Stocking Thrillers

Hey everyone A poem with a very festive theme. Written in 2009 I’ve called it Stocking Thrillers and it suggests a slightly different use for them than hanging them up and hoping for presents. I have to say it is written with tongue firmly in check and I hope you enjoy the read.

Stocking Thrillers

Hang them up or hitch them up
you may just find it shocking
the fact I placed my mistletoe
inside my Christmas stockings
I thought I’d be mysterious
you know to please my man
fulfil my Christmas fantasies
It seemed a masterplan

Would it work well I wasn’t sure
though a woman has to please
I thought that I’d be daring
because it’s such a tease
suspender belt was fastened tight
mistletoe hung beneath
the dream was for a Christmas
which was way beyond belief

At first it seemed like a dream come true
my boyfriend was on fire
I really was in ecstasy
princess of his desire
then as he kissed my inner thigh
where the mistletoe was placed
I couldn’t help but notice
he’d gone crimson in the face

The mistletoe had disappeared
no need to tell you where
I had to call an ambulance
my man was in despair
the stocking thriller proved too much
and so on Christmas night
he told me this year’s present
will be 20 pairs of tights

@Gayle Smith 2009

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