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The Wrong Diagnosis 


In my latest poem I recall a recent incident as I take a look at arrogance, and assumptions based on stereotypical attitudes. The event in question happened a few weeks ago as I made my way to Katie’s Bar when a stranger attempted to bark orders at me and in typical Ruth Davidson fashion ordered me to sit down. Naturally I refused to entertain this attention seeker and made my way to my destination where I enjoyed a very pleasant evening in good company. However I decided to write this poem to illustrate that there are just as many ill mannered attention seekers in the LGBT community as there are anywhere else. I have given it the title The Wrong Diagnosis. I hope you enjoy the read. 

The Wrong Diagnosis 

On a quiet autumn evening

I am singing contentedly to myself 

as I walk to my pub of choice 

as it comes in to view 

a stranger shrieks at the top of his voice 

barks orders telling me to sit down 

says he’s seen me around 

really I reply

 walking on I ignore him 

he seems aggitated

 that I pay no attention to his demands 

but what he fails to understand 

is that while his scouse accent may be fine 

his Ruth Davidson style charm is something I can do without 

my world has borders 

and he’s just made the mistake of crossing them 

without my permission 

the line of respectability

has been violated

and history will show he was on the wrong side of it 

you don’t cross boundaries without permission

that doesn’t work it never has and never will

trust me I am not the kind of girl

who likes her world invaded by unwanted intruders

I don’t like the assumption  it implies 

you know boys will be boys 

and claim women as their prize 

this is male privilege of a very British kind 

which states if you ignore me

 I will diagnose you and give you a label

to which I think ‘it will be nothing to one I give you 

and trust me it will take you on a journey 

for which you wish you had never volunteered’  

but the moment he sneered at me 

I smiled knowing I held every ace in the pack 

and he could do union jack to stop me 

I played a tactical game 

because I checked his privilege 

and called him out for his arrogance 

I’d met his type before 

he had plenty to say for himself 

but nothing worth my time 

his crime was barking orders 

believing dog whistles work at his command 

and failing to understand 

a poet will always defeat 

a conservative charm school graduate 

especially one who gave her

the wrong diagnosis 

© Gayle Smith 2017 


Never Stop A Woman In The Middle Of A Rant

Hey Readers

Since beginning my journey to womanhood I have noticed the amount of sexism woman have to put up with is absolutely frightening. As a trans woman I have been at the wrong end of this behaviour when who are not in my intellectual or cultural league have attempted to patronise me by assuming they have a superior knowledge on any given topic. Needless to say I do not approve of this mansplaining and the guilty parties have been very short shrift and more often that not been corrected on their mistake and put in their place after being on the receiving end of one my famous rants. The fact that women still have to put up with this behaviour in 2017 is in my opinion completely outrageous so if written this poem to give those mansplainers a friendly word of advice and titled it Never Stop A Woman In The Middle Of A Rant. I hope you hope you enjoy the read.

Never Stop A Woman In The Middle Of A Rant.

There are times you shouldn’t interrupt a woman

especially me

like see when I’m in the middle of a rant

and you try to put your point across

you do so at your own risk

this is not something I would ever advise

neither are lies or attempting to mansplain anything to me

you don’t think I get

because I’m a woman

don’t dismiss me because I’m trans

I will just keep going

you will have no way of knowing

how to stop me

no man does though many have tried

it’s as futile as attempting

to hold back the tide

with one hand

what is it about this simple fact

 you don’t understand

I am a woman who knows why I’m ranting

and what I’m on about

don’t tell me not to shout or raise my voice

my opinions and my choices

do not need to meet with your approval.

to think otherwise is completely delusional

words like honey, doll or darling

will not sweeten me up

or disarm me from saying what I like

I know my rights and will not be afraid

to defend them if that’s what is required

you need to learn

playing with fire is dangerous

it’s a risk you need to avoid

as it can have consequences

which you might not like

you need to remember

I’m not easily frightened

I have powers beyond your imagination

I can be your inspiration

or the nightmare which lurks

in the darkest corners of your imagination

so take this advice

I give you for free

there are things you don’t do

to any woman be it me

your girlfriend, your mother, your sister,

your wife, your daughter, your gran, your niece or your aunt

you must never and I mean never

interrupt a woman in the middle of a rant.

