute
for the one who brought her into the world

as a young girl she knew the pain of rejection
her soft spot for Celtic
developed as revenge
for the malice of a cold hearted witch
when speaking of her my gran sneered
that she could her stick Britishness
in places the sun will never see
In her last election In 79
she accepted a lift from the Labour Party
voted SNP and gave her driver a lecture on treason
it’s a good job he was a family friend
and not easily offended
Jess had a reputation for speaking her mind
with no airs and graces to hold her back

on the night before she died
she told me she wouldn’t see the morning
instructed me not to cry
as that would be to deny reality and nature
telling me that nothing lasts forever
and as her 90 year old body struggled for breath
she accepted her fate without question
she was too tired to fight
her time had come and gone
and at the dawning of the day
she made her way from our world
leaving memories
to heal hearts broken by her death

this was the force of nature
from whom I learned more about equality
and left wing republican politics
than I did from any text I ever read
her political leanings were as red as you could get
she told me never to forget that Tories
were fascists by any other name
my gran was a woman who marched with MacLean
to Glasgow green
believing that Scotland needed neither king nor queen
and taught me the principles
by which I live to this day
and the values of martyrs and heroines
whose struggles shaped societies
in ways they could never have perceived

© Gayle Smith 2021

It’s The Message From Scotland Which Should Really Worry The Unionists Rather Than The Messenger That Brings It

On the opening day of the SNP virtual conference I have a question to ask of our opponents and it is as yet a question to which they have never given a satisfactory answer. Namely why do they attempt to portray independence and the SNP as being the personal project of whoever is party leader at any particular time.

This has to me and I suspect many others been a source of bewilderment not to mention irritation. It is however a question to which I think I know the answer and that is that these people have through a combination of arrogance, delusion and entitlement have been conditioned to believe that they are somehow some form of elite or if you prefer to use a calvinist term elect so they naturally have a very genuine fear of anyone who challenges them.

It therefore stands to reason that In the bizzare world of unionists, all SNP leaders must have a cult of personality and all members be its willing slaves. This to anyone who is even remotely sane is an extremely disturbing train of thought but in their eyes there is an almost bibical truth in it, as if it were handed down from Mount Sanai by no less than Moses himself. After all it is in their opinion almost ungodly to oppose their precious union.

To these people who live so far in the past that even Doctor Who couldn’t locate them and he or she or they in the event of non binary timelord had the advantage of time travel. The SNP and the independence movement represents a threat to their very way of life and therefore must be stopped and what better way to do it than demonising them by making outlandish claims and hoping that by the fact many tend not to be politically aware that they just might work .

In the eyes of unionist Scotland or what I refer to as Shortbread Colonial North Britain the cult of personality is an extremely effective weapon to be used to undermine Scotland at every possible chance. This is, always has been, and always will be a key tactic of unionists in their attempt to frame the SNP and the independence movement is a small obsessed minority when in fact it is a mass organisation comprising hundreds of thousands of active supporters and almost two million voters. Though I now think it’s significantly higher ready to vote for it when and it will be when a referendum is eventually called

In the eyes of these true believers
Alex Salmond the man led the party to victory and broke the unionists stranglehold on Scotland and our body politic had the cult of personality. Now his successor Nicola Sturgeon who has carried on our success has cult of personality, and I guarantee you if we replace Nicola with A N Other and within six months A N Other will have, yes you’ve guessed it, the cult of personality. Personally I think the greatest exponents of this I’ml UK politics in my lifetime have been in no particular order Margaret Thatcher Conservative And Unionist Party. Tony Blair The Labour Party , Gordon Brown The Labour Party, Ruth Davidson Conservative And Unionist Party, Boris Johnson Conservative And Unionist Party, and the late member for North Antrim, The Reverend Ian Paisley Democratic Unionist Party. Now I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there isn’t a single SNP member on that list, yet still our opponents persist with that line and it getting more tiresome by the day.

