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No Way To Treat A Legend 

On looking through some old poems tonight I came across an unfinished effort I had started to write  on American Olympic legend Jesse Owens. It had some notes scribbled beside it which were key words and phrases I had taken down with the intention of adding them to the poem which was to be written on his achievements in Berlin and the subsequent mistreatment of one of America’s all time sporting greats. I noted that the inspiration for this poem was the anger I felt on watching a documentary on his life and times which was shown in the early noughties. On finding this poem and the notes I had taken to complete it  I set about finishing it and have given it the title No Way To Treat A Legend. I hope you enjoy what I think will be a challenging and thought provoking read.  
No Way To Treat A Legend 
Dateline 1936: Berlin. Olympic Games 

an athlete shattered Nazi dreams and ran his way to fame 

winning four gold medals he proved he was king of the track 

but Hitler wouldn’t shake his hand as Jesse Owens was black 

the champion was American from from the land of Uncle Sam 

and he’d met Hitler’s type before they called themselves The Klan 

those good ole boys who used the lord to justify their bigotry

no matter what they put him through he won with style and dignity 

by winning his Olympic crowns he captured people’s hearts 

he gave them dreams to cling to at a time when days were dark 

for unemployment plagued the land at a time of great depression 

but Jesse Owens had now become a global sporting legend 

This should have been a guarantee of national hero status 

for the man who mocked the master race and left them devastated

but Jesse’s dreams would be destroyed because he dared to say

athletics was a serious game and.he should earn some pay. 
Now this to those who ran the sport was regarded as a crime 

they banned him from all track and field until the end of time 

because he wouldn’t toe the line and wasn’t afraid to speak. 

in just four months he’d been reduced from a hero to a freak 

On boxing day of that same year his fall from grace completed 

he faced humiliation in the way that he was treated 

forced to race against a horse to see who would come out on top

a great Olympic champion had now been cruelly mocked 

he never gained another chance to show his record pace 

although he smashed the fantasy of the fascist master race 

but in his nation’s darkest hour he was given great acclaim

he should have been rewarded and enjoyed the fruits of fame. 

but this alas was not to be as Jesse’s dreams were crushed 

by those who held the reins of power who trampled him to dust 

though his place in history is assured by his victories in Berlin 

nobody knows his tormentors names but the world remembers him 

the suits who brought about his fall poured shame upon their country 

they revealed the truth they couldn’t hide their hate filled hearts were ugly 

when Jesse brought the glory home a brilliant future beckoned

until they destroyed a hero’s dream 

that’s no way to treat a legend. 

 © Gayle Smith 2017 


Let’s Hear It For The Girls Who Know That Women Better Glasgow

Hey Readers

It’s hard to believe that its been over a month since that glorious Wednesday morning when I was up at the crack of dawn to get ready for a very important event. Now I’m not normally a morning girl, but on this occasion I was lucky enough to be invited to attend an important new event in the Glasgow events calendar to celebrate the achievements of Glasgow and West of Scotland women.

The event entitled Woman Better Glasgow was to be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel between 10 and 11 AM. For me this meant giving up that extra hour’s beauty sleep I think I tend to need. Well, let’s be honest I’m closer to Madonna’s age then I am to Taylor Swift I’m only three years younger than my icon so I think you can see where I might be coming from.


After selecting my favourite feel good dress seen here at another important event, I got my face on and headed in the city centre before getting a taxi for the remainder of the journey to the venue which for those who don’t know Glasgow is located on the south side of the city across from the headquarters of BBC Scotland

This event which was sponsored by Oceanic Hair and Beauty was to honour five women who have bettered our city through the outstanding contributions they have made to the economic, social and cultural lives of the place I am proud to call home.

The awards were presented by the first citizen of Glasgow, Lord Provest Sadie Docherty whose welcome speech was filled with warmth and wit and created an atmosphere in which everyone felt comfortable.  In her speech Provost Docherty looked back on the role of women in the history of Glasgow and reflected that we have come a long way but there was she said much more still to do.

On a personal level the Provost said that her husband often calls  her a member of the awkward  squad. This in my opinion is something to be proud of and  I smiled when she referred to it as a badge of honour. Well thank god  women like Mary Barbour who led the Govan Rent Strikes and Rosa Parkes who made history by getting off a bus in Alabama and effectively starting the American civil rights movement were  members of the awkward  squad how much poorer the world would have been.

