Sudden Fame Aye Right! Its Aye Write

Hi everyone. I have returned from yet another poetry event yes I do get around a bit but tonight or should say last night since its now the wee small hours of Monday morning was all about Sudden Fame at the Aye Write festival.

It was an excellent night with top class performances from all who graced the stage & my performance wasn’t too bad either. The two poems I performed were based on childhood memories & right of passage.

I started my set with Child of Sorrow which is based on how we felt every year in the lead up to Christmas when we were faced with the British national guilt trip of the Blue Peter Appeal. God knows growing up in Glasgow was tough in the 1970’s but we weren’t allowed to complain or our parents would remind us how lucky we were that we weren’t Eithopian or Sudanesse, or even worse from one of those more deprived areas of our own city. Yes, make no mistake, the first red lines I knew of were drawn by the hand of parental prejudice.

My second poem was recently complimented by the talented young American poet Arielle Karro as a poem with which all girls could identify. I think the title White Tights & Mini Skirts kinda gives a clue that this is a right of passage poem, charting as is does the developments which happen to girls as they progress through the terrors of the teenage years.

I think I must have timed my set almost to perfection, because when I asked the time keeper Bryan Owen if I had enough time for a third poem he informed me I had only 15 seconds left&you don’t mess with an international electoral supervisor.
Well I don’t & besides he’s a very good friend of mine.

I finished the night as tradition dictates when I’m anywhere near the Mitchell by going for drinks with some friends at the Avalon Bar where the star studded line up was Derek Read, Etta Dunn, Finola Scott, & Maggie Rabatski & me. To put this motley crew in context that’s the chair of Tollcross Writers , The executive convenor of the Federation Writers of Scotland, the publicity officer of the Federation of Writers Scotland, the Makar of the Federation of Scotland & the compare of Words &Music at Sammy Dow’s I think you’ll agree that’s an impressive collection to grace anyone’s lounge on a Sunday night.

Love&Best Wishes
Gayle X

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