Now I think I may have sussed the reasons for this oft repeated detribe
and I believe it is almost entirely due to the fact that having the anger issues they do, unionists can’t cope with more than one opponent or as they see it naughty child at a time. This is a ridiculous and to be perfectly honest unsustainable position and deep down I think they know it. However in case they need reminding this is not how you win friends and influence potential voters. Insulting the democratically elected government of Scotland and those voted for it is not the way to bring voters back to the union and if anything will drive even more to our cause. In saying this I am minded never to interupt my opponents when they are in the middle of making a mistake and believe me this is a mistake of potentially gargantuan proportions.

To me and many others this offensive and to be quite frank ludicrous attitude is exactly why we vote for the SNP and indeed any party who supports the restoration of Scotland’s independence. This haughty high handed behaviour reeks with the stench of colonialism and I think the time has come to remind them that Scotland is a nation within a unitary state. We are whether they like it or not , a country which has our own culture, language, and traditions. We are not and have never been a colony nor will we ever be.

Our reluctance to accept this attempt at colonialism seems to have upset our unionist friends and I can’t for life of me figure out why. Oh wait I can actually, it’s because some people have privilege which has gone on for so long they now take it for granted they don’t like to be reminded to check it by those they say publicly are equals but privately view as subordinates. It is I think time to inform them that this is not the 1850’s and we’re no longer afraid of big bad Britainia. In fact and let’s be honest we along with the rest of the world are having a really good laugh at them and their outdated colonial attitudes and realise the time has come to consign such attitudes to the history books.

You see this accusation of the SNP being cult like is total and absolute drivel and believe me the unionists know it. After all they never threw such scurrilous comments at our former leader Gordon Wilson and there is a very good reason for that. The reaon is of course that in the days of Gordon’s leadership the SNP were not a serious threat to the union and therefore no threat to the entitled self serving unionist political class. This meant we could be tolerated at least to some extent though we would never be fully accepted by them

Alex Salmond though was a very different political opperator to Gordon Wilson. This was a man who was both charismatic and flawed but trying to label him and the SNP a one man band is absolutely ludicrous. The fact is that on his election to lead the first ever devolved SNP government Alex surrounded himself with potential rivals such as Nicola Sturgeon who would become his eventual successor Mike Russell, and Kenny McAskill. This is hardly the behaviour of someone with a personality cult. Truth be told he didn’t have one and neither does Nicola Sturgeon.

What they both possesed and Nicola’s case still possesses is something that unionists fear even more than death and that is the ability to win the hearts and minds of Scotland’s voters. This is something which fills our opponents with panic and will in due course led to the restoration of our country’s independence. You see it isn’t the messengers that really concerm unionists, it is the message and the fact it is resonating with more voters than ever before and there is nothing they can do to stop it from prevailing.

Till next time

Terms And Conditions

As pro unionist politicians celebrate the BBC’s decision to axe the daily Covid briefings from Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this poem gives an insight into the minds of these people and their sneering contempt for Scotland and the public health of our citizens. Believe me the excuses trotted out by the BBC complaints department and the usual suspects in the unionist political establishment do not shine a positive light on the official UK state broadcaster or on its Westminster paymasters I have given it the title Terms And Conditions. I hope you enjoy , what I think will be a thought provoking read