Closer to home our first citizen recalled a story from the early years of her marriage when her husband was visited by his grandmother and she said to her man to put the kettle on and make his gran a cup of tea. However, instead of liking the idea of her grandson making her a cuppa she was furious that her grandson would be spoken to in such a way by his wife. Thankfully times have changed since those less enlightened times when a woman’s place was seen to be very much within the home. Now as the provost reminded us a woman’s place is in business, in the community, in sport , and in politics in fact it is as she so rightly says wherever we want it to be

So though I think it is safe to say that equality came slowly to the west of Scotland we are fortunate that to quote a line from the flower of Scotland ‘ those days are past now and in the past they must remain ‘ and it is women like our inspirational winners who they do.

Our first winner to be presented with her award was Galway born fashion designer Kelly McGrath whose online boutique promotes the vision of cruelty free fashion. This is a vision which greatly appeals to me as it will many others at a time when we as women and indeed as responsible global citizens begin to think more about how we can protect our shared environment whilst minimising the prospect of any damage to our world. It is an idea whose time has come

On chatting to Kelly I found her to be bright breezy and most of all bold. I say this because in my view Kelly illustrated that she was prepared not to copy trends or follow agendas but to create original pieces and set the agenda as to what is possible with a bit flair and imagination and the will to make things happen.

Next up to receive her award was Scotland’s Commonwealth Games judo medalist Louise Rennicks whose exploits along with her sister Kimberley also a gold medalist in the same sport inspired a nation in that golden summer that was 2014. Like Kelly, I also managed to chat to Louise and on congratulating her on her well deserved award I also had to commiserate with her as she is currently injured and will be unable to compete at the Olympics in Rio later this summer.

As we chatted I said I had watched most of the games including both her and Kimberly’s gold medals performances as I cheered on every Scottish medal. I said that it was good to see Coatbridge girls doing so well especially for someone from just up the road in Baillieston. On asking her if she was looking forward to defending her title in Australia in 2018, Louise informed me that Judo was not a Commonwealth games event in 2018 so she wouldn’t be able to defend her title till 2022. Of course I did point out there was a potential upside to this namely that there aren’t many Commonwealth champions who can hold on to their title for eight years

Next up to receive a well deserved award was Anne Keegan the founder of Tea In The Pot Women’s Drop In Service in Govan. This voluntary support organisation helps and empowers women in the G51 area who may be in need of assistance or just safe space where they can feel comfortable. Operating from that famous Govan cultural hub that is the one and only Pearce Institute this is a fantastic imitative and Anne Keegan and her main volunteer Ann McGhee can be justifiably proud of the work they have done and no doubt will continue to do.

This to me illustrates the work so many women do within our communities. This kind of work is so often undervalued because it isn’t the kind of service that makes money for the billionaires but the service it provides is nonetheless important as it gives women who may not otherwise have one a safe space where they can meet, chat , and network with other women and support and empower each other during challenging times.

Our last winner was Fatem Hameed who as chair of the Scottish Iraqi society has done a lot of work in supporting Iraqi refugees settling in Scotland and helped to bridge barriers her community and the more general Scottish population.

To me these awards represent a landmark for women in Glasgow and indeed and Sam Younis and her team should be congratulated on promoting a positive vision for women which inspires us to be all we can be .So let’s hear it for the girls who make our city a better place to live and work. As provost Docherty said in her opening remarks Women have always played an important part in Glasgow’s history and these awards give the women of our city the recognition we deserve. The significance of this day should not be day should not underestimated you see Sam Younis knows as I do that whilst people make Glasgow women better Glasgow and we do it by just being ourselves.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


When A Variety Of Voices Tell The Stories That Matter It Really Is A Cause For Celebration ( My Review Of The National On Its First Birthday )

  Hey everyone  I am sure you will not be too surprised to know that I spent much of  yesterday reading the first birthday edition of my favourite newspaper.  Yes I know it’s hard to believe but is really is a year since the first copies of a new newspaper went on sale to the people of Scotland.

It was a bold new venture which was mocked by many in the mainstream media who boldly forecast that this pro Independence paper would sink without trace as would support for what they scathingly called separation. It was in to this climate of hostility that the new paper to be named The National was born.

