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50 Years Since Lisbon 

50 years ago today I was a five year old child as the men in this photograph took the field for Glasgow Celtic in the European Cup Final in the heat of the Lisbon sun. 

They went in to the biggest game of their lives as underdogs against the mighty Inter Milan and it’s fair to say nobody gave them a chance of bringing the European Cup back to Glasgow.

To win this game according to many  more than a dream, after all better teams that Celtic had tried and failed to break Inter’s impregnable defence and when Inter scored from a Mazzola penalty after only 7 minutes it looked to some at least that the doomsayers may have been right. But undaunted Celtic kept attacking in the hope that an equaliser would come. However, when the referee blew for half time Celtic were still a goal down. Lesser teams would have buckled when they saw the half time scoreboard reading

Celtic 0 Inter Milan 1

This however was not a lesser team this was Glasgow Celtic

The second half started as the first had ended with Celtic on top on everything but the scoreboard. As they relentlessly pushed for an equaliser there was always a danger they could be caught by a sucker punch on the break but this team was not to be beaten and in the 62nd minute a pass from Jim Craig set up Tommy Gemmell whose shot from the edge of the box flew in to Inter net faster than a speeding bullet and as it did so, it changed not only the scoreboard but the game. With Inter’s resistance now broken, the Celtic players scented victory and from that moment on there was only going to be one winner as the scoreboard read 

Celtic 1 Inter Millan 1

As Celtic pressed forward it was only a matter of time before the winner came and come it did when Stevie Chalmers scored from inside the penalty box with five minutes remaining. Inter now were a beaten side and they knew it from then till the end of the game it was simply a matter of playing out time.

Finally  as the referee blew for full time, the fairytale became reality and the scoreboard told the story of the club’s most famous victory and and it’s greatest ever game as it said 

Final Score Celtic 2 Inter Millan 1

As club captain Billy McNeill lifted the trophy to show the travelling faithful it dawned on the world that  Celtic were champions of Europe and the team of local boys who defeated a team of superstars by playing them off the park had won the ultimate prize in European football and in doing so  had become the Lisbon Lions 

They will be forever immortal 

Hail Hail 

Till next time

Love And Best Wishes 

Gayle XX 


The Goal That Changed The Game (A Poem In Memory Of Tommy Gemmell Celtic And Scotland 16-10-1943- 02-03-2017)

As regular readers will know I am football girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and like all of the Celtic family I was saddened to hear of the death of Tommy Gemmell who as left back in our greatest ever side  played a pivotal role in winning the European Cup for Celtic.  

 Not only did he carry out his defensive duties for our club he always joined in the attack at every opportunity and in the 62nd minute when  his shot from just outside the penalty box levelled the score at 1-1 it broke what we were told was the unbreakable Inter Milan defence and forced them to abandon their tactics and play the game on our terms. This was exactly what Celtic wanted as from that moment on there was only team who were going to be European Champions that night and that was Glasgow Celtic.

 As every Celtic fan will tell you it was Stevie Chalmers 85th minute goal that won the game for Celtic and with it secured the greatest result in the history of the club, however as any fan knows if are behind in any game you first of all need to equalise before you can think of victory so Tommy Gemmell’s goal was a critical importance in our victory and that is why I’ve given this poem the title The Goal That Changed The Game. I hope you enjoy the read. 

The Goal That Changed The Game

You scored the goal that changed the game 

on the night we became lions

and Lisbon gained a permanent place

In the heart of Celtic fans

your shot from the edge of the box 

had the kind of power 

which made it impossible to stop

and broke the resistance of Inter’s impregnable defence 

which everyone said  could never be breached 

from that moment on

we knew glory was within our reach 

we could win the big cup 

and of course we went on to achieve the dream 

the first time a team from north of the Mediterranean had done it 

Champions of Europe the title was ours 

and we won it the Celtic way 

you scored the goal that changed the game 

ensured your name would be known forever more 

for scoring a goal when as a defender 

your job was to stop them 

for Celtic and Scotland that was exactly what you did 

a tough tackling defender 

you played hard but fair 

though you didn’t have the flair of Jinky 

you were a wing back before the term was invented 

you were never totally content 

to curb your attacking instinct 

and on a sunny night in Lisbon 

we are so glad you didn’t 

you broke the iron defence

shattering their resistance 

and paved the way to glory 

the Celtic story will always  speak of  your name 

you scored the goal that changed the game

on the night the lions roared 

@ Gayle Smith 2017