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Why Britain Must Wish For A Leader Like Nicola

Hey Readers

As Frankie Boyle recently observed in one of his sharp, snappy tweets it is amusing to watch a country whose motto is keep calm
and carry on go in to a full blown meltdown. It is of course potentially at least  even more amusing if unlike myself you don’t have friends who are of opposing political viewpoints when the country concerned is the United Kingdom. This is a country whose political establishment have a smug, sanctimonious , attitude to those they perceive to be too much like Johnny Foreigner and not quite good enough to be
like them and has lead to it becoming the pariah state of Europe.

It is exactly that kind of establishment thinking which has led to the xenophobia which was a major factor in the Brexit vote which shocked both Europe and the world in the early hours of Friday 24th June. This is a vote which will despite the delusions of some in the chattering classes be forced to honour the democratic will of the people of England and Wales and leave the European Union which if truth be told it has never felt comfortable being a part of. 

Note I say this vote is the democratic will of the people of England and Wales, I make this point as the other nations of the United Kingdom Scotland and Northern Ireland voted in large numbers to remain in Europe. The United Kingdom is less united than it has ever been at in its history.

So how do I regard this discontent in my country ? Well I need to select my words carefully at this momentous time in our shared history as I realise many people will be hurting and the last thing I would want to do as add to the pain they will undoubtedly be feeling.

To an extent I share their sadness even if Britishness has never been my identity of choice. Though I am and have always been a supporter of Scottish independence it gives me no comfort to see the country I have always lived in even if I’ve never quite called it home in such a state of flux.

There is a lot of talk in the press and media and amongst politicians as to how we by which they mean they can reunite the United Kingdom. What they haven’t done however is make any dignified attempt at leading this country they want to unite. Both the Conservative and Labour parties have imploded in the last few days with the only causalities being democracy and the British people who put their trust 

Firstly let’s look at the Conservatives. The party of government have in my opinion a moral duty to lead the country and give it a sense of both purpose and direction this government are providing neither and there panic reaction to the events of the last few days have shown that they are more divided than even their worst critics had suspected.

 Whilst Boris Johnson celebrates a vote to travel back in time faster than Doctor Who’s tardis there are many  Conservatives for whom the Brexit vote was an unmitigated disaster and that starts at the top of the party as David Cameron announced on Friday that he intends to stand down as Prime Minister in October in the light of this result. With his right hand man and Chancellor, George Osborne not seen for days both the conservative party and the country are lacking the leadership which is so badly needed at this time.

Now you would think that with the Conservatives so badly divided over Europe and the resignation of David Cameron as Prime Minister the Labour Party would seize this god given opportunity and present themselves as a united and capable opposition to show the country (Britain) they are not only fit for purpose but fit for government. Instead as I shift my attention to their problems I see a party whose elite political class hereby by known as Westminster MP’s which has more in common with lemmings than left wingers. I view with a mixture of amusement and a disdain an egocentric group of fanatics who are still loyal to the former leader Tony Blair and who serving their Tory masters rather than their own constituents choose this moment to stick the knife in to their current leader Jeremy Corbyn by resigning from a number of shadow cabinet and junior shadow ministerial posts.

This in my opinion is act of treachery and betrayal in fact, it’s worse than that it is an act of collective insanity and confirms my belief that madness is not confined to King George. These people seem to forget it is less than a year since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party with over 60 percent of the vote

The most high profile of these petulant and pompous politicians include Angela Eagle, Hilary Benn, and Labour’s Shadow Secretary Ian Murray. I must admit I find Murray’s resignation particularly amusing as he only got the job because he was Labour’s only Scottish MP after they were routed at last year’s UK election by the SNP. For Ian Murray to say that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t up to the job of being leader of the Labour Party and that people don’t see him as capable of winning a general election is I think an extreme example of putting your ego before the good of your party and the country especially with Labour at least in England and Wales being ahead in the polls.

Now I have been informed by some of the chattering classes that the reason for Labour using this opportunity to get rid of Corbyn is because the party are on war footing and have to be ready to fight a snap election which could be held at any minute. Personally I think these people are badly in need of a reality check as under The Fixed Term Parliament Act there is no need for any election snap or otherwise to be held until 2020 no matter how much they may want one. If anything, history has proven there that when a Prime Minister leaves office their successor is usually in no hurry to test their electoral popularity and as recent history has shown John Major, and Gordon Brown both of whom became Prime Minister at the mid point of a parliamentary term served the full time available to them in order to enhance their credibility and gain a reputation for being a competent leader of both their party and the country. To me merits of this strategy are debatable, though history will show whether you agree with his politics or not it was a lot more effective for Major than it was for Brown.

Party politics aside with both of the main UK parties in turmoil. I can’t help but think that many voters in the rest of the nations of the UK must be wishing their party of choice had a leader like the first minister of Scotland and my party leader Nicola Sturgeon. An excellent debater who is politically engaged with the voters Ms Sturgeon is universally admired by her own party members and has earned respect across party lines. This is a leader who actually leads as from the front and has a growing reputation as a stateswoman because of it. Calm and assured under pressure Nicola Sturgeon is exactly the kind of leader Britain needs at this time in its history. What a pity they don’t have a leader of her calibre.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


The Day Our People Found Their Voice Was Scotland’s Beautiful Thursday

Hey everyone It is now a week since the General Election and the tartan tsumani that was the election of 56 MP’s to Westminster. As I had said in my pre election post on this blog I expected the party to do well, after all the polls had been predicting we would for at least a year but as many SNP supporters and members know there is no day like polling day for having your dreams cruelly shattered.

At least that’s the way it used to be but this year I sensed there was something different in the air and something wasn’t just optimism it was genuine belief. A belief we could do something we had never done before we could go in to the traditional Labour Party heartlands and win at a UK election.