With trust in the printed media at an all time low due in no small part to their disastrous  one sided backing of the better together campaign a voice for those who supported  independence was badly needed as of all the 37 papers in Scotland only the Sunday Herald had supported a yes vote so there was no daily outlet where yes supporters could counteract the messages of impending doom coming from unionist headquarters This was needed for two important reasons

(1) To give a sense of balance to the debate
(2) To provide news to a generation of older and/or poorer Scots

This was important because many in these demographic groups may not have access to the internet and therefore were vulnerable to believing that if they had read something in the Daily Record, the Daily Mail or heard it reported on the BBC that it must in fact be true despite evidence to the contrary.

It was therefore critical that in the aftermath of the no vote which by the way was secured by a far smaller margin than many unionists had been predicting that those who voted yes would not have our opinions so easily dismissed and so The National hit the streets of Scotland. 

In the first few weeks there were and it has to said a few problems with distribution and some so-called big supermarkets refused to stock what they saw to be an anti establishment newspaper in the vain and deluded hope that if they didn’t sell it the demand for it would die out and we would go obediently back in the box marked colony and read those quality unionist tabloids that there ministry of truth had so kindly printed for us for so many years.

This and it has to be said was a grave tactical error on the part of the outlets concerned as some of them have went on to find out to their cost recording their lowest profits in decades. It was also the answer to The National’s prayers as simply made a ready and willing readership even more determined to get our hands on a copy of the paper that so proudly supported our cause. 

Right from the start the paper faced criticism that it would be no more than the printed mouthpiece of the Scottish National Party. This criticism which usually came from more unhinged sections of unionist society was both vicious and vacuous and most of all without foundation. If there is one thing The National has put to bed it is that favourite unionist myth that Independence is all about the SNP as no-one else wants it. 

This to be honest has always been contemptuous garbage. There are many people known to this blogger who voted yes last September and will do so again when the opportunity arises who have never and will never vote SNP and I am proud that The National reflects the full range of diverse opinions which made up our vibrant campaign in which I like so many others played my part.

It is this diversity which is the strength of The National. Indeed one only needs to look through its columnists to see the wide variety of views on offer. Contrast this with the Labour and Tory echo chambers that are the unionist  print media.  Yes folks it’s The National who offer the wide range of opinions you won’t find in the mainstream media. s  From SNP MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik to socialists such as Carolyn Leckie,  and the brilliantly talented Cat Boyd,  From the vision of a more economically and socially sustainable Scotland presented so eloquently articulated by  Green Party co convenor Patrick Harvie  to the practical business case for Independence from Business for Scotland’s Gordon MacIntyre Kemp The National doesn’t present one case for Independence it presents a variety of cases in support of why our country should govern itself. This is why the unionists were desperate to see it fail and why I knew it wouldn’t.

Another reason for its success is the fact that those involved in the yes campaign were only too aware of the importance of social media in gaining and maintaining support for independence. The new venture was quick to acknowledge this and employed the services albeit for a short time of the woman who inspired me to take up blogging the brilliant Kate Higgins of BurdzEyeView satirical cartoonist Greg Moodie and  the rising star of the Common Space digital media Michael Gray whose weekly columns have become a must read for me as have the weekly musings of the man who gave me my first ever guest post Paul Kavangh at the Wee Ginger Dug and the man who is arguably the most supportive parody account to be found anywhere I refer of course to Angry Salmond whose quest for sexy socialism gathers more fans by the week.

I am also proud to say that The National has right from the first edition been a strong and consistent campaigning voice for those  in support of gender equality,  and land reform, against issues which it and its readership believe would be detrimental to both the people and environment of our nation

This innovative newspaper is not only a voice for Scotland in Scotland it is also international in its outlook with regard to global affairs and over the course of the last year I have been very. Impressed by the coverage of issues such as the independence referendum in Catalonia, The recent tragedy of  the bombings in Paris,  The  Greek debt crisis and of course the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The mark of this coverage has been top quality journalism rather  than the cheap headlines of some of its so called rivals.

Of course me  being me I couldn’t and indeed wouldn’t end without saying something on sport. Just as in most areas The National does it differently. Though it does  report on football  it is not obsessed with what I call the old traditional rivalries and has actually given a greater degree of  coverage to the women’s game than any other paper in Britain. Also, as a lifelong Rugby fan I have to admit I was very impressed by the reporting on the recent world cup in New Zealand.

