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Kindred Spirits

On Halloween I post a seasonal poem to celebrate this important day and the beginning of the Celtic winter. Bearing in mind the ghostly goings on that this night will hold I’ve given it the title Kindred Spirits. I hope you enjoy the read. 

Kindred Spirits. 


 the last day before the Celtic winter starts 

the time when  spirits walk among us 

on the evening of the day of the dead 

this is why we use disguises 

in the shape of masks and costumes 

to keep ourselves hidden from those 

who would do us harm

only those who guard us will know the real truth of our story 

they keep us safe as children when we go round the doors guising

on in later years 

when as adults we party with friends in  city centre bars

all they ask from us is 

that we hold them in our hearts

thoughout the coming year 

and get ready to celebrate the gatherings winter will bring 

remembering the coldest of seasons 

 is a time when the warmest of hearts join with loved ones 

to cherish memories made by kindred spirits

in stories songs and friendship

© Gayle Smith 2017



Hey Readers.


It was on 19th December 2008 that I finally came out as the woman I had known myself to be and the world realised that I wouldn’t be going back in my box. So on day 19 of Blogmas I decided to celebrate my transformation day by writing this poem entitled Change I hope you enjoy the read.


On this night there was change
from old to new
from fear to success
this was the night
I said yes to embracing
a better more honest life
no more secrets and disguise
at first my transition surprised
even shocked
I was talk of the village
for a week
until folk realised I was
still me
maybe not in the traditional way
they had thought
but underneath I was still the same
a football fan and a drama queen
who likes the finer things in life
would make a good wife
though not as domestic as my mother
I have discovered I’m a better home maker
than I believed I could be
I have certain skills
the mammy in me has only now been brought out
I’m a straight talking woman
who knows what I’m on about
I am proud of the road I’ve walked
I’ve done much more than talk the talk
I lived the life I always knew was mine
because on this night
there was change
as I evolved from moth to butterfly
and started to spread my wings

@ Gayle Smith 2016