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No Way To Treat A Legend 

On looking through some old poems tonight I came across an unfinished effort I had started to write  on American Olympic legend Jesse Owens. It had some notes scribbled beside it which were key words and phrases I had taken down with the intention of adding them to the poem which was to be written on his achievements in Berlin and the subsequent mistreatment of one of America’s all time sporting greats. I noted that the inspiration for this poem was the anger I felt on watching a documentary on his life and times which was shown in the early noughties. On finding this poem and the notes I had taken to complete it  I set about finishing it and have given it the title No Way To Treat A Legend. I hope you enjoy what I think will be a challenging and thought provoking read.  
No Way To Treat A Legend 
Dateline 1936: Berlin. Olympic Games 

an athlete shattered Nazi dreams and ran his way to fame 

winning four gold medals he proved he was king of the track 

but Hitler wouldn’t shake his hand as Jesse Owens was black 

the champion was American from from the land of Uncle Sam 

and he’d met Hitler’s type before they called themselves The Klan 

those good ole boys who used the lord to justify their bigotry

no matter what they put him through he won with style and dignity 

by winning his Olympic crowns he captured people’s hearts 

he gave them dreams to cling to at a time when days were dark 

for unemployment plagued the land at a time of great depression 

but Jesse Owens had now become a global sporting legend 

This should have been a guarantee of national hero status 

for the man who mocked the master race and left them devastated

but Jesse’s dreams would be destroyed because he dared to say

athletics was a serious game and.he should earn some pay. 
Now this to those who ran the sport was regarded as a crime 

they banned him from all track and field until the end of time 

because he wouldn’t toe the line and wasn’t afraid to speak. 

in just four months he’d been reduced from a hero to a freak 

On boxing day of that same year his fall from grace completed 

he faced humiliation in the way that he was treated 

forced to race against a horse to see who would come out on top

a great Olympic champion had now been cruelly mocked 

he never gained another chance to show his record pace 

although he smashed the fantasy of the fascist master race 

but in his nation’s darkest hour he was given great acclaim

he should have been rewarded and enjoyed the fruits of fame. 

but this alas was not to be as Jesse’s dreams were crushed 

by those who held the reins of power who trampled him to dust 

though his place in history is assured by his victories in Berlin 

nobody knows his tormentors names but the world remembers him 

the suits who brought about his fall poured shame upon their country 

they revealed the truth they couldn’t hide their hate filled hearts were ugly 

when Jesse brought the glory home a brilliant future beckoned

until they destroyed a hero’s dream 

that’s no way to treat a legend. 

 © Gayle Smith 2017 


The Lights Are On And I’m Happy At Home ( A Personal Endorsement Of Frank Graham Electrical Services)

Hey Readers

This post departs somewhat from what you would expect to read on this blog. I make this point, in the sense that the post is not written on a poetic, political, or topical issue and as summer gathers pace I am going to be posting on a  more diverse range of subjects to give tartantights a fresh feel more in tune with every day aspects of my life .

In this instance my post will be highlighting the work of a local business. That said my opinions on this business are my own and have not been influenced in any way by either the business concerned or by any third party acting on behalf of that business.

As some of you who know me on more personal level will be aware Smith and Marshall mansions has been needing a few renovations in recent years as due to wear, tare, and overuse appliances began to need replacing. This was especially true with regards to our domestic lighting. Now it’s fair to say that I am very much a girly girl in this respect and I don’t have the appropriate skills let alone manual dexterity to even consider tackling such tricky tasks so that ruled me out of undertaking the work on the grounds of health and safety.

As a former equality trainer I  also thought there was a duty of care issue to consider. You see I happen to like my neighbours so I couldn’t put there health at risk by trying the work myself as I could potentially have blown them in to a million little pieces. This would not have been good and I would probably electrocuted myself and met my maker much sooner than I intended.

With my flatmate also unwilling to risk her life and that of others we realised it was time to call in the professionals so as soon as we received a payment from an outstanding financial settlement that was exactly what decided to do.

After a couple of weeks of  procrastination my flatmate went for a chat with local businessman Kenneth O’Neill who is himself a qualified electrician, has a local electrical services business just yards from our home and Kenny being the good guy he is gave Janette the contact details of a friend and fellow tradesman Frank Graham.

Originally, Janette’s plan was to wait till next week and then phone Mr Graham to carry out our much needed repairs. This however is Janette and she can change plans quicker than a poet can change their mind on what to perform at a slam and believe me I’m speaking from experience on that issue.

So rather than wait for a week or so as she had intended to do, my flatmate phoned Mr Graham early yesterday afternoon and was surprised when rather than wait for a week, Mr Graham said he could come up to our home and undertake the work within half an hour.

Naturally we were delighted at his prompt response and even more delighted at the quality of both his work and his customer care. Mr Graham was professional, polite , courteous and did everything we asked of him and completed the job within an hour. He also chatted with both myself and my flatmate with good humour though his suggestion that we need a man in the house raised a chuckle as I reminded him we didn’t need one we needed two, as this was one area where I don’t do sharing.

At the end of his shift he was paid for his Labour and before moving on he left us his business card should we need any more electrical repairs. Now I can say that all the lights are on and I am happy at home because of it. Indeed if I’m being completely honest and believe me I certainly am, this would I think have to be classed as an understatement. Mr Graham who has over 40 years experience was a credit to his trade and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X