So there you have my take on the first year of what is now my favourite daily newspaper and I think it is fair to say that the paper they said would never last has cause for celebration as a variety of voices tell the stories that matter.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

Pictures For The Album

Hey everyone This is my poem for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. As I take the opportunity to welcome the world to my city, I want to remind our politicians of all parties and colours that this is sporting event and as such should be free from political interference. I have titled the poem Pictures For The Album
to highlight the fact that despite
the disputes between leaders of various nations, sport is as it has always been, a unifying force for the youth of our global family. I hope you enjoy the read

Pictures For The Album

The commonwealth gathers
like an ill fitting family
posing for photographs
to be placed in homes
of those who do not normally speak

cousins and kin will watch the children
compete in the games
each anxious parent
wills theirs to win
well they never did get on
with certain others

charades will be played later
by parents pretending to care
until the one they dislike most
decides to leave the room
the knives will be out
backs will be stabbed
as they retreat
to their usual cliques

watch the dynamics
you’ll see the drama unfold
my bronze is better than your gold
we don’t have as big a family
posturing, scoring points
all part of a game played by grown up’s

oblivious the children make friends
as they play, run, swim
they find out that her or him
from that other land
is really just like them

friendships forged
they promise to keep in touch
their hugs are real
can the same be said of the elders
somehow I’m not sure

eventually the games will end
cracks papered over
the pretence of friendship
smiles and handshakes
then relief
they will not meet again
for four years
when they will pose on the lawn
of another home
and take pictures for the album.

@ Gayle Smith 2014

By Avoiding A Splash Has Tom Changed The Rules To Give Others A Real Sporting Chance

Hey everyone So the big story in the news over the last two days is that Britain’s Olympic diving hero Tom Daley is has come out as gay. Why the sexuality of this young athlete should actually matter to anyone in the early years of 21st century is beyond me. Surely all that should matter is that he is happy in a loving and fulfilling relationship.

However Monday’s declaration by Tom on youtube that he is in a gay relationship whilst it may not have surprised that many people, most of my friends have a liberal attitude towards gender and sexuality
I myself am a self identified transwoman, it certainly provoked a reaction in the press.

I qualify this by saying that though this was mostly favourable there are unfortunately, even in these enlightened times a vocal minority of small minded individuals who will I regret to say to be unable to share in his happiness. In my opinion those people who would sooner live in the 18th century than the present one and it is the fact that they are so comfortable with their prejudices which means that the announcement of this talented young athlete will have greater implications than should be the case at this time in our history.

Make no mistake this could not have been an easy decision for Tom but I believe that he will be able to sleep easier in his bed now that he has taken the step. In doing this I believe he will provide inspiration for others particularly but not exclusively younger people who may be struggling to tell their family and friends.

So far the reaction to his coming out has been very warmly welcomed with positive feedback in both mainstream media and social networks. Whilst it is true to say that there will be a lot of girls disappointed by the news well he is rather a hottie I am sure the vast majority of people of all ages, orientations and identities who wish him well in his relationship
So getting back to the main question why does it matter?

It matters not only because of people’s attitudes to LGBT citizens in this country and overseas but because unlike actors or those involved in the performing arts where this story wouldn’t even make the news, Tom Daley is an athlete and their are very few openly Gay athletes in Britain or anywhere.

You see for some reason sport seems to have escaped the social and cultural revolutions which have taken place in society over the last couple of decades and is almost exclusively macho. It is the kind of world where as people would have said in my late teenage years of the late 1970’s where men are men and women are thankful for it.

Not only is this sexist, offensive nonsense which should be confined to the history books it is also extremely dangerous to suggest that there are no gay sportsmen and women. This is my view a fantasy and it is totally deluded to say there are for example no gay footballers though I cannot think of an openly gay footballer. However there is a difference between being gay and being openly gay and it this attitude which by coming out Tom Daley will I think play a part in changing.

This will hopefully be a game changing moment in the sense that by having pride in himself Tom Daley will inspire to have a similar belief in themselves and in their right to be who they are. It was different for me I came out as a transwoman when I was a so-called adult, I jest of course, but only partly. You see it is always harder to come when you are in your teens as despite the front some teenagers manage to put on this is a very difficult time when feelings and emotions are far more fragile than they are later on when you’ve graduated with honours from the school of hard knocks.