@ Gayle Smith 2017 

Trophy Hunters

Hey Readers  Though I am a card carrying member of the SNP, independence is not the only issue on my political agenda. Those of you who know me will know that I have a proven track record of fighting in support of many causes and campaigns including equality, trade union issues and the environment. It was the last of these topics which motivated me to write this poem after reading on the internet about the senseless killing of a young dolphin in Argentina by trophy hunters who had grabbed it from the sea and passed it round their friends to enable them to take selfies with it. As someone who graduated in geography and politics I was angered by this act of what I consider to be environmental vandalism and wrote this poem to illustrate my displeasure at these reckless actions. I have given the poem the title Trophy Hunters I hope you enjoy the read

Trophy Hunters

I couldn’t believe my eyes
when I saw the picture on the internet
a young dolphin taken from the sea
and passed around a group of friends
all for the sake of a selfie 
this selfish act enraged me
to the point of fury
It is our duty to protect endangered species
not take them to beaches
and hold them up like trophies
for a transient moment of glory
I silently wept when I read this story
this act of cruelty left me
Incandescent with rage
incredulous that people could stage such a shocking stunt
for 15 minutes of of vanity
this barbaric act of insanity
contrasted with happy memories
made on a holiday to Rosemarkie
when we went to see the dolphins at Avoch
in their natural environment
they danced
in the gentle heat of an early autumn Wednesday
creating a memory to be cherished
in the days before selfies
made trophy hunters of us all

@ Gayle Smith 2016

Tonight I Wear A Mini Skirt

Hey Readers Last week the milatent pro rape artist Roosh V who believes that rape in a private property should be made legal  cancelled his plan to host via Video link gatherings in both Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as a number of other cities throughout the world.

This decision was made after he claimed to have received more death threats from Glasgow than any other city in the world and branded my home city a crime resettlement zone. Now I hate to inform him, but he couldn’t be more wrong. Glasgow is not some crime ridden hovel, it is however a place we value our women and girls and believe that that the only places you can take a woman in this city is the cinema or maybe to a bar or a nightclub and only with her permission.

Glaswegians and Scots in general are a friendly people but push us too far as this guy attempted to do and you may find out to your cost that when we do anger nothing can save you from our wrath. In both my city and my country there are lines you don’t cross and this smart ass decided to cross them. One can only conclude that taking this in account it is perhaps no great surprise that Police Scotland feared for the safety of the people of our country if these demonstrations were allowed to go ahead.  You see, like myself Police Scotland realise that in our great country women are and should be valued as equal citizens who should be allowed to wear what we like without the threat of any form of intimidation from men and rape is rape no matter where it occurs. There is no return of kings and for this clown and his followers to promote such an idea is nothing short of scandalous.
These men are in my opinion no more than barbarian criminals who are desperate to get their vile sexual gratification by what ever means they must and that is why these demonstrations had to be stopped. 

In stopping these gatherings Scotland has shown the world what we will or will not accept and whether he knows or not Roosh V has inspired a mid fifty something trans woman to look out her mini skirt and wear it with pride. You see my message to Roosh V and his followers couldn’t be clearer no woman should ever be raped and it doesn’t matter where. Rape is Rape and Rape is a criminal offence there can be no excuses for this most disgusting form of power crazed sexism.  It is with this anger burning in my heart that I decided to write a poem on this most controversial of topics I’ve titled it Tonight I Wear A Mini Skirt I hope you find it challenging and thought provoking read. 

Tonight I Wear A Mini Skirt

When some over inflated chancer who boasts of being a milatent pro rape artist
attempts to host a gathering in your city’s main square
and other cities throughout the world
encouraging the rape of women and  girls
you have no choice but to raise your voice in anger
this is not my usual way
so when I do have something to say
I will say it loudly, proudly, and clearly 
no man comes near me
unless its at my request
I will never settle for anything less than the best
second place means second prize
and that is something I don’t do.
I have to take more risks than most will ever know
just to be myself
so when some ego maniac with an over inflated sense of self
dares to claim that rape on private property should be legal
I will call him evil.
when he boasts of the return of kings
I will say beast when you speak of such things
you will never be welcome in my city or my nation.
or any place on earth which puts the rights of women and girls
ahead of  those who dance with the devil for their dark deluded despicable desires
and though I do not approve of death threats
if you received more from Glasgow
than any other city in the world
they had the appropriate effect.
you see we  respect women in this dear green place.
think you are a crime against humanity
what you peach is a combination of misogyny and insanity
the only places you can take a woman are to a club or a bar
if she wants to kiss you underneath the stars
she’ll let you know
yes you do need permission
before daring to make further advances
anything else is a step too far
and will never be accepted
we deserve to be respected
in the name of gender equality
which is why in the name of femocracy
tonight I wear a mini skirt.

@ Gayle Smith  2016