I think there were four factors at play which helped us in this fight. The first and probably primary amongst them was the fact that the independence referendum had galvanised Scotland in a way the likes of which had never been in my lifetime. Secondly voters did not see Jim Murphy or indeed Ed Milliband as leadership material and did not believe they could win. There was also the fact that Nicola Sturgeon played a brilliant campaign which no unionist was able to match coming across to voters as a genuine but capable woman who was prepared to reach out to the forces of progressive politics throughout the United Kingdom. And last but by means least the fact that the Labour Party campaigned with The Conservatives for three years during the referendum buries once and for all that these parties are in any way different.

When faced with these facts the Labour Party adopted a campaign style which can only be described as shambolic. It would seem to me at least that they knew what was going to happen and had neither the will nor the ability to stop it. From the first declaration when the SNP’s Alan Brown gained Kilmarnock from Cathy Jamieson the writing was on the wall for a party which had become both arrogant and complacent to a Scottish vote they regarded with haughty disdain.

It was all smiles from the Western Isles when the next declaration came through and the likable charmer that is Angus Brendan McNeill held the seat he first won in 2005 when he gained it from Labour’s Callum MacDonald and brought it back to the SNP family for the first time since 1987 Labour had on the retirement of SNP stalwart Donald Stewart.

If this result wasn’t entirely unexpected then the next one most certainly wasn’t at least not in my opinion. The political commentators may not have expected this result but I had been expecting it for months as I had been very positive reports from friends in the constituency. This marked the defeat of the first of Labour’s big beasts as Paisley And Renfrewshire South returned the youngest MP in Scotland and in Britain as 20 year old student Mhairi Black gained the seat for the SNP from the man who was Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander.

To his great credit Douglas gave one of the most dignified concession speeches of the night and his congratulations to Mhairi came from a heart of a man who accepted his defeat with good grace and was a credit to the colours he wore.

You know there are certain people of my acquaintance who say that Mhairi is too young to be an MP as she hasn’t been properly tested yet. Quite what planet these people are living on I really don’t know as I believe this campaign in which she had take on one of Labour’s most formidable fighters and a man who has been at the top table of British politics and would have been there again had his party won the election has tested her in ways unimaginable to me or many others and she has passed those tests with flying colours.

Personally, I think anyone who doubts the calibre of this amazingly talented young woman must have graduated not from university but the Craig Brown school of optimism. Craig Brown for those of you who don’t follow the fortunes of the Scotland National football team was once our manager and was so over cautious at giving youth a chance that the in joke amongst Scotland fans was that when giving a 27 year old their debut he would describe them as a promising youngster. Now I don’t know about you, but I prefer the attitude of Scotland’s greatest ever manager Jock Stein who held fast to the view that if you were good enough you were old enough and Mhairi is certainly good enough.

The next result was Dundee West. As Dundee had given the highest yes vote in last September’s independence referendum this was a seat I fully expected us to win. This was one of our top target seats in 2010 and that occasion despite a great campaign it was held by Labour’s Jim McGovern with a majority of over 7,000. Realising the tide of public opinion was against his party Mr McGovern dramatically resigned as candidate during the campaign and it was a fitting reward for Chris Law that he turned a Labour majority of 7,000 to an SNP majority of 17,000.

This result was followed by West Dunbartonshire where Labour’s Gemma Doyle was dramatically unseated by SNP candidate Martin Monaghan in a seat even I, and I’m optimistic by nature wasn’t sure we could win. Though the area like Dundee the area had voted yes in September. On hearing this result I began to realise that I had over estimated the support for all opposition parties and particularly Labour.

One by one the seats to started to fall and I was reminded of that classic Paul Weller song Walls Come Tumbling Down. Falkirk West, Ochil And South Perthshire and Glenrothes early gains for great candidates and John McNally, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheik, and Peter Grant whose swing was one of the biggest of the night in a seat I had hoped but not expected to come to the banner will make brilliant representatives and give their areas a voice which for so many years has remained unheard

East Kilbride so long a Labour stronghold had been gained in the 2011 Scottish Election by Linda Fabianni so it is fair to say I was expecting victory for Dr Lisa Cameron and she didn’t disappoint ending the parliamentary career of Labour’s Michael McCann. In Midlothian the SNP council leader Owen Thomson gained a seat which I thought would be a Labour hold. I had based my belief on the fact the Labour candidate Kenny Young had won a council by-election against the tide last November so I therefore believed he may be able to do the same again by playing the local card against a man who as council leader has had to make some very tough decisions. Fortunately however this was not the case and Midlothian was another addition to the list of SNP gains.

The next result really pleased me and I was delighted when I heard Dundee East had been retained by our Depute Leader Stewart Hosie whose sterling work for our party and our country was rewarded with an increased majority. This is a seat which like the Western Isles has a long standing tradition of voting for the party but Stewart Hosie is a man who will never take that tradition for granted and that is why this dedicated nationalist just keeps on winning. Like Alex Salmond who went on to win Gordon later on the night, despite Liberal Democrat predictions he would lose to Christine Jardine this is a man who knows the only way to make a seat safe is to do the job you were elected to do and represent the people of your constituency. That is exactly what he has done since his election in 2005 and why he was re-elected to serve them again.

The results at this stage indicated that Labour were on course for a disastrous night in Scotland but it was the next three seats which turned that disaster into their greatest ever nightmare when Margaret Ferrier gained Rutherglen and Hamilton West, Roger Mullin gained Gordon Brown’s old seat of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and party leader Jim Murphy lost his East Renfrewshire seat to Kirsten Oswald. Of these results I had only expected potential gain and that was Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath. As for Rutherglen And Hamilton West and East Renfrewshire I had said that Labour were to lose these seats they would be in meltdown and now I was beginning to realise how accurate that comment actually was.

