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Bonfire Of Promises 

On a night when some people celebrate the capture of Guy Fawkes with celebrations and firework displays I take a slightly different look at bonfire night. I do this by  taking an alternative look  at the issues of austerity and the homelessness it can and does to lead to. In this poem I explain why I believe the I’m alright Jack mentality has resulted in a culture of apathy in which people are content for others to suffer so long as the suffering doesn’t reach their door and this allows the more reactionary Conservative forces within the UK establishment to have a bonfire of promises. It is with this in mind I have titled my poem Bonfire Of Promises I hope you enjoy the read. 

Bonfire Of Promises 

As I stand in the cold

watching fireworks explode

 a cavalcade of colours

light up the evening sky

like a rainbow

but with no pots of gold at the end

I am lucky when the evening concludes

I will return to the shelter of my flat

after time spent with friends

enjoying the warmth of their company

as the weather turns colder

I walk past a homeless girl

checking my pockets to see if change can be spared 

on this occasion only goodwill can be shared 

and that won’t fill empty stomachs

or remove hunger pains 

in a world where nobody listens

and politicians feed the public a diet of slogans 

designed to blame others for our problems

scapegoating is the road to ignorance

and acceptance of rules

made by others to tighten their grip 

on us and our circumstances

till we believe change is no longer possible

and as long as we’re alright everything is going to be fine 

all we need to do is shut the door

on the outside world

and pretend it doesn’t exist 

but there is a warning in my words 

if we do take this road it will be the vulnerable who suffer 

as we start to view minorities as others 

and allow governments to make

a bonfire of promises

 © Gayle Smith 2017


Our Stories

​With the UK pride season taking  place throughout the summer I thought I would share my  views on what the pride marches mean to me and why they have such important place in the history of  the LGBT community in this new poem entitled Our Stories.I selected this title as I believe it captures the spirit of the event as it shows that the only way any community will gain any sort of respect let alone the equality they deserve is by speaking their truths in their language.  I hope you enjoy the read. 

Our Stories 

With rainbow flags side by side with other banners

 we marched through the city  

as well wishers smiled, took photographs, blew kisses 

with only the odd look of disapproval

from those who wished to  rain on our parade

this was and is a day to celebrate who we are

in all our glorious diversity 

some may call it perversity 

but love is love no matter what 

your gender identity or sexual orientation may be 

and in the new inclusive nation we are building 

there is room for everyone to express ourselves 

in whatever way we like 

this is what pride is all about 

as we gather together we see as many differences as there are similarities

like families no two among us are exactly the same 

nor would we want them to be 

individual identity is important on days like this 

when we take risks on dancing with strangers  

kiss frogs and hope we’ll turn them in to princes and princesses

see characters in dresses and shorts 

so tight they could never be worn on tennis courts 

and meet oversized guys with oversized egos

who truly believe they could be  heroes 

when you think that life on mars has been discovered

and arrived on Glasgow Green 

It is a wonderful mixture of the beautiful and the obscene

but that doesn’t matter the most important part of the day

is to see and be seen in this colourful cavalcade

there was a time when this day and this parade

would not ,indeed could not have taken place 

we would have called a disgrace

for daring to show our faces

and public displays of affection 

would never have been allowed

now we hold hands as we march 

through city streets 

we are even allowed to marry 

politicians speak at our events 

expressing support for our right

to be who we are, 

live life without fear 

be accepted as we accept others 

because we got active became the change 

we wanted to see in the world 

by telling our stories in our words

© Gayle Smith 2017 

A Day For Tartan Rainbows And Stepping Out In Style 

Hey Readers

As you know or perhaps I should say as you are beginning to know I love my fashion. Well just because I’m a fifty something trans women doesn’t mean I’m in to twin sets and pearls. This would be so not me it isn’t even worth contemplating. No even at my age I like my outfits to be comfortable to wear but bold enough to make a statement and I think the one shown here which I’ve chosen for this outfit the day post, does exactly that.

I decided to wear the outfit shown here to Tommy Sheppard’s campaign launch as Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party. As it was a lovely sunny August day I decided that my top should reflect the seasonal weather and selected my best summer bargain my £5.00 rainbow coloured top from Logo to give me some much needed colour.

As it was Tommy’s launch there was a mildly political message to this top and indeed to whole outfit. What’s that I hear you cry politics can influence your fashion choices? Well yes, at least they can to a certain extent and I’ll explain why.