Terms And Conditions

The BBC regrets
not being able to provide an even more biased service
aimed at silencing those Clydeside voices
who dare to speak against our great British union
though we did try to warn our friends in Westminster
on the dangers of devolution
but they would insist it would kill independence stone dead
and when George Robertson said it
the gullibles believed it must be true
after all they were told that he was a very clever man
and we promoted that lie using the licence fee that they paid us
as a yearly subscription for the privilege of being British
and having the values of Eton and Oxbridge
rammed down their throats
so when they complain we just say
listen here a minute peseant
if we couldn’t give a damn about Land’s End and we don’t
then believe me we care even less about John O Groates
I mean why would we it’s so remote
from Westminster and BBC headquarters
we honestly couldn’t give a toss
what happens to the Scots.
as long as the PM is happy
and he and the chaps
get more time to shoot the grouse
without needing to worry about killing the natives
and if we don’t gaslight you that way
we will just make a documentary
which will claim that keeping trident in Scotland
is an exercise in job creation and retention
lying with a microphone as passing it off as journalism
is a fantastic invention when you have friends
who will claim your version of reality
is actually the truth
and will be promoted no matter the cost to poor little Scotland
yes we know that your nation is rich in resources
but is not something which will ever be reported
we can’t let it out that you’d better off free
you’re our North British colony
so why can’t you be just a bit more grateful
for our world renowned brand
just be a good lapdog and bark on command
accept your position as our subordinate state
and that every single decision we make
is and always will be in our best interests
and never in yours we painted Donald Dewar and John Smith as saints
and Gordon Brown, Jim Murphy , and Ruth Davidson
as radical reformers and the saviours of Scotland
though we conveinantly forget to say
what they were saving was
the colonial British biscuit tin version
which is as far removed from independence as you can get
but we will dazzle you with dancing and Eastenders
and let you know this and crap reality shows
are as good as you have the right to expect
we don’t make groundbreaking comedies and dramas
like we used to in the good old days
that would lead to questions we can’t answer
on the state of the national union
and our news team wouldn’t like the fact
that we can’t wrap Neil Oliver in a union flag
and call him a historian when he is in fact
no more than glorified archeologist
but what the BBC regrets most of all
is that the trouble with Scotland is that it’s full of Scots
and not the obedient loyal colonials we need
in order for our propaganda to succeed
and keep it tied to chains of union indefinitely
until bleeding it dry and then cutting it loose
on our terms and conditions as agreed by our Westminster masters

© Gayle Smith 2020

The Strangest Bedfellows

As the recent opinion polls on the issue show a convincing lead for those of us who support Scottish independence it seems that supporters of the union with the United Kingdom have gone in to full blown panic as some of their more outlandish and egotistical advocates attempt to create even more demented ways of moving the political goalposts to deny Scotland her legitimate democratic choice. Their latest brainwave is to declare that those Scots living outside Scotland but in the UK should have the right to vote even if they’ll never live here ever again, yet those they deem to be foreigners born outside though living here and making a valuable contribution to our economy should be denied a say in our future. This is not only a bizarre suggestion it’s a ridiculous one and most importantly it’s anti democratic one. This is hardly surprising when it’s main supporters are the London based journalist Andrew Neil and the Kelvinside Castro himself George Galloway. This pair are in anyone’s eyes a strange combination, a right wing Conservative journalist and a left wing if career driven socialist make the most unlikely of friends. It is often said that politics makes the strangest of bedfellows, and believe me when it comes to the maintainence of their precious union there are friendships born out of self preservation rather than any genuine affection. Trust me when it comes to moving the goalposts to disadvantage Scotland the mendacity of these clowns know no limits nor will it ever do. Make no mistake had the SNP or the broader yes movement called for such moves we would and quite rightly in my view have been called out as blood and soil nationalists, so you had better believe that is exactly what I’m calling them. You see it has always been my contention that it is the pro UK Better Together type of British Nationalists who support what is still seen as a form of colonial imperialist nationalism who are and always have been the real blood and soil nationalists and that’s why I have titled this poem The Strangest Bedfellows I hope you enjoy the read

The Strangest Bedfellows

The gene pool has been limited
only those born in the land
can ever be allowed to vote
it is there right we are told
even though they don’t live here
and haven’t for decades
two colonial cuckoos
who feathered their nests
in other lands
lack the capacity to understand
what they are doing is wrong
and will not stand when the cold wind bites
grammer school children and fake socialists
are the strangest of foolish bedfellows
attacking the rights of others
to be given the right to a voice
in the place they call home
as a land they don’t live in
ignores the loyal dog whistles
and already has rules in place
to ensure goalposts can’t be moved
by those who would make orphans
of children
all for the sake of a flagpole
which asserts the will of the stranger
to claim blood and soil
as the rightful entitlement of empire

© Gayle Smith 2020