Another seat I put in the hard to win category was Motherwell And Wishaw but as was the case with the case with the rest of Scotland this was yet another SNP Gain with Marion Fellows defeating the sitting MP Frank Roy. This declaration came at the time when Glasgow was getting ready to declare and this was the city Labour even a bad night could not afford to lose. However they did lose and lose spectacularly failing to hold a single seat in the city which was once the beating heart of Red Clydeside. One by one the dominoes fell starting in my own seat of Glasgow East where Natalie criused home defeating the outgoing Labour MP Margaret Curran by more than 10,000 votes This it has be to said was personal highlight on a night where there were so many it was almost impossible to choose. This was my seat, my conmstitutency the place where i campaigned and to see our magnificent Glasgow East campaign rewarded for all our hard work was a truly fantastic feeling. Natalie’s success was quickly followed by a stunning success in the seat even our most optimistic supporters said she couldn’t as she unseated Willie Bain in the seat we even told ourselves we wouldn’t take with one of the largest swings of the night to claim Glasgow North East. Indeed not only did Anne win the seat she gained the biggest majority in Glasgow in the process.

There were fantastic wins for Chris Stephens in Glasgow South West where he crushed unionist hardliner Ian Davidson, Stewart McDonald in the neighbouring seat of Glasgow South where he unseated the equally hard-line Tom Harris and Alison Thewliss who defeated former Deputy Leader of Labour in Scotland Anas Sarwar. The route was completed when Patrick Grady gained Glasgow North And Carol Monaghan claimed the scalp of John Robertson the man who succeded the late Donald Dewar in the part of Glasgow which was formerly Anniesland and is now known as Glasgow North West.
So Glasgow had given the Labour Party the red card and replaced the red hand of the past with the bright yellow jersey of the future

It was a similar story in North Lanarkshire with Airdrie And Shotts, Coatbridge Chryston And Bellshill and Cunbernauld Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East all changing their political colours. These results meant the end of the road for Labour veteran Tom Clarke who lost Coatbridge to Phil Boswell and not a moment too soon in my opinion, and Greg McClymont who was widely tipped as one of Labour’s rising stars and whose chance I am sure will come again if he gives it a decade or so.

I have to say I really enjoyed the victory of Angela Crawlwey in Lanark And Hamilton East where she ended the political career of the woeful Jimmy Hood. This gives me particular pleasure as this was a man so blinded by prejudice that he said he would vote against Independence even if Scotland could prove it would be the richest country on earth. This to me was stupidity beyond belief and unworthy an elected representative and it more than likely playerd a significant part in his downfall.

I also was happy for Hannah Bardell who won Livingston the seat her mother contested in 2010 and Tommy Sheppard the man who co-founded The Stand Comedy Club and is a former member of the Labour Party’s Scottish Executive who became SNP MP for Edinburgh Eastern in the wee small hours of Friday morning.

The unionist parties did gain some very small crumbs of comfort winning one seat each. Alasdair Carmichael holding on to Orkney And Shetland for the Liberal Democrats David Mundell keeping his place as Scotland’s only Conservative winning Clydesdale Ettrickdale And Dumfrieshie for the 3rd time and Ian Murray holding on in Edinburgh Southern in a seat which saw the SNP rise from fourth place to second. Well to paraphrase the classic Meatloaf song I say to them ‘Don’t be sad cause 3 out 59 ain’t bad. Indeed to paraphrase another line from the same song ‘Unionists can talk all night but that ain’t getting them nowhere. This is especially true whem you listen to embittered Labour candidates such as Tom Harris who had the audicity to blame the voters for not listening to Labour who in his words were winning the arguments on the doorsteps. This is completely delusional and shows just how out of touch his party really are with the ordinary Scottish voter. Indeed I would go as far as to say that the trouble for the Labour Party was the voters were actually listening and they didn’t like what they were hearing one little bit.

With Eilidh Whiteford retaining Banff and Buchan, Angus Robertson holding Moray. Mike Weir keeping Angus in the SNP family, despite my fears of a potential Tory tactical vote and Pete Wishart doubling his majority and reclaiming Perth and North Perthshire the SNP retained all of the six seats which they held in the last parliament.

As the rest of the Scottish results came in it was clear this was going to be a landslide for the SNP who took both seats in Aberdeen from the Labour Party and won seats I wouldn’t even have thought were possible at the beginning of the evening. These included North Ayrshire And Arran where SNP candidate Patricia Gibson got an early birthday present defeating Labour’s only real socialist at Westminster Katy Clarke. Irvine And Central Ayrshire where Doctor Philpa Whiteford ended the career of long serving Labour MP Brian Donahoe and Ayr where Cori Wilson gained the seat from Labour’s Sandra Osborne.

Whilst the Liberal Democrats may not have had as far to fall as the Labour Party they still fell from a significent height and lost some real political big hitters in the process. The wee small hours of Friday morning saw the end of the road for former Scottish Secetary Michael Moore who lost his Roxburgh Selkirk And Berwickshire seat to Callum Kerr in the last Scottish seat to be declared. Mr Moore would be joining former party leader Charles Kennedy whose 32 year career was brought to an end by the voters of Ross, Syke, And Lochabar who elected the SNP’s Ian Blackford to take his place, and Danny Alexander who lost out to the SNP leader of Highland council Drew Hendry and paid the price for being George Osborne’s Scottish voice at the treasury.

On a personal level I have to admit to having a degree of sympathy for Jo Swinson who lost to John Nicholson in East Dunbartonshire and perhaps more than any other defeated MP I can say I’m truly sorry to lose her from parliament. The work she has done on behalf of women and girls has been important and it is in future generations we will see what I am sure will be known as the Swinson legacy.

