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Kindred Spirits

On Halloween I post a seasonal poem to celebrate this important day and the beginning of the Celtic winter. Bearing in mind the ghostly goings on that this night will hold I’ve given it the title Kindred Spirits. I hope you enjoy the read. 

Kindred Spirits. 


 the last day before the Celtic winter starts 

the time when  spirits walk among us 

on the evening of the day of the dead 

this is why we use disguises 

in the shape of masks and costumes 

to keep ourselves hidden from those 

who would do us harm

only those who guard us will know the real truth of our story 

they keep us safe as children when we go round the doors guising

on in later years 

when as adults we party with friends in  city centre bars

all they ask from us is 

that we hold them in our hearts

thoughout the coming year 

and get ready to celebrate the gatherings winter will bring 

remembering the coldest of seasons 

 is a time when the warmest of hearts join with loved ones 

to cherish memories made by kindred spirits

in stories songs and friendship

© Gayle Smith 2017


From Plain Girl To Working Woman I’m A Mistress Of Disguises. (The Story Of My Halloween Memories)

Hey everyone. Tonight is halloween night. Halloween or to give it it’s church name All Hallows Eve is also known as the day of the dead. Some say it is the last day of the Celtic year and heralds in the start of winter. Traditionally this is the night when the spirits of ghosts past are said to walk amongst our number. During this festival it is good not only to commemorate the passing of the year but to celebrate the harvest and prepare for the future, it is also a time of parties for both children and adults and there will be some very strange sightings in Scotland tonight.

However on this particular halloween night, rather than reporting on the strange and ghoulish sightings in and around Glasgow for that matter the village I wander take you on a walk down the memory lane as we wander back in time through my adventures on previous all hallows eves. Yes the ghosts of Halloween’s past can take you
on some very strange journeys if you let them, so let’s let them take us to some mysterious places as you learn how I became a mistress of disguise.

When I was growing up Halloween used to be my favourite day of the year. In the calvinist protestant Scotland of the 1970’s it was the only night of the year when I could openly dress the way I wanted and be the girl I wanted to be. I used to love raiding my mother’s wardrobe and finding a suitable outfit which would as if by magic turn me in to a princess for the night.

My mother knew but could never admit I wanted to be a girl but on halloween night she would make a special effort to pamper me curling my hair and giving a complete makeover. It was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. Even as a youngster I knew who I was and I think my mum knew as well.

As I reached my teens there was halloween disco’s to attend though I never did win any prizes they were given to those with the best costumes not just a plain girl as I always was but then I was never after the prizes just the chance to be myself was in opinion the biggest prize of all.

My favourite Halloween memories have all come as an adult. Well ok, in my case a so-called adult may be a more honest description. Now I had the chance to be far more adventurous with my costume choices and over the years I’ve graduated from a schoolgirl when I was young enough to get away with it. Little Red Riding Hood, a bridesmaid, I was definitely pretty in pink a bride yes it was a white wedding dress, I think I’d have to wear cream now. I have also been a nurse, a french maid, an office girl, a she devil, and on far more occasions than is good for me a working women. I have to admit that I have enjoyed each and every one of my roles for very different reasons. I must admit however that the working women has been my most successful choice of all.

The reason for this is I think is a simple one. The costume of a daring coloured top red is always my choice of colour a mini skirt and fishnet tights or stockings can be found in many a woman’s wardrobe or if not can be assembled for less than the £12-15.00 which is the starting price for many costumes in the shops and you don’t need to buy any props just overdo the make up really badly and your good to go.

The first time I tried this particular costume at Halloween 2009 I was if you’ll excuse the pun totally hooked. I don’t know why but wearing this outfit made me feel strangely empowered. The choice was made because I thought it would be a better than spending money on a costume which I might not get much wear from and I knew everyone else at this gathering which was a friend’s birthday party would all be trying to see who would have the best costume so Glasgow city centre was going to get an eyeful. The first stop was a city centre bar and then on we went on one of the city’s best nightspots.

On arrival at the club, as I chatted to the girls I was with, I was surprised and delighted bear in mind I was 48 at the time to be asked up to dance by a rather good looking young man who was young enough to be my son. However I take the Joan Collins approach to younger men if they ask you to dance you don’t say no you just get up and seize the moment. Needless to say I enjoyed the attention and danced seven dances with him before taking leave of my senses and rejoining the rest of the girls.

After a short break I was up dancing with both male and female dancing partners. Like Cinderella I was having a ball well was my first halloween living as the women I had always known myself to be and that night proved the truth of one fact my girl friends had always told me. Yes girls you know what I’m saying some guys really will chase anything in a skirt and believe me when I say trans women are included, even those trans women old enough to be there mother.

I suppose it kinda goes without saying that due to my success that night, the working woman outfit has now become my statement costume and yes I’ve still got the basics in my wardrobe should they be required. Well I learned that night that a bit of leg can get you some serious attention and girls just wanna have fun was an anthem for my generation and it’s an anthem I live up to as often as I get the chance.

So as we approach the witching hour of midnight and the ghosts of our past get ready to walk amongst us once again I hope you have enjoyed my walk down memory lane as much as I have enjoyed being your guide. I have seen a lot of wonderful creatures on our streets in halloween’s past and I myself have always enjoyed halloween. You could say I’m a lass of many parts I have played a lot of them in my time. Yes from plain girl to working women I’m a mistress of disguises or at least that’s the story of my halloween memories. Now, at least on a personal level halloween isn’t quite as significant as it once was. It doesn’t have to be. Well there was a time when it was the only day I could really be myself. Not anymore now I’m a woman every day of the year and I wouldn’t change the fact for all the gold on earth.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X