Starry Eyed

Hey everyone A poem about stars brighter than any you’ll see in the sky
but these stars are different for every one of us. For me the time was that time between primary & secondary school in early to mid 70’s & it was Donny & The Bay City Rollers.

Starry Eyed

Teenage dreams
gorgeous guys
Donny made me starry eyed

Puppy love
twelfth of never
some things really are
Wanted to be Donny’s girl
he was centre of my world
joined the fan the club
hoped & prayed
I would make him mine
some day

Then in the summer of 74
I discovered
the boy next door
Alas my Donny never came
I thought that was a terrible shame
for him

Though in those 2 years of my life
when I believed I’d be his wife
his posters hung
on my bedroom wall
this Cinderella was belle of the ball
Till someone else came
and Donny was fairest no longer
The new boy tempted
claimed my heart
with bad boy smile
he looked the part
he sang Bye bye baby
and summer love sensation
he helped to be proud of my nation
but my favourite song of his was a shang – a -lang

Now I know time doesn’t lie
my heart has room for both my guys
I think about those days and
secret crushes
I remember well what I was like
I don’t know why I just knew I felt right
I thank the boys who made
a girl of me

I remember the smiles
the songs and screams
the concerts the posters
and the dreams
they kept me warm
this girl from the schemes
my teenage dreams gave me
something to believe in

Though I worried what my mum would think
of my secret longing to dress in pink
to wear the clothes I saw on pretty girls
I was sure my checks would show my shame
my teenage heart it had been claimed
by poster boys who made me
starry eyed

@ Gayle Smith 2012

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