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The Wrong Diagnosis 


In my latest poem I recall a recent incident as I take a look at arrogance, and assumptions based on stereotypical attitudes. The event in question happened a few weeks ago as I made my way to Katie’s Bar when a stranger attempted to bark orders at me and in typical Ruth Davidson fashion ordered me to sit down. Naturally I refused to entertain this attention seeker and made my way to my destination where I enjoyed a very pleasant evening in good company. However I decided to write this poem to illustrate that there are just as many ill mannered attention seekers in the LGBT community as there are anywhere else. I have given it the title The Wrong Diagnosis. I hope you enjoy the read. 

The Wrong Diagnosis 

On a quiet autumn evening

I am singing contentedly to myself 

as I walk to my pub of choice 

as it comes in to view 

a stranger shrieks at the top of his voice 

barks orders telling me to sit down 

says he’s seen me around 

really I reply

 walking on I ignore him 

he seems aggitated

 that I pay no attention to his demands 

but what he fails to understand 

is that while his scouse accent may be fine 

his Ruth Davidson style charm is something I can do without 

my world has borders 

and he’s just made the mistake of crossing them 

without my permission 

the line of respectability

has been violated

and history will show he was on the wrong side of it 

you don’t cross boundaries without permission

that doesn’t work it never has and never will

trust me I am not the kind of girl

who likes her world invaded by unwanted intruders

I don’t like the assumption  it implies 

you know boys will be boys 

and claim women as their prize 

this is male privilege of a very British kind 

which states if you ignore me

 I will diagnose you and give you a label

to which I think ‘it will be nothing to one I give you 

and trust me it will take you on a journey 

for which you wish you had never volunteered’  

but the moment he sneered at me 

I smiled knowing I held every ace in the pack 

and he could do union jack to stop me 

I played a tactical game 

because I checked his privilege 

and called him out for his arrogance 

I’d met his type before 

he had plenty to say for himself 

but nothing worth my time 

his crime was barking orders 

believing dog whistles work at his command 

and failing to understand 

a poet will always defeat 

a conservative charm school graduate 

especially one who gave her

the wrong diagnosis 

© Gayle Smith 2017 


Tan Tights On Saturdays

Hey everyone. This is a poem on why it is important for women to walk with confidence to show the world that we will never settle for a second class life. I hope it illustrates the difference between wide boys and real men can be judged on how they treat women including women like me. I’ve called it Tan Tights On Saturdays I hope you enjoy the read.

Tan Tights On Saturdays

Walking down the street
over confident guys
wolfe whistle me from the safety of cars
but I don’t really care I will be who I am
confident whatever I wear
I can’t say the same for them
they seem nervous uncomfortable with themselves
and everyone else
the mask of their manhood
hides nothing
instead exposing the flaws of those ignored by santa claus and the easter bunny
the jokes cracked may have been funny in the time of Benny Hill
now they demonstrate a lack of social skills
the complete opposite of the man
I met in a very expensive bar
who came over to me
when I was smart but causal
said he had a girlfriend
but still bought me a drink
saying it takes real bottle
to be who you are regardless
of what others may think
to him my skirt and lipstick
said woman
more than that
it said nice, decent,
stylish but respectable
It set boundaries saying
what I would or wouldn’t accept
told him what I had learned to respect
and more importantly reject
as he paid for my coke
he smiled before returning to his partner
saying it takes class to wear
tan tights on saturdays.

@ Gayle Smith 2015