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Kindred Spirits

On Halloween I post a seasonal poem to celebrate this important day and the beginning of the Celtic winter. Bearing in mind the ghostly goings on that this night will hold I’ve given it the title Kindred Spirits. I hope you enjoy the read. 

Kindred Spirits. 


 the last day before the Celtic winter starts 

the time when  spirits walk among us 

on the evening of the day of the dead 

this is why we use disguises 

in the shape of masks and costumes 

to keep ourselves hidden from those 

who would do us harm

only those who guard us will know the real truth of our story 

they keep us safe as children when we go round the doors guising

on in later years 

when as adults we party with friends in  city centre bars

all they ask from us is 

that we hold them in our hearts

thoughout the coming year 

and get ready to celebrate the gatherings winter will bring 

remembering the coldest of seasons 

 is a time when the warmest of hearts join with loved ones 

to cherish memories made by kindred spirits

in stories songs and friendship

© Gayle Smith 2017


Amber Time

Hey everyone This post is a poem i wrote in 2007 on the topic of  Halloween .  It’s really amazing what  you find when you look through your back catalogue. I’t’s titled Amber Time I hope you find a scary but enjoyable read


Amber Time

Images in an amber flame

pumpkins illuminate the dark

ghosts, ghouls, ans witches

haunt the night streets

children go round neighbours

as doors are opened they shout

what i can get for my halloween


In pubs parties are organised

for regulars or groups

in nightclubs th patrons dance

in fancy dress

a mixture of the weird and the wonderful

the angel and the devil

both dwell within us

our souls are balanced

shades blend

between the green of peace, light , and harmony

and the red of anger, passion, and distress.


But this is amber time

when duality combines all our parts

this night of the dead

brings us to a place

where our hearts ask where am i going now?

in which direction will my journey lead?

will I be treated at first

only to be ticked later on

maybe I’ll be tricked

then treated

only the stars will know

as they alone  see both the angel and devil

within us


@ Gayle Smith 2007