Also with me as with other transpeople there is a change in your body image and physical appearance therefore any denial of who you are is completely pointless so you do present a take it or leave it message to the world. For gay men and lesbians however there is far more chance to stay in the closet should they wish to do so. This is a decision which many will take for a number of reasons all of which are valid such as family, or career prospects.

It is my hope that by seizing the day and avoiding a tabloid splash Tom Daley was not only responsible for successfully managing his own coming out he also marked the day that the game changed for good and the rules of fair play will give everyone a real sporting chance.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

All About The Game And The Magic Number Seven

Hey everyone Have been glued to my television all afternoon and I have been privileged to watch a brilliant afternoon of top quality sport covering both football and rugby. Yes I know some people will say its a men in shorts thing and I’ll admit that the idea of good looking hotties in shorts doesn’t make me want to reach for the remote and change channels. However I do know my sport especially these sports and if either of the events had been boring or failed to live up to expectations I would have quick to switch off but I needn’t have worried it was quality all the way.

The afternoon kicked off with the Scottish Cup semi final between Hibernian and Falkirk. This was a game which Hibernian were strong favourites to win but nobody told Falkirk this little fact or if they did it seemed to inspire as they stormed out of the blocks faster than Usian Bolt and raced into to a 3-0 lead in half an hour. This was or so their fans thought at the time rapidly turning in to a nightmare for Hibs. Fearing the worst and a humiliation worse than their 5-1 thrashing by their bitter rivals in last year’s Scottish Cup Final many headed for the exits. Being outplayed by a premier league team would be bad enough but being made to look less than ordinary by a team containing four or five players who wouldn’t be allowed to drink anything stronger than Irn Bru was too much for some people to take.

Knowing the final score and the fact that their time came back from the dead to win in the most dramatic of fashions it would be very easy to criticise those who did this but not this blogger because like any other neutral watching the first half of this game I have to ask what would I have done in their situation? And if I’m honest I don’t actually know. Now me being a stubborn little madam I think I might have toughed it out but I can’t say with any degree of certainty. Well the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing but like most people I am not endowed with this most precious of gifts.

However perhaps the most telling comment of the game, was made just before the half time whistle by Ex- Hibs player Craig Paterson which I’ve paraphrased his words only slightly. ‘Falkirk won’t be wanting half time they’ll just wish they could play on. they’ve been on top from the start half time will give Hibs the break they need and might be the last thing Falkirk need. How right those sentiments proved.

As the second half started it could be clearly seen that Hibs were a very different side from the shambles of the first 45 minutes. Knowing they were lucky to be 3-0 down they set about Falkirk straight from the re-start and in 18 year old Alex Harris they had the boy who manned up and showed the rest of his team mates how it should be done with a cracking shot from outside the box to reduce the arrears and give those Hibs fans who had stayed with their team just a glimmer of hope. Just before this goal Hibs had been denied a blatant penalty and cracked the woodwork Now having given themselves the slimmest of lifelines Hibs were creating plenty of chances but the woodwork the match officials and the brilliance of Falkirk goalkeeper Michael McGovern were it seems conspiring to defeat them. Then it seemed their luck might be turning and they were awarded a penalty but the usually reliable Leigh Griffiths missed the spot kick. However it is the sign of a top quality striker when undaunted by his set back he scores the goal which brings his team back into the game and that’s exactly what he did. An equaliser from Owen Doyle took the game to extra time and in the last five minutes of that extra time Leigh Griffiths scored the winner in one of the most enthralling games of football I have ever seen.

Also I have to say that the post match interview with Hibs captain James McPake was of the most honest I’ve heard in a very long time. Refreshingly honest James McPake was a credit to himself to his club and the sport. There were no phoney platitudes for the losers I think he respected the Falkirk players far too much for that. Instead he said that ‘ a few home truths were spoken in the dressing room and a lot of people were hurting’. Honest words and sincerity from an honest sincere man.

So having watched a seven goal thriller I quickly switched the channels for entertainment with a different shape of ball as football was replaced by rugby and in my opinion one of the highlights of the sporting calender the Melrose sevens. Whilst it may be true to say that Rugby was invented in England improved in Wales and perfected in New Zealand. The shortened version of the game was not only invented in Scotland it was invented in Melrose which is why this annual tournament is considered the gold standard of sevens rugby at club level.