So with the Scottish election all wrapped up it was I have to say a great night for my party. As for the results in England And Wales that is a matter for the people of those nations to decide and they decided that as a whole they wanted a Conservative government. Whilst this is a disappointment to me on a personal level I fully support their right to make that decision even if I disagree with it profoundly. Like Scotland there were some big name causalities who will no longer be walking the corridors of power, the most noticable being Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls and two leading Liberal Democrats in Simon Hughes, and Vince Cable.

So, many big beasts have been removed from both Scottish and Brittish politics but I have a very clear message for those Labour supporters and believe me I’ve met them already who would attempt to claim that the SNP success cost them the election. This is a message they need to hear whether they like it or not. You see I deal in facts the fact is their numbers don’t add up. Even if Labour had retained every one of the seats they lost even if they had won every seat in Scotland the fact is Scotland would still have a Conservative government. So you see voting SNP didn’t get Scotland a Tory government voting no to our independence did.

This is a fact from which there is no escape and no hiding place. This result proved that the people of Scotland are angry but believe me this is no protest vote this is the voice of an angry nation a nation which feels badly let down by the failures of unionist politicians many of whom cared more about self interest and their place on the expenses express than they did for people they were elected to represent. So with this in mind I would say that though I am confident I will see independence in my lifetime that for as long as Scotland remains in the UK we have to vote SNP to make sure we are not ignored.

Make no mistake this is not the same Scotland as it was at the time of the last Westminster election in 2010 or even in the early part of 2012 before the referendum was called. You see something happened to Scotland during the referendum that hadn’t happened before. We began to talk about politics and from that we gained our confidence. After being told for centuries what we couldn’t do last Thursday showed what we could and to me and I suspect many others it proved beyond all doubt that the day our people found their voice was Scotland’s beautiful Thursday.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

Patriots Pandas And Kylie’s New Job Would Normally All Make The Headlines But Better Together Have To Watch The Defectors And Replace Them With Ones They Don’t Want

Hey everyone Good Morning and welcome to the long lie. This is the first edition of the newest and best news programme in Scotland where we admit that we miss report the facts and tell our audience that every story we will have for you is based on rumour. And on this our first day we have sensational news just breaking on a story which will rock Scottish politics and neither the Proclaimers or Runrig are involved in it

Today as we enter the last few miles of the independence referendum marathon I can exclusively reveal the nightmare that all unionists have been dreading will take place this afternoon as two senior members of better together will announce the defections to Yes Scotland. The two defectors are said to be amongst the sharpest minds in better together. Acting on this secret tip off bookies have reacted quickly to rule out any current members of Labour Westminster Scotland team claiming that the Faroe Islands have more chance of beating Brazil in this year’s World Cup Final and since the Faroes
haven’t qualified for the event that would take a bit of doing.

A spokesman for William Hill said in the unlikely event of them being named as the defectors any punter backing them should replace George Osborne as Chancellor of the Exchequer as they obviously have such vision they could wipe out all global debt in ten seconds and be hailed as the saviours of the world.

Meanwhile speculation mounts that one of the defectors could be Conservative leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson who was recently mocked by an Edinburgh zoo keeper who commenting on the health of the Panda’s said they were enjoying the food again and joked that were showing signs that the green shoots of recovery were starting to be seen. On overhearing this comment Ms Davidson thanked the zoo keeper for his praise of the coalition policies to which he replied shut it you I’m talking to the panda’s. On hearing this Ms Davidson was heard muttering to herself by that well respected blogger otherwise known as tartantights. Where did I put Alex Salmond’s phone number I want to say Yes.

The other defector is reckoned to be a Labour member with principles. This according to my source narrows the search down somewhat though the money is not thought to be on Alastair Darling. Drew Smith has been mentioned but is not thought likely because as a Hibs fan he has serious issues with the First Minister who offered him a free football fact finding trip. At first Smith was reported to be well up for the visit, till he found out that the trip was to Malmo. The rumour mill has also brought the name of Kezia Dugdale in to the running along with that of one noble lord who claimed he was fed up being taken to the strangers bar and being left with a bunch of them. The favourite however is well known Celtic fan and former MSP Frank McAveety who is believed to have been won over because he heard an Independent Scotland would be paradise for all Celts.

On hearing that this story had hit the headlines a spokesperson for better together said we know the defectors are but we don’t care because we have got two of the sharpest brains in America to take their place Dan Quayle and Sarah Pallin.

In other news Danny Alexander tells a packed press conference that one day he will be Prime Minister a spokesperson for William Hill has immediately installed Kylie Minogue as favourite to succeed Alex Salmond as First Minister of Scotland. The spokesperson said I know it’s unlikely to take place it is still more likely than Scotland winning the World Cup, Tony Blair telling the truth, or the Labour Party discovering socialism.

Also God is said to having a crisis of confidence and no longer believes in himself. A BBC reporter has been found guilty of telling the truth, Bob Geldof has turned down a sainthood, and Keith Lemon has just been announced as the favourite to take over as head of ITV current affairs. This has been the first edition of the long lie whether we are allowed to be back on air tomorrow could depend on how just how gullible you actually are. However on this historic day the summary of the stories are as follows. Patriots pandas and Kylie’s new job would normally all make the headlines but better together have to watch the defectors and replace them with ones they don’t want

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

From Bingo To Bankers This Was A Budget For Tory England

Hey everyone George Osborne has delivered his budget. A budget he claimed was a budget for recovery. He opened his budget by claiming that the recovery has started but there is still much to do. He said that this was a budget which will support both business and reduce the deficit still further. He claimed that the Government is on track to achieve by the end of the year a Britain whose economy would be larger than it was at the time of the financial crisis. This he said was a budget for the makers, the do-ers, and the savers

Referring to the crash of 2008 he said that we had the biggest banking crisis in the world. Then mocking ‘ the former chancellor’ by which I think he means his better together colleague Alastair Darling by quoting him saying as some mistakes were made.

