Storm Damage

Hey everyone here is a poem which I think works on two levels.

Storm Damage
It starts with the sky changing colour
a harbinger of what lies ahead
as the trees start to quake
the clouds the burst & nature weeps
gently at first but then the thunder comes
roaring it catches you off guard
but you don’t panic
survival mechanisms begin to kick in
you do what you must to remain calm
in the face of the beast
as you baton down the hatches
knowledge is power you have faced the storms before
you will face them again
though you are never truly prepared
only nature knows when they will arrive
how long they will last or the havoc they will reek
meanwhile you seek from somewhere
the strength required to assist those who are afraid
scared of the damage the thunder causes
eventually it passes the skies return to the peaceful still of night
and you do what you can
to assist those left broken by its power.

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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