My rainbow top was chosen to illustrate my personal commitment and indeed that of my party to a fairer more inclusive Scotland. It I hope shows that I support a Scotland of diversity where everyone who wants a home here can feel free to do so regardless of the colour of their skin or indeed their political belief. Indeed as our former Justice Secretary Kenny McAskill so memorably said it takes many shades to make the tartan. 

Talking of tartan lets shift the focus of the post to my tights which are of the Henderson tartan and cost £10.00 from Tartan House in Argyle Street. Yes I know some people were their political colours on their sleeve as for me I prefer to wear mine on my legs as it helps to give my blog a wee bit of free advertising.  

As for my what’s covering my modesty I can reveal it’s a black pencil skirt from River Island with an ever so slight slit. Yes I know,it could be considered a wee bit daring but to put a feminine slant on a phrase from one of my favourite comedy characters,  she who dares wins and this skirt is certainly a winner for me when it comes to the style stakes. 

Yes I know that combining rainbows with tartan is an outlandish some would say risky combination but I think it works as the are threads of yellow in both my top and my tights. Indeed when you look at my black jacket from Top Shop with matching  shoes which cost £7.99 from Shoe Zone at The Parkhead Forge and my wonderful bag from River Island (where this picture was taken) and then shift the focus to the badges on the lapel of my jacket you may be forgiven for thinking there is a definite yellow and black theme going on with this outfit and if you did think that you would probably be right to do so. Well it’s fair to say that the SNP play a significant part in my life and so do tartan rainbows.Believe me when I say that I’m a woman for all seasons who dares to wear what she likes and I love nothing better than stepping out in style. 

Love And Best Wishes

Gayle X. 

A Stain On The Sunshine 

Hey Readers  It had to happen. This poem had been waiting to be written since the Orlando shootings earlier this year. I’ve given it the title Stain On The Sunshine I hope you enjoy what I hope is a challenging and thought provoking read. 

A Stain On The Sunshine. 

A rainbow is sprinkled with decorations 

a symbol of peace, of hope for a better humanity 

as Glasgow stood in dignified silence 

and remembered the slaughter in Orlando 

Why it happened we will never truly know 

was the killer fighting a war with himself 

against his same sex attraction 

or was he something more sinister

I and others  like me can only guess 

at the reasons why 49 innocents 

had to die as a pulse stopped beating 

in the middle of the dance 

as lovers kissed for one final time 

a nightclub became a crime scene 

and blood red wine stained the Florida sun 

meanwhile Glasgow wept at a world where 

the actions of one man caused pain 

beyond the comprehension.

of  those decent souls 

who are not blinded by prejudice and fear 

and now I understand in the clear of evening sky 

why I am what I am means so much to all  who are able to say it 

@ Gayle Smith 2016:


Hey Readers In this poem I look back at my teenage years and the challenges I faced growing up trans in the socially conservative country that was Scotland in the 1970’s. This was a land in which progress was painfully slow to arrive and what will the neighbours think was used a mechanism to stifle any discussion or debate on topics considered to be outside the accepted social norms of the day. I have titled the poem Acceptance I hope you enjoy the read.


It was a different time
a time made difficult
by rules, regulations, restrictions
imposed by our betters
on how we should be living
chains of constraint
the reason I never painted my nails
tied my hair in ponytails
or wore foundation to school
I lived by the rules society set
whilst longing for the day I didn’t have to
I tried to forget what my heart knew
I couldn’t do it
I saw the truth every time I saw them
my puppy love
my summer love sensation
the ones who gave me night fever
allowed my inner diva to blossom
even in grey 1970’s Scotland
I grew up in a Scotland that knew her place
as I  knew mine
I accepted neither
I had too much self respect
to be content
with the last place in the wrong line
I never embraced
the labels placed upon me
by others
I discovered myself and liked what I found
a girl with demons and dreams
whose turbulent teens
served me well for the life to come
of course there were some
who said I disgraced them
by refusing to conform to their social norms
or go to the where  the chains might be
now, at last flying free
I remember the girl I knew
who liked the view
when she saw stars in the night
and the replaced them with rainbows in the morning
to celebrate the dawning of the women I’ve become
It is without fear or shame
I speak the name of freedom
as I move to a place of acceptance

@ Gayle Smith 2016