Osborne then claimed that his plan to get Britain working was working and said that we were recovering faster than Germany Japan and had the for first time in 35 years more people in work than the United States. He has promised a new pound in the shape of a thrupnee bit, more technologically advanced and less able to be forged as he claims 1 in 30 pound coins now are. He went on to boast of a private sector led recovery and claimed that Britain was in better shape because of the tough decisions taken by this coalition Government.

There will still be pay restraint in the public sector, as welfare will be capped from housing benefit to tax credits. This yet again penalises the poor, and not just the unemployed but the working poor who according to the Trussell Trust are the biggest users of community food banks. Despite this Osborne says we are all in all this together and the phrase which will no doubt be his new mantra ‘we will fix the roof while the sun is shining to protect the country from future storms’.

Osborne promised support for the Lockerbie scholarships, celebrations to commemorate the great war and the Magna Carta Trust for the 800th anniversary of its signing. This last comment provided an excuse for Osborne to show his sense of humour when he said ‘the defeat King John all those centuries ago seems so distant but he a weak leader who rose to the top by betraying his brother support by a gang of barons. A clear dig at a certain Mr Milliband me thinks.

The biggest reforms announced in this budget were an increase in the basic tax threshold to £10, 500 which will be welcomed by those on low income and an increase in the amount of personal savings you can put in ISA’s. The chancellor also spoke investment in North Sea oil and gas. Whilst this is to be welcomed, I can’t help but think this is a political bribe to buy votes in the coming independence referendum. I have no doubt this will prove as successful as Johann Lamont’s botched Devo plan or David Cameron’s ridiculous attempt to buy facebook likes.

Then using figures from the thin air school of magic he said Scots would be a £1,000 worse off under independence and Britain was better together. Predictable stuff certainly and it was so nice to hear the treacherous cheers from the Labour benches for the first and only time in this budget.

Osborne also had the nerve to
claim that Scotch whisky was another British success story. No it isn’t George it’s a Scottish success and it is seen as such. A Global brand made in Scotland unlike this budget which was made at Westminster and made for Middle England with a few concessions for the North of England. No mention of Scotland except to be told the usual unionist lie that we are better together.

Yes folks that’s how much Scotland matters to the unionists be they Osborne’s pals from the Bullingdon club or Ed Balls mates from bullshitters club. The Westminster parties and I mean all of the unionist parties, really are all in this together. Westminster knows it needs Scotland and the revenue we provide if they didn’t we’d have been kicked out of this union without any referendum and don’t let them fool you in to thinking otherwise. I mean when a chancellor has to praise the rich for paying their taxes then one seriously has to wonder if they are fit for purpose or their party for fit for office.

I do have to say however that the silence from the Labour benches on this issue was absolutely deafening, mind you it had to be because under the rule of the so-called workers the gap between the richest and poorest members of our society actually got worse.

Now every budget has to have a gimmick or at least a headline to sell it to the press. I mean who can forget the ill fated pasty tax of a couple of years ago which was a rather ludicrous attempt to attack Britain’s obesity record which is one of the worst in the developed from on high in the corridors of power. This was destined to fail but I think it was a front to get some of the more hard-line policies through unnoticed as too many people would have focused on the headline story. Well as the roman’s once said give them the circuses and or this case pasties and the they won’t complain about the price of bread.

This year’s Osborne gimmick is that fact he is reducing the bingo duty by half. He is also freezing duty on whisky and cider and taking a penny from the price of a pint of beer. These can be seen as few sweeteners for people in the poorer sections of society though smokers will still feel the pain. So mixed messages for those in the working class areas though many of those people will struggle due what Labour correctly say is the cost of living crisis as wages are still lagging behind inflation. Therefore in real terms this means a reduction of disposable income for those households in real terms and I suspect that many belts will need to be in tightened still further.

This to me was not a budget for Britain. From bingo lovers getting their duty reduced to bankers getting away with far too much and still not facing the consequences of their actions, this was a budget Tory Britain or should I say Tory England and that respect at least it was a political masterstroke. As I believe that is what Mr Osborne will be left with on the morning of the 19th of September after Scotland has voted to leave the club it had to be coerced in to joining in the first place and with the wealth available to us illustrate by our actions that just as the novelist tells us oranges are not the only fruit we know austerity is not only way forward. Yes it is true there is a better way and we can make the choice to take it and build a fairer nation for our people.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

A Place On A Train With Too Many Passengers Where Nobody Asks Any Questions (What A No Vote Will Mean For The Natives In The Minds Of Better Together)

Hey everyone It seems to me that when it comes to our referendum on the future of our nation the unionists who wish to keep Scotland within the UK are very good at asking questions of those of us who wish to see Scotland restored to the status of an independent nation. However it occurs to me that those same unionists are not so good at answering questions as to why Scotland should remain in a union in which they have an ever decreasing influence

So should Scotland vote no in September I want to know what would this mean for the natives? I ask only because this is a question that better together and the London elite have never once even remotely attempted to answer. You see it is my belief that David Cameron and his Westminster government staffed as it is by that most lethal combination of arrogance and Etonians believe they will never need to answer it so they have never even bothered themselves in attempting to prepare answers to a series of what they see as hypothetical questions. This is even more true of their Labour and Liberal Democrat allies in the unionist camp who are even less prepared than the Tories to face a future in which Scotland may not be the obedient little colony they have always believed it to be

To keep the current arrangement, the unionists face many difficult challenges between now and September and it is the job of the yes campaign to make sure they face these questions and we must not let them go unanswered. So what are the issues the unionists cannot agree on and how do expose their weaknesses to the voters who will decide Scotland’s future
It goes without saying that answering the second part of that question is easier than the first. I say this as it appears obvious to me that since the press and media will not give the Yes campaign a fair hearing we must use social media to convince our undecided friends that independence is the best way forward for our country. I say the best way as I have more respect for the no campaign than many of their supporters have for ours.