The sevens game is designed to be entertaining Seven players on the pitch for two halves of seven minutes meant you could hold a full tournament in a day. Melrose were the first club to do this and that’s why this tournament is about so much more than just rugby and always a near capacity 10,000 crowd to the Greenyards to enjoy what is always an excellent day out which combines rugby fun and tradition creating a really unique occasion which has a history all of its own.

Its a history which hasn’t always been kind to Scottish clubs with clubs from England France and South Africa having won the event in the last
20 years. In fact when Melrose won the event in 2011, they were the first Scottish club side to do so since 1998

This year teams from England and France including last year’s winners Saracens competed against the best Scotland has to offer. There was no glory for the home side the 2011 winners beaten by a talented and feisty Aberdeen Grammar team who really can play this seven’s game and play it well. Having played well in their opening tie Ayr were hopeful of giving a good account of themselves against English Premier League side Worcester. Despite trailing at half time, Ayr surprisingly in the eyes of some fans outplayed their more illustrious opponents in the second half to record a convincing win book a deserved place in the semi finals and by doing so delayed the kick off to another important event, the stag party of their ace try scorer Grant Anderson.

Next up the young and highly talented French side Claremont brushed aside the challenge of a plucky Gala side who though a competent outfit were no match for the visitors flair and speed. Then came the Melrose defeat which I mentioned at the start of this paragraph and in last of the quarter finals Herriot’s FP were clinically despatched by the defending champions Saracens.

So the semi finals gave us the tantalising prospect of an all Scottish final or more realistically a final between the best of England and France as it turned out the latter proved to be the case but not before Ayr and Aberdeen Grammar had given their more fancied opponents a really hard fight. Of the two Scottish teams it was Ayr who would have been more fancied to reach the final but it was Aberdeen who would suffer the heartbreak of an extra time defeat to Saracens having a missed a kick for victory with the last kick of normal time. Had Aberdeen managed to pull off this victory it would have been one of the sensational sevens victories of my lifetime. It will be no consolation to them that their conquerors went to win a thrilling game of rugby with a last minute converted try with the very last move of the game. Cruel though that may be to the gallant French visitors there is in my opinion no better way to illustrate the theatrical drama of sevens rugby at its best.

As I said earlier this day of all days in the rugby sevens calender is about so much than just rugby. Its about the spirit not just of the game but of the entire rugby community. A real family occasion and the commentators convey this to those of us watching the game on our televisions. The best examples of the humour of the day came when the camera zoomed in to the commentary box and captured an image of former Scotland and British Lions international Doddie Weir in a pair of tartan trews which were so loud I had reach for the remote control and turn the sound and adjust the brightness settings on my screen.
Its a good job he was one of the greatest front row forwards ever to have worn the Scotland Jersey. Aye Doddie only the bravest of the brave could get away with trews like that and you were certainly counted amongst their number.

Another great example of the rugby community to send ourselves up came during the commentary of the first of
the semi finals between Ayr and Claremont. Referring to how well Ayr had done to fend off a Claremont attack and set up one of their own The commentator Bill Johnston said ‘Ayr did really well as there were a lot more yellow jerseys than there were pink ones’. He then asked his co-commentator John Beattie ‘What is Rugby coming to when we’re talking about pink jerseys and yellow jerseys’ Really Bill, I think they are the perfect colours for a lovely spring day. Anyway it proves the game of rugby has no time for stereotypes.

You know its fitting that the final of the Melrose sevens Ladies Cup was refereed for the first time by a woman
New Zealand born Alex Pratt. In her pre match interview, she said she had been selected on ability rather than gender and so it proved as I had no doubt it would. It is often said that the sign of a good referee is when you can’t remember their name such was the case with Alex Pratt. In the best traditions of sevens rugby she let the game flow and those watching whether at the Greenyards or on television were rewarded with a thrilling final in which Saracens retained the trophy they won last year by 24 points to 22 with the winning score coming in injury time at the end of a game where first one team then the other enjoyed periods of dominance. It was a wonderful way to an end of the thrilling an event day of seven a side rugby.

And so ended a magnificent afternoon of top quality sport and I was a very lucky girl to have enjoyed such a feast on a day best summed up by saying that sport really is all about the game. Well that and the magic number seven.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X