My reason for sticking to my real respect agenda is a very simple one. I believe it serves our cause better in our fight to convince the don’t know’s that we are reasonable people who unlike our opponents do not resort to scare stories or bullying tactics to secure votes. Nor do we make outlandish threats to our opponents or their families. So my first question to the unionists is when will you publicly acknowledge and apologise for the bullying of yes supporters and politicians by some of your supporters. After all you seem to demand that of our campaign every time some unionist politician claims we’ve been less than gentle with them. It is therefore fair to say that a bit of consistency would be appreciated on this matter.

My next question to my opponents and it applies only to Labour The Conservative and UKIP is this When will you admit that none of your parties have or indeed intend to have any intention of giving any new powers to the Scottish Parliament and that this promise of jam tomorrow is no more than an election bribe in an attempt to secure your parties victory or in the case of UKIP influence in first post referendum election in May 2015?

I ask only because your parties have nothing concrete on the table and I would have thought if you were in any way genuine you would have had at least put a joint offer on the table but no not a word. Well not yet and there is only six months till polling day.

This leads to me to suspect that just like in the aftermath of the rigged 1979 referendum you will conveniently forget all about new powers as you did until that morning in 1988 when after Jim Sillars victory in that famous by-election there was the miracle of Govan and you did more on devolution in 9 hours than you had in the previous 9 years and to think Donald Dewar gets all the credit. I have to laugh at the irony of it.

Another major concern of mine is that the unionists appear to believe that they can bring facts and figures out of mid air and that people should believe them. This is particularly true with regards to the economy and businesses On this issue I would like to ask why do you think we should believe the Brown-Balls axis of stupidity which helped facilitate the conditions for the banking crash of 2007-2008 a crash for which we are still paying now, or the multi-millionaire George Osborne who favours tax cuts for the rich and taxes on spare rooms for the poor. Why should we take the advice of short term career politicians whose every action is dictated by the short term need of their party to win elections rather than the advice of world renowned nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz who has openly stated that Scotland would better off leaving the United Kingdom and restoring our independence?. Personally I see no valid reason for believing these scare stories. I mean to say we would be thrown out of the commonwealth and would no longer be able to have rugby players playing for the British And Irish is nothing short of rank stupidity. However perhaps the best one yet was the day they proved they were not mensa material and claimed we would lose our place in the House of Lords and they actually said this like it was a bad thing. Well I accept the fact it might be bad news for George Foulkes and Jim Wallace who are already noble lords and Anas Sarwar who would do anything to get there, but it really is time to end this outdated retirement home for political has beens and I want to ask the right honourable members for yesterday what do they actually do for their overly generous allowance. I think it can be summed up in the words of Paul Daniels yes that’s right ‘not a lot’

I would also like to ask the press and media why when some minor celebrity or even a major celebrity comes out to declare support for the union or they are told by a ‘reliable source’ that some company ‘may’ have to leave Scotland if we vote yes to independence then we are told that this news is and I quote ‘a devastating blow to Alex Salmond and the nationalists.
This referendum is not about Alex Salmond and the SNP. It has never been about one man or one party it’s about Scotland’s future and the direction we as Scots want our country to take in the name of a better tomorrow. So why can’t you admit this simple truth and mention the fact that there are many members of opposition parties particularly the Labour Party who support an independent Scotland. Are you too scared to say this in case it kills off your chances of a gong from the British establishment or your chances of ever being selected as a future candidate for one of the three winged beasts known as better together. Let me state only one simple fact and it’s this a coward’s reward is no reward and that is exactly what you’ll get . You see the establishment know how to treat their servants particularly the sycophantic ones. They will use you to get what they need and discard you faster than yesterday’s fish and chip wrappers.

Now I want to ask my opponents why they are pretending that they will block a currency union with the remaining UK which would damage the remaining UK as much if not more than it would Scotland when they fine well know that they would not take this course of action. Indeed Alistair Darling openly admitted on the Marr show as recently as a few weeks that a currency union is desirable. So somebody somewhere in better together is lying and I want to know who and I want to know now.

Next on my check list is international affairs and I want to ask you why UK diplomats who are supposed to be representing Scotland’s interests have instead been spending their time, resources and energy in belittling Scotland’s interests and talking down our potential to be a member of the international family of nations as an independent country.

My next question to the unionists is how can you have the bare faced check to lecture Scotland’s Government on politicising the Commonwealth Games when that is exactly what you did with London Olympics in 2012 Honestly it was so disgusting it was indescribable and left me incandescent with rage. I have never seen such an orgy of union jackanory outside loyalist areas of Belfast on the 12th of July it was truly stomach turning so less of the double standards if you don’t mind.

My next question is why do you insist on calling your own better together campaign project fear?
Is it because independence is the correct and indeed natural state of affairs for any nation or does it perhaps reach beyond that self evident statement to a far more personal agenda, namely that if the UK dies then your ticket for the gravy train expires as the Scotland to Westminster excess will have crashed at the border so you have to rely on fear to keep your seat on a train with too many passengers as you have no positive case for the union nor will you ever have and you know it.

I would also like to know why you consider weapons of mass destruction to dangerous to be stationed somewhere in the home counties say for example of Portsmouth but consider them perfectly fine for the inhabitants of Glasgow and West of Scotland. Do you consider our lives to be cheaper and of less value than those in the south of England? The mayor of London certainly does as he was caught on video saying than a pound spent in Croydon was more valuable to the British economy than a pound spent in Glasgow. Is this the reward we get for being the descendants of those ship builders and steel workers who built your empire? It occurs to me that it is and I have to say I find your attitude to be truly stomach turning and an insult to all Scots who ever believed that being British meant something and that we were part of a United Kingdom.

I have to say it is my opinion that the poor souls were at best misguided and probably even deluded, browbeaten by a relentless attack on all things Scottish since the day and hour this union was signed. Indeed I am reminded of the words of my grandmother who once told this is no united kingdom it is only ever united when that lot by which and let me very clear about this she meant Westminster and not the people of England want something. I hate to tell but I had the measure of your lot by the referendum in which I wasn’t old to vote in 1979. You don’t answer questions because you don’t have the answers you only have lies and fairy tales from a badly written script.

Finally I would like my unionist opponents to explain why you insist that we are better together in a union set up in the dynastic age which does not serve Scotland’s interests? Oh that’s right, it serves your interests and your world that is all that matters and therein lies the difference between the two campaigns ours is about imagining and then creating a better land for our people, yours is about saving your salaries and a place on train with too many passengers where nobody cares who you are and nobody asks any questions.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

A Lamentable Time For The Rednecks And It Started At The Brits

Hey everyone As you will all no doubt be very well aware the independence referendum is drawing ever closer and as it does I have to say I detect a visible shift towards a yes vote amongst people I have spoken to recently. This has been particularly evident in the last fortnight and it is not without irony that the case for the union started to unravel at the Brits or to give them their full more long winded title the British Music Industry Awards

It was David Bowie’s intervention in a referendum, which should have set alarm bells ringing for better together. The wording ‘Scotland stay with us’ sounded more like a command from a distant governor general rather than a plea from a friend.

Also, the fact it was an intervention made in exile and delivered by someone else made it appear at best a bit bizarre to put it politely, though as a democrat i respect the fact that everyone has a right to an opinion even if they neither live in that country or indeed have a vote in it. Scottish actor Kevin McKidd has openly said that he has a preference for a yes vote even though he is ineligible to cast a vote in favour of his opinion.

However as far as i am aware none even remotely connected to McKidd be it biologically or otherwise has referred to Johann Lamont, Alistair Darling, or David Cameron as being worse than Osama Bin Laden as Bowie’s son did when tweeting about Alex Salmond. This coming the day after Westminster’s version of the three wise men George Osborne, Ed Balls and Danny Alexander tried to tell Scots that we couldn’t use the pound in an independent Scotland despite Alistair Darling saying a currency union was desirable only weeks before this mind blowing pronouncement showed that better together have lost not just the argument, they’ve also lost the plot.

Further proof if any were needed as to just how bizarre they have actually become came last Tuesday night when in the latest STV referendum special under pressure from Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Johann Lamont folded like a piece of paper before going in to total meltdown as she boldly and wrongly proclaimed that ‘Scots are not genetically programmed to make political decisions’. This in my opinion was a disgusting smear on the intellectual capabilities of her fellow Scots and has slogans such as that have more to do with the politics of the eugenics movement than they have a debate on our country’s future.

I have since noticed that some within the unionist camp have tried and as far as I’m concerned completely failed to justify her ridiculous comment by deluding themselves that Ms Lamont inserted the word certain before her comment and this is an absolute and total lie, Believe me that word was never used and to say otherwise is my view an attempt to defend the indefensible.

Not content with her ridiculous outburst Ms Lamont was to make an even bigger fool of herself at last Thursday’s session of First Minister’s Questions where she attempted by embarrass the First Minister by trying her hand at re-writing song lyrics. Unfortunately for her, the person she embarrassed was herself as the song of choice was The Proclaimers Letter From America. This is a song whose very message is about jobs and people leaving Scotland because of the union and the horrors of Westminster Rule. To say The Proclaimers were somewhat less than pleased would i think be putting it mildly as a headline of the Labour supporting Daily Record told us the next morning.

The band who are long term supporters of independence were said to be furious at Ms Lamont’s deliberate and in my opinion delusional attempts to score cheap political points by twisting the lyrics of the song to suit her unionist ends. By the end of last week I was left thinking there was no depths to which this woman her party and her ‘friends’ in better together will not sink in the name of their union.

This was further confirmed on Monday when the leader of the Labour/Tory coalition in Aberdeen city council a self important nobody by Willie Young tried to ban the democratically elected First Minster of Scotland Alex Salmond from all council premises in Aberdeen until after the independence referendum.

This mind blowing publicity stunt was dropped yesterday evening when councillor Young realised that such an action would be futile and stupid and despite his boasting that he would take Mr Salmond to court if he dared to defy the ban I think he may have learned the hard way that the Scottish Government will be not be told by anyone where we can and cannot go and got confused as to the difference between being in office and being in power. Indeed rumour has it he may be signed up for a new TV show one man and his ego which seems to be spinning out of control and needs to be reigned in very quickly before he gets delusions of relevance.

Come to think of it there has been a lot of spinning from better together in the last fortnight particularly from Labour Party members more likely to have red necks than red flags and you know what, none of it seems to have worked. It has been a lamentable time for them recently and some might say it is indeed fitting that it all started to unravel for them on a night at the Brits.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X

A Golden Girl A Fantasy Diet And Union Jackonary But Some Folk Made A Meal Of Things With A Game Of Double Standards

Hey everyone It’s been a strange week for news. First of all the Labour Party vote against free school meals despite telling anyone who would listen to them they were in favour of the idea. Personally I think this is insane and it leaves Johann Lamont and her party looking so ridiculous they are now beyond parody.

Next it was the turn of former First Minister Jack McConnell I refuse to call anyone lord except the lord featured in the bible, to say that he thinks that both sides in the independence referendum should call a truce for the duration of the Commonwealth Games. This to me stinks of the double standards I expect from Mr McConnell who seems to forget that the London Olympics in 2012 was so fanatical in its slavish unionist patriotism that you couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t wrapped in the union jack. From bread to chocolate, from perfume to tights you couldn’t move for union jackanory. So this begs the question why should we be prevented from stating our case during an event in which Scotland competes as a nation which is being held in our country? Me thinks the unionists are getting nervous. Maybe it’s the thought of so many athletes from independent nations many of whom are smaller than Scotland competing in a spirit of friendship as they strive to be the best they can be.
Next it was the turn of prominent Labour supporting legal eagle Mike Daily to throw better together in to confusion by saying that he might have voted for Independence if the Yes campaign had put the offer of a Scottish Republic on the table. This he said, would have been a game changer for him and many others. Personally I think he’s trying to establish a reputation as a patter merchant and therefore endear himself to Labour’s core vote. I have to say however that whilst I have enormous respect for Mr Daily an the work he has done over a number of years at the Govan Law Centre I am unconvinced that the potential establishment of a Scottish Republic would have moved him even an inch from his unionist friends at the blethers.

Why am I so unmoved by this potential conversion? Two reasons spring to mind. (1) It looks good for his leftie credentials to say that the Yes campaign and more particularly the SNP are not going far enough.
(2) By pretending that he would ever make this switch he may fool some of the more culturally and politically inept that Labour offer far more of a left wing future than they actually do or will ever be allowed to in the fantasy world of Westminster. Well let’s be honest, he knows fine well that though a Scottish Republic is not on the table at the moment there is far more chance of it happening after independence than there will be after a vote to save the union and to say otherwise is attempt to con the gullible for his own political ends. It is my considered opinion that if Mr Daily
really believed in a Scottish Republic he would be voting Yes and would never even be contemplating a no vote or his naval.

Next to come on to my radar was an article by Tavish Scott which I can only describe as a suicide note for better together. Tavish who is never short of an opinion or twenty particularly on the SNP, Alex Salmond, or Independence suggests that George Osborne has pulled an economic masterstroke by losing the next UK election to Labour but saving the union by taking this action.

This I suggest is complete madness which could only exist in the imaginary world of a political Walter Mitty such Tavish Scott as no sane political party would ever contemplate deliberately losing power. This would be particularly true of the Conservatives who lost the election of 1997 and were out of power for 13 years. Indeed they only regained power after a coalition deal with Mr Scott’s colleagues in the Liberal Democrats. Therefore I believe they will do all in their power to make sure they retain it and if that means another coalition with the Liberal Democrats then that is what will happen. However make no mistake the Conservatives will be playing to win anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool and like him or loathe him and I sit somewhere on the middle on this, I know Tavish Scott is no fool. I do suspect however he is a perhaps a dreamer who believes in the power of a fantasy diet to slim down the expectations of a people hungry for a better land where ambition replaces austerity

In his article Mr Scott claims that Osborne’s strategy of more cuts has handed the next election to Labour. This is a dangerous fantasy primarily based on his hatred of Scottish Independence and for the SNP in particular. Now whilst Mr Scott may wish to play up the chances of a Labour win to as he sees it put Scottish voters off the idea of independence he seems unaware that many Labour supporters have converted to independence but not the SNP.

This is I suggest is Mr Scott’s worst nightmare. and there is increasing evidence that Toxic Tony the Tory Blair has been almost as effective in converting Labour minded Scots in to taking this step as a certain Margaret Thatcher. Indeed as a significant number of older voters have said to me that it was Tony Blair and his smug, self serving, and sanctimonious attitude which gave them the final push towards saying yes to independence. Indeed one woman a Labour Party member and supporter an active trade unionist of 60 years standing said to me recently, ‘at least with Thatcher we knew what we were getting and we were getting nothing. The Tories have never governed in the interests of the ordinary people but Blair was never a real Labour man with a real Labour heart I don’t think real Labour exists anymore. I’m voting yes she said not for the SNP but for real Labour it’s time to take our party back there too many rich kids in charge of us and this can’t be allowed to go on’

Maybe Mr Scott hasn’t come across principled socialist amongst his Labour party friends but I certainly have and they are not afraid to speak their minds and what should worry him and his fellow unionists is that there are many more amongst the comrades than some who are too shy of that word would ever like to think. These are the people for whom such as Anas Sarwar can barely disguise their contempt. Let me assure Mr Sarwar and Mr Scott this works two ways and quite why Mr Scott is so desperate to save an out of date economic arrangement which continually works against the interests against the people of Scotland is something I cannot understand.

I believe that though Mr Scott believes a Conservative government would sacrifice their parties interest to save the union no-one else could give this quite frankly ludicrous argument even a shred of credibility. Also the fact is that Mr Scott’s comment may not be quite as valid as it once would have been as many on the progressive side of the Labour Party are embracing independence and have already declared they want Labour to the working people’s party rather than the posh people’s party. Or to put it another way more pie and mash and less prawn cocktail.

Talking of rich kids as I was earlier, it was nice to hear Dan Snow of that ilk refer to our democratic vote on our future as the braveheart referendum. I have to say I was disappointed to hear this comment made on Thursday night’s edition of This Week as coming from a respected family with an excellent and well deserved reputation for fairness I genuinely believed that he would have avoided using such insulting language which I find extremely offensive.

Last but least it is finally time for some good news and it doesn’t get much better than the news of a birth so the news the golden girl of the London Olympics Jessica Ennis-Hill is truly fantastic even if it does mean she will miss the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this summer. Though it would have been nice to see her compete at the games I think I’m more happy for her at the news of the forthcoming addition to her family. I would like to wish Jessica, her husband and all her family my congratulations and hope her child will be happy, healthy, and loved.

So it has been a busy week with plenty of stories to attract my interest with lectures, fantasies, and births all finding their way in to this review which can best be described by saying it was a week where the headlines were made by a golden girl, a fantasy diet,and union jackanory but some folk made a meal of things with a